28 December 2009

New Year, Maybe Some New Posts

Ahhh, you know you haven't posted in awhile when even your Mom notices and makes a comment.

Well hello there blog world. I've missed you. No apologizes here though, I hate those posts, and also I've been busy. It's been a mad crazy month. I'm moving into a new apartment with my roommate later this week and I'll actually have my own room! (Currently am residing in my roommate's living room, have been since August) But now comes the stress and worry of shouldering a hefty rent price. Welcome to city living.

My New Year's resolutions have to do with finances (can you say third job?), health (losing that Christmas weight, thanks for the fudge Mom), and boys (i.e. working on developing a sixth sense that tells me to not develop crushes on boys that have girlfriends. Cause those crushes are pointless and frustrating).

In addition, I should be posting more stuff about traveling and doing fun stuff on practically no money. I am a magician when it comes to stuff like that and can practically pull money out my ass when fun and travel is on the line.

Much more theatre and play reviews shall be posted as well. I have an extremely tall stack of plays to read and I'm going to bore ya'll with every bit of it. Yeah! Funness!

I'm not sure when I'll find time to do all the reading I want to do as my roommate and I are getting cable and reliable internet when we move into the new place. I've already decided I'm going to Netflix Battlestar Galactica and Mad Men, watch Lost on Hulu and obsessively watch the Travel Channel (new season of Anthony Bourdain, woohoo!!!) and the Food Network (cause I'm sure that will benefit the whole watching my weight aspect of my new year's resolutions).

Are you excited?! Cause I am.

I am so over 2009.
xo Lindsay

10 December 2009

Open Letter To The Male Population Of The World

Dear entire male population of the world,

Be bold. I mean more bold than you are. I am very irritated with you all right now. Well, almost all of you. Mainly just the ones that have crushes on me but don't make it very obvious at all and won't make the first move, which just leaves me guessing as to your true intentions and whether or not you actually do like me. You like to send signals like you might like me, but sometimes signals get crossed...or I'm just a bit on the clueless side and not very good at picking up signals. (Is the free coffee a signal???)

Just so you know: I will not make the first move. I will not ask for your number. I am not bold. Especially when it comes to you, cute guys that I like. You make me nervous. I may be bold in all other aspects of my life. I can get on stage in my underwear in front of hundreds of paying theatre patrons and act all crazy and still respect myself in the morning (no, I'm not a stripper, I'm an actress. Yes, there is a difference.)

The little bits of conversation I can produce for you is as good as it's going to get for you and me. You need to step up and take initiative. Yes, I am all about Feminism and having equal rights, but that doesn't do anything for my shyness. So, damnit, step up. Be bold.

Otherwise...I really should just join the nunnery. It might just be easier.

Single In D.C. (Which sucks and produces awful posts like this one )

(Only posting this cause I'm sure it'll make my friend, Jen laugh....yeah for my awkwardness.)

09 December 2009

D.C. LOVES the Cold Rainy Days

Today is yet another cold, rainy, gross weather day in D.C.

Personally, I love these kinds of days. They're reminiscent of my time in London, of cups of tea and a good book, long naps, and cuddling under blankets watching a movie. But not in D.C. Oh no! In D.C. I walk dogs for a living. Some dogs, in case you didn't know, DO NOT like the rain, at all. My main goal as a dog walker is getting the wee little ones to pee. Sure exercise is important but it's peeing that they have to do or I can't leave. So when it's raining and I have to walk a Yorkie that abhors the rain and will not even go near the front door, this makes my day very difficult.

Granted, my worst day as a dog walker is 100 times better than my best day as a receptionist. I rather like it that my main frustration is the bowel habits of a small, cuddly animal instead of the idiocy of the general public.

Well, I'll just have to make a large, steaming cup of Dark Chocolate Cocoa with a candy cane as a stirrer and crank some Christmas tunes...because sugar and obnoxiously peppy holiday music always helps. I think I was brainwashed that way. ;)

I'll leave you with a picture from back home in Western New York where the weather really is frightful, but I'd be singing "Let It Snow!" just so I wouldn't have to deal with this D.C. wet, winter weather.

08 December 2009

Holiday Spirit

Ways I've been getting into the holiday spirit:
--Currently I'm munching on slightly burnt popcorn (YUM!) and Hershey's Dark Cocoa with a candy cane as a stirring stick. It. Is. Amazing.
--Last night I had the dark chocolate cocoa mixed with a little over 1/4 cup of Mint Chocolate Bailey's and sipped on that while watching Fred Claus and decorated my mini tree in my apartment with my roomie.

(This is the before picture, officially, because my roommate will be taking down the decorations when he gets mini lights and other such decorations and then re-decorating the whole thing to appear more pleasing to the eye. I'm just excited about a tree. A Tree! A Tree!! Yeah Christmas!!!)

--I'm currently reading Charles Dickens' Christmas Books and I've completely forgotten how much I love reading Dickens. The Christmas Carol is fantastic! (Oh and for my viewing pleasure later this month, "The MUPPET Christmas Carol" is a Necessity. Full on holiday requirement. Along with "It's a Wonderful Life".)
--I've already re-read David Sedaris' Holidays On Ice, which is also a seasonal requirement. Read it for the inappropriate humor. It's beyond awesome.
--Last weekend I visited my brother in Philly and we hung out at a Borders there having a sugary mocha drink with caramel and peppermint pieces on top (well that was all me...he just stuck with coffee), all the while checking out numerous things I wanted to put on my Christmas list and laughing at photos he took on his phone from Thanksgiving. Example of the fun-ness:

Yup...this was a totally random post that I used as an excuse to put up random photos because I'm just random and have nothing interesting to say at the moment. Might be the intense sugar high I'm on right now, because it's the holiday season, I've been listening to waaaaay too much holiday music and sugar is my drug of choice right now. And caffeine of course. Does that even need to be stated?

LOVE you all,

03 December 2009

Positively Perky

I am feeling unusually perky today. And for once it has little to do with how much caffeine is running through my veins (only one cup of coffee today, shocking!). It does in part have to do with the fact that just yesterday, after work, I was laid up with the worst flare-up of my Crohn's Disease that I've had since moving to D.C. I won't go into details but if you've ever experienced a partial bowel obstruction, you'll know my pain a little bit.

Today, however, I woke up feel fan-freakin-tastic. That's what happens when I starve myself for 8+ hours in order to get better. I just need to be careful what I eat today and make sure it'll be nothing that puts stress on my tummy...in other words, nothing too difficult to digest. The grand plan is to eat something relatively small every three hours so I don't get completely starving and have to fight the reflex to gorge. This usually works.

Crohn's would be a great diet if it wasn't so painful sometimes.

And now after that over share (you are so welcome), I give you a great pick-me-up story from the Washington Post, just click here. I picked this story up from one of my friends after she posted it on Facebook. (I definitely communicate with people more over Facebook than I do over email. It's beyond ridiculous.) I'll definitely be checking this exhibit out and will report back ;)

Now just to tease you, especially if you don't live in D.C., here's a nice little photo I took awhile ago of some of Georgetown Cupcakes. One is Chocolate Lava, once I bit into it the gooey center oozed out, and that's hot fudge on top. The other one is white chocolate peppermint, one of their holiday specials. And special it was. It actually had a small piece of white chocolate embedded in the bottom. These did not last long. I'm not sure I can try any other cup cakeries around town because that is how much I love this place. But I suppose I shall suffer through it in the name of research. Sigh.

24 November 2009

"Nothing to do, nowhere to be/A simple kind of free/Nothing to do, no one but me/And that's all I need/I'm perfectly lonely..."

A great way to start off a day (besides my mandatory cup of coffee from Cowgirl Creamery) is rocking out to John Mayer's new album "Battle Studies" (Perfectly Lonely lyrics as title of post) and some old stuff by Citizen Cope. I'm feeling very mellow and yet jazzed up (is it the caffeine she inquires?).

I'm currently making some lentil tacos for a quick lunch before work. I'll have to get the recipe up here if I haven't already cause it. is. amazing. I really do have to thank my sis-in-law for getting me hooked on these...though hers will always remain mad good (thanks Estelle!).

Can I just say I can't wait for Thanksgiving?! It's going to be great, despite being on the road for the majority of my time off and only being home for less than 3 days. I'm driving off to Philly to pick up my brother tonight after I get out of work at the theatre around 9:30ish. Once there it's sleep for about 4 hours, get up, caffeinate, hop back on the road and we're off to Rochester, NY! There will be audio book fun happening and with two siblings on a 5 hour car ride with some intense dark coffee coursing through their veins things will be on the insane fun side. Trust me. My family veers on the wacky side. We manage to down play it in polite company but mixing any of us together and things get a bit out of hand.

Example: Every major holiday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Easter, etc., etc., we always go to a movie because we're not really close enough to visit our relatives. And every major holiday the entire family gets into a big, close to knock-down-brawl that may or may not include visual aids, hand gesturing, and threats/attempts on lives when it comes to deciding which movie we should see. This may be a slight exaggeration but welcome to my random acts of drama.

Ah, holidays...what fun it shall be. ;)
xo, Lindsay

23 November 2009

"Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently." -Henry Ford

In other words, I got schooled, son.

Let me just preface this blog with I had an awesome time NYC and this weekend was just a big ol' ball of fabulousness. Best idea ever to stay with my friend Jen (Hi Jen!).

That being said, I certainly got an education.

The audition actually went very well and I'm so proud of my monologue work. I loved all the people that came out to audition for Central. They were my kinda people. As in the kind of people that are all "I freaking love everything to do with theatre and I just want to learn". And here I was all afraid I was going to run into the stuck-up kinda theatre people, who treat it like a special club that you're not invited to join. Completely not the case.

As a result of attending this audition, learning what goes on during a Master's course in acting, doing a pre-audition warm up with everyone, and meeting some innately awesome people, I've come to the conclusion that further education is the exact path I want to be on when it comes to acting.

As a result of actually doing the audition, which was my two monologues and a brief interview, I've learned that the Central School of Speech and Drama's MA in Classical Acting course is not for me. Or I'm not for it. I'm not really sure which. But I do appreciate the brutal honesty that was exacted on my person by, as he shall now be referred to as, a Dear, Mr. Martin.

He was blunt and straight to the point as I was informed, I "do not have the educational background it takes to perform in the master's program at this school". I did, actually, already know that but was hoping that a master's program would take me regardless of my lack of education and based on my work history in theatre. Dear, Mr. Martin did explain to me that he thought I should try for, if not going for another BA, an MFA which would be two years instead of one and would provide me with more "studio time" (aka-acting classes).

I found this whole experience to be.....kind of fantastic. I did go into all of this not fully aware if I qualified for this kind of program and Dear, Mr. Martin gave me a wealth of knowledge that I will be taking home with me this week to digest and research. I think he was correct in saying that I'm not right for this particular program...but I do think I'm going to email the other schools I'm interested in and find out if they feel the same after looking at my theatre resume.

I would still love to do a master's degree course. But I shall surely be looking into some MFA programs in England as well now.

(Can I just say that the 14-year old me, a hard-core drama queen pessimist, is slightly gagging at the positivity of it all. But what can I say? Over a year ago I was sitting behind a desk as a receptionist, working part time in retail, doing nothing that involved theatre or acting and I felt like my soul was dying. Now I'm actually taking action to figure out how to go through with further education. The twenty-something me is jumping up and down with excitement because I've got a freakin' purpose. Take that and chew on it, internal angsty-teen.)

And even though I do not see this as a failure at all...I'll leave ya'll with these two quotes by one Dear Mr. Beckett:

"To be an artist is to fail, as no other dare to fail...."
"Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better."

18 November 2009

State of Things

(Taken by me while at the D.C. Zoo)

Here's a video of an Orangutan hiding under his blankey...add a bottle of red wine by his side and you'll come to some comprehension of the state of things for me exactly 3 days away from my very first graduate school audition.

My monologues, I'd like to say, are going well. But I'm not going to really say that...because actually they aren't currently going at all, I mean as well as I'd like them to move. They're more in a halting state. This is very frustrating because I am totally in love with my monologues.

One of them is particularly difficult for me because I've never played any kind of character like her...which is why I picked it...and I've got the words down, but I can't quite make the emotions rise up to the surface and show through. The other monologue is so perfectly suited to my personality and I'm very comfortable wearing this character's very refined shoes...but the words won't straighten themselves out. I know them. Oh, how I know them. But it's like a slow train moving up a hill, halting every couple of feet and jerking everyone around that's on board. I'll get halfway through it and then...bam!...blank.

Now just so you understand a bit about me...this is completely how I work. It's sporadic and not at all professional. But when I'm in a show, even as close as a week away from opening, I'm still glancing at the script and halting a bit. It's like I can't fully operate smoothly until I'm actually in the deep end. You can't see how well I swim if I'm only miming it to you, just throw me in already.

Crazy right? (And THIS is why I really should go to grad school...get trained up a bit, mmm?)

I do think I'll perform quite alright. It's just....I'm getting on my own nerves.

And I just ate a humongous chicken fajita bowl from Chipotle, with an extra scoop of rice, and now I'm going to have a burrito baby. Seriously, stick me with string and float me in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. I need to break up with Chipotle soon. It's an abusive relationship and I just keep coming back for more. Which makes me cranky.

So...note to self....no Chipotle on Saturday, as it is the day before my audition. In fact...maybe I'll just stick with cupcakes and coffee....cause I'm sure that'll go well.

Okay, note to Jen, whom I will be staying with in NYC this weekend (yeah!!): do not let me eat too many carbs or horrible things that make me feel bloated.

Excellent. Back to hiding under my blankey. See ya'll when I'm sane...which will be sometime after 1pm on Sunday.

12 November 2009

Best Cupcakes (So Far)

Hello blog world, how I've missed you! I haven't been able to find the time to blog lately, though I have been thinking up great blog ideas left and right. I've been preparing for my grad school audition that is taking place November 22nd in New York City and until then my blogging, and quite frankly my social life as well, have been put on a brief and bittersweet hold.

Tell I can get back, just thought you should know:

Best cupcakes in D.C. yet so far that I've found are from Georgetown Cupcake. We had to wait in line for these babies this past Saturday and it was worth it! I tried the chocolate coconut (top left corner) and then was only able to eat half of the pumpkin cupcake (top right corner) before lapsing into a sugar coma. They were moist on the inside and the frosting seemed to have been just made as it almost melted off the top. They were beyond good. Instantly addictive. I will now commence dreaming about these cupcakes.

I can't officially award them Best in DC yet, I still need to try Love Cafe cupcakes and Hello Cupcake as well. I take my cupcake ratings very seriously, people. It's practically my job. Hell, why isn't it my job? Who would like to pay me to try out cupcakes? Anybody? Ah well...


03 November 2009

I Heart Julia.

If you should happen to partake in the joys of D.C. I can offer you a few kindly, money saving suggestions. Such as rule number one: don't bring your car (see previous post) or stay somewhere that has parking off street and then there's rule number two: for a cheap lunch/dinner/late night snack, reap the benefits of Julia's Empanada's. I was able to get a delicious chorizo empanada (Spanish sausage, rice, and black beans, yum!!) and a diet coke for under $5 and these empanada's are filling as well. I first ate here at the Adam's Morgan location...but I don't remember it much besides thinking "delicious NomNomNom". I tried it again recently at the Columbia Heights location and wasn't disappointed. The guy working behind the counter seemed to be quite knowledgeable on the product as I heard him giving a bit of a history lesson to the old couple in front of me. Good food and an education! The nerd in me celebrates!

Mmmm, chorizo!

02 November 2009

D.C. Parking Enforcement Is Out To Get Me.

The picture you see above it one taken from the public cork board for my building, found down in the lobby by the mailboxes.

The D.C. Parking Enforcement, and specifically Officer Fisher, is out to get me.

I flat out refuse to change my license or my plates. I am a New Yorker damnit and I shall return to the motherland someday. If I don't get into grad school I want to move my ass over to NYC to try my hand there for awhile. I'm a nomad and changing my plates is not part of the nomad way. It costs money, money that is better used for say, oh i don't know, bills! And it says to people "hiya! yes I am staying here for awhile and so is my car." That's really not what I want to say...neither does my car. Betsy is a full on New Yorker herself and would like to stay that way, thankyouverymuch. (Yes I name my car, get over it.)

I think possibly someone in my building may have posted this sign in response to both myself and my roommate, who is sticking to his Washington State license plates as well, and as we're the only ones within a 3 block radius with out-of-state plates, who else would they be directing this to? Though my brother did mention that it could be something someone printed out numerous copies of and posted all around...but I say, highly unlikely Sir! Much easier to believe they're out to get me!

Officer Fisher has been so kind as to post onto my windshield a total of three parking tickets and the last two within the span of a week. And I even use my car for work now, so it's only ever parked there three hours in the morning. Which, of course, is an hour longer than permitted in the zoned parking area, but give me a break!

I've decided to try and outsmart them by parking on the street that runs directly into my street, where there is no zoned parking. It is, however, the exact line that crosses my hood from semi-safe in the daylight to ohmygod-i'm-going-to-be-mugged-at-10a.m.-in-broad-daylight, when you cross that line. So a bit of a gamble. A little Russian roulette never hurt anyone, right?

This morning when I went online to pay one of the parking tickets I was surprised to find that I also happened to have been caught speeding on New York Avenue last week by the annoying cameras and wire trips implanted into the road, and have been issued a $100 speeding ticket in addition to my two $30 parking tickets. Yeah D.C.! The douche bag award is officially yours. You've earned it! Welcome to our nation's capitol, where out-of-state cars are not really tolerated or, what the hell, even allowed, period. And forget about speeding on empty streets...it doesn't matter that you were in a life or death situation that requires you to speed more the 15mph above the speed limit (hey, trying to make it home from a friend's house late at night without falling asleep at the wheel totally qualifies, end of story).

Anyways. Just thought I'd share. Now I'm going to totally make this into a whole, march-on-the-mall-with-picket-signs, kinda issue. What can I say, I'm an activist at heart.

NY-er fo' life.
Word to yo' mama.
L-Dub, queen of the hyphen.

29 October 2009

Just A Quickie

So I've only got a few minutes to write up a post. I've been dying to write something lately because I've got a lot to talk about, what with my new job and all, but haven't had the time, what with my new job and all.

November is quickly upon us and there so much going on that it borders on the slightly ridiculous, especially considering that only 6 months ago I was completely bored with my life and trying desperately to find something interesting to fill it up.

On November 22nd I've got my official audition time slot for Central School of Speech and Drama. I am beyond excited and nervous. I need to get organized...like, yesterday. But I'm confident all will go well. What's great is that I'll get to stay with a friend of mine in NYC (Hi, Jen!) that I haven't seen in months, so it'll be fantastic to catch up and also be able to see New York City again.

This Sunday is the official start of National Novel Writing Month, which I am participating in this year and will fully dedicate myself to actually finishing the word count...unlike last year. I've also convinced my Mom to join up and I have a few friends who are also participating, so yeah reading/writing buddies! If anybody else who may read this blog wants a reading/writing buddy, just send me your username and I'll friend you on the website (or send you my username), support is good during these trying times ;) And like a lot of other bloggers, I am going to attempt to blog a little bit everyday. The whole NaNoWriMo project is really just a great way to practice creativity and discipline. We'll see how well I do, as "discipline" has never been a word that one associates with myself.

Eventually I'll blog about my day job, dog walking (oh yeah, you can now be mad jealous, son), because oh the tales I can tell about this job. It's awesome, I get to be outside everyday, the schedule is beyond fantastic, and I get to play with dogs and get paid for it. Also, new discover, it. is. EXHAUSTING. But that might be cause I haven't held a day job where I'm on my feet all day in quite some time. So hopefully the exhaustion aspect will change soon.

Because my audition is near the end of the month, I've decided that from November 1st till the 22nd I'm going to try and be on my best behavior, health wise. I'm giving up candy and pastry items (I've been over dosing, recently, on sugar. 'Tis the season.) and when I go out on the town I'll have a three drink max rule. Also, yoga and exercise, outside of the day job, everyday. If possible. I just want to feel my best when my audition comes around and hopefully this will help me develop healthy habits for when the grad school audition season is in full swing (January-March I'd say). I haven't decided if I can part with my coffee addiction. Right now it's at peak level, resulting in me doing crazy things, as such:

Photo courtesy of my Dad. Who rocks.

So yeah. Addiction, kids. It ain't pretty.

Love, caffeine aficionado,

18 October 2009

Things You Don't Want To Know About Your Parents

This is a Public Service Announcement: Do Not Show Your Parents the Movie "Failure To Launch".

You may think this is funny now...but you will regret it immediately if you show your parents this movie and let it get into their heads that they too need a "Naked Room" in the house after you've flown the coup. Then, when in the midst of conversation on the phone with the 'rents, your Mom mentions that "well your father said he's going to go hang out in the Naked Room", you will be adding this comment to the official list of Things You Don't Want To Know About Your Parents. Other things will pass through your brain as well that will horrify and shock you, such as: Which room is the Naked Room? Is it your's or your sister's room? Will you ever be able to make a surprise visit again? (The answer is no.) Is sitting down on furniture allowed when in the Naked Room? WHICH ROOM IS THE NAKED ROOM?

Now you need to go drink heavily/get a lobotomy/pour boiling water on your brain. And who really wants to go through that? (And by that I mean the last two.)

Your parents may make such comments about a Naked Room followed by partially smothered giggles that might make you doubt such claims...but is there any way to find out that doesn't involve trying to remove real time images from you head later? No.

So just listen to me when I say, best leave it alone. The movie is funny and awesome and, yes, your parents probably would get a kick out of it. But you really don't want to take the risk of them getting any ideas. Heaven forbid your parents start thinking crazy thoughts.

This has been a Public Service Announcement. You're welcome.
xo, Lindsay

14 October 2009

Because You Were Dying To Know

I'm currently experiencing a nasty mood brought on by intense jealousy of my brother and my sister-in-law because they are heading to London this Friday. There are other reasons, that I'm sure will bore you, why my mood is absolute shit that I won't go into.

Instead I'm distracting myself by playing Bridget Jones's Diary in the background (yes, I do take a few moments to mouth the words as being spoken, and I do know all the movements Renee does during the singing scene at the beginning, DON'T judge me...we all have our embarrassing personal tics) (also, can we just take a moment to appreciate that this movie has THE BEST entrance for Hugh Grant EVER, with the Aretha Franklin song playing and the elevator doors opening up to his yummyness. Word.), drinking some wine, cooking up a jacket potato for myself (this is what I do when I miss England...sigh....) and blogging about random stuff like the contents of my purse.

Because I'm sure you were dying to know.

And just so you know, usually I add a book or two, thick ones, to this collection. This here is just the bare minimum.

Contents of necessity: -NFT guide to D.C. If you've just moved to a new city, I'd highly recommend getting one of these guides. A map on every page and listings of restaurants/theaters/post offices, etc in every area next to each map....also, easy to read when drunk, so a guaranteed way of getting home without getting lost....as long as you can read a map while intoxicated that is, a skill carefully honed after many years of practice.
-My cute clutch wallet from Maurices.
-Cetaphil lotion, Midol, Ibuprofen, lady products, chapstick, hand sanitizer, hair clip, gum...explanation not necessary, you can never be too prepared.
-Journal with my motto for life on it "Keep Calm and Carry On", from an old British slogan sign.
-iPod for when I'm trekking across town.
-Weekly planner, can't really function without it.
-My resume....just in case....still no day job as of yet (but soon I'm sure!)
-A black Moleskin notebook, a small spiral notebook and multiple pens. The notebook is so I can remember things, the Moleskin is for notes on blog/book/theatre/writing ideas.
-Random book of matches from my friend Sara's wedding...because you never know when pyromania may kick in.
-Seafood watch pamphlet because when presented with fish I want to know if it's environmentally friendly. I mean, I'll still eat it...that'd be silly to turn down free fish...but at least I'd know whether or not to feel guilty about eating it. Not that that's ever stopped me from eating anything.
-And finally a play, this one is by Chekhov. I'm always carrying plays with me lately...gotta educate myself. Or just in case I want to give people on the street an impromptu dramatic performance, I am fully prepared....CONSTANT VIGILANCE (name that quote and you get a cookie...and a gold star for being just as geeky as I am).

Okay so Bridget is calling for my attention....and the food in front of me....and the wine as well.

And I'm sure after reading this post you'll probably want to go have some wine too...go on then. I don't judge.


P.S. When Bridget is about to go on tv for her first interview at the fire station, she's doing it in Lewisham...which is around the area where I use to live in London!! Yeah!

13 October 2009

The Lost Symbol

So I finally got my hands on a copy of one of the biggest, most anticipated books of the year, Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol.

My impression......


I would highly recommend it to people living in or from the D.C. area because he did so much research that it was like a fantastically written, fiction, tour guide book of D.C. I knew exactly where he was when he described certain locations and he used real buildings and streets. Which was great, loved that, bravo, well done. I've been meaning to write a book like that, that makes people want to visit the actual place because you describe it so well. I love the fact that The Da Vinci Code promoted tourism for certain sites in Europe and I hope that this book does the same for D.C.

That being said....

The book also seemed like one big, gigantic, wet kiss to the Freemasons. Granted I knew nothing about this organization at all before....and now that I've read this book....meh. I really don't care to learn anything new.

I got bored, then irritated, when Robert Langdon would go on page long tangents explaining things to the lesser beings around him. Now, I love learning something new as much as the next nerd, but sometimes it was just a bit dry and I was never sure if it was pertinent to the storyline.

On the other hand....I do want to say that even though I didn't super-duper love this book, I am still happy that it was highly anticipated. I'm all about the books that gets people excited to read. Just like with the Harry Potter books, just like with Twilight...if it gets people curious and draws in people who wouldn't normally ever voluntarily pick up a book, then bravo to you sir.

And that's all I say on that.
xxoo, Lindsay

12 October 2009

Weekend Recap, Hard Cider Not Included.

Well, the only thing I can say about the last blog I posted is that hard cider may or may not have been involved......I'll admit to nothing. Now would be a good time to distract all from the last post by flashing pretty photos of food items and rambling on about fantastic things I got up to this weekend, even though I'm dirt poor.

You should be jealous.

My weekend started on Thursday. I consider weekends fun, so when my fun starts and the panicky, guilty feeling about not having a day job recedes, that's when my weekend begins. So my weekend began with organic coffee, a vegan cupcake that very well blew my mind!, and hanging out with a sorority sister that I haven't seen in years. So yes...cupcake and coffee:

This delicious snack was courtesy of Sticky Fingers Bakery which my friend Mel and I stumbled upon when asking a local up in Columbia Heights what cafe we could kill some time in before heading to an apartment viewing. We needed something that was not a Starbucks as I just wanted a regular cup of coffee and I can't stand Starbucks coffee.

Sticky Fingers is an all vegan bakery, which made me a little hesitant because I've never had a vegan cupcake, but damn....it was good. And it was a whole lot cheaper than a lot of other cupcakery's that I've tried around D.C. (I'm attempting to try every cupcake in D.C., will report back as to which one wins out in taste and price. Get excited.) And their coffee was excellent as well! God I love a good cup of coffee...and I loved how they had a sign up stating that if you brought your own mug you get 20% off coffee. Environmentally friendly + excellent cupcakes and coffee + cheap prices = I really hope I get that apartment in this area so I can come here more often. (Oh and the apartment itself is awesome, fingers crossed that my roommate and I can get it. I'd love to move out of his living room and into a bedroom of my very own!)

On to Friday... I walked around town, not really doing much...which happens to be my favorite kind of day, and I decided that I would give in and try Good Stuff Eatery, which was created by Spike from the show Top Chef. I never watched...that's just what they tell me.
I got the De-Lechable Leche Milkshake and the Farmhouse Cheeseburger. All this for $12.36. Now as I am without a day job, and because I had to wait 40 minutes to get it, not quite worth it. And the burger guy put his thumb (he did have on gloves) directly in the middle of the burgers while making them...which makes me a tad squeamish. The burger itself was delicious, though a little crushed. I definitely would consider going back and getting it again...though I might have to try mid afternoon when it's not anywhere near lunch or dinner. I went around 1:30, thinking that was a good time to avoid lunch rush hour, and yes, I was wrong. I waited 30 minutes just to order and another 10 for the burger and shake to get to me. I do have to say that the older, silver haired gentleman working there was awesome. He came up to me when he noticed I had been waiting awhile, looked at my order and bustled off and found it for me. He was delightful and I think made all the customers around him feel better about waiting so long because he was just so nice! Honestly, that's hard to find in the food industry. Good Stuff did good with him.

The milkshake was amazing...though I think I'll only shell out for that when friends and family come visit from out of town or something. It was, however, so intensely sugary that I couldn't stop drinking it even when vomit threatened to happen, it was that good, and my mood took an immediate roller coaster ride. Only high levels of sugar can make me go from feeling super duper happy to angry and moody in 2.5 seconds. Luckily I went immediately to the cute little used bookstore over at 417 E. Capitol Street called Riverby Books and calmed myself down by browsing. Man I am such a nerd.

Friday night was a mix of fantastically cheap Chinese food, the movie "Couples Retreat" (see it for the yoga scene...could not stop laughing) and possible some cider's at Fado Irish Pub...maybe. I'll admit to nothing.

The Chinese food was from Chinatown Express (746 6th St. NW) and I will definitely be going back for more. My two friends and I consumed green tea, 3 beers, seafood dumplings, seafood noodles (made right there in front of a window that peers out onto the street), 2 vegetable spring rolls and 4 egg rolls for around $30. That to me is freaking awesome. Word. Pictures to prove the awesomeness:
Just a small sample of my noodles with a boiled Octopus on top. Yum!
My friend Jess taking a picture with the noodle guys. We are just that fun.

Now Saturday was a blur of couch surfing with my roommate, quarter drafts at Asylum in Adams Morgan and then home again, home again, jiggity jig, I was in bed by 10:30. Again, I am just too much fun, even for myself.

Sunday, though I was sad because I wasn't in Ohio for a friend's housewarming party due to lack of money to drive there, I was happily surprised by the fact that two of my friends living in the Odenton, MD area provided me with a ticket to the Maryland Renaissance Festival. I am all about the RenFests. I mean come on, eating turkey legs off the bone, drinking delicious Cider and Mead, being in the minority because you're not in costume = a.maz.ing times. Don't be too jealous now.

And that's all I got for now.
A parting picture of me with the highly anticipated turkey leg. Success!


10 October 2009

Why I love Blogs.

Dear Blog World,

This is my letter to you. I love the blog world. The instant replay of your life written out as quickly and as best you can. I feel connected to people who are not famous but are just normal people whom I love because I can relate to their words. Beautiful words. Describing love of theatre, books, acting, random daily events. These little things connect us. You may not notice it when you blog, but you are connecting with a whole other world out there. We may not comment on your blog, but we are here, admiring, laughing, nodding our heads in agreement with your post. Sometimes we reach out, sometimes we comment. We feel the need to connect and that is the beauty of the blogger world. Connection with people that you might not have meet up with in daily life. Learning new things about foreign places, or learning that you are not alone in your beliefs. Blogging is a new social frontier that I think brings us together and lets us expand our horizons in ways we can't experience in real time in our daily lives. This is all I have to say on this topic...some of my favorite blogs are thinking of ending and it makes me sad. Blogging doesn't need to be about venting alone. It can be about sharing of an experience, connecting with others. I hope that bloggers can take advantage of the opportunity to learn new ways to communicate, express their creativity, and take a moment to express how they feel about a certain subject.

Freedom of speech. It's a beautiful thing. Take advantage while you have the audience.

xoxo, LDD

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Email: LindsayDinsyDay (at symbol) gmail.com

05 October 2009

Temping: Oh the Horror!

I think people in line at Whole Foods could tell what kind of day I had at the office when I slammed on the conveyor belt my bottle of red wine (Folie a Deux's Menage a Trois, YUM!), a baguette and a bar of expensive dark chocolate.

No wonder office work can make people gain weight. They stress eat just because of the mundane bullshit one has to put up with.

Although I must say, in a new development, as a result of my current temping job I can now say that I actually kinda like old people! This is new for me, let's get excited!

Example as to why: Me-Hello sir, you called and left a message saying you were having problems with your password? Old Man-Yes, I'm old, 67 in fact and computers are beyond my time. Me-Okay, I can help. Proceed to seem like an absolute computer whiz-kid as I explain the 'Forgot Your Password' button and it's function. Old Man- Why thank you so much, young lady! Now I don't be mean to be vulgar but....really sir? I totally heart the vulgarity from unexpected sources, bring it!!....there's going to come a day when if you want to screw your wife you'll have to enter a password.

Now, as an unusual turn of events even for my long customer servicing history, it was the old people that rocked and the younger people that really, really, totally sucked. Especially the impatient, rude, condescending secretaries/personal assistants who just wanted me to get the username and password for their bosses because the bosses were way too busy and important to get it themselves and couldn't figure out how to log into the damn system. Unfortunately for them that's so totally against policy and boy-oh-boy do I luuuuuuuuvre throwing the Strictly Policy Clause at rude people. Take that! Pow! It's beyond my control! Boom! You are not nice! Pow! Boom! Bam!

I'm practically a ninja, but with manners...

01 October 2009

Coffee: It's How I Get Shit Done.

So I am officially cracked out on coffee at this very moment. I don't drink coffee on a daily basis for the specific reason of I want to be able to use it to get my caffeine high exactly when I want it. And I wanted that special, overly hyper, I can save the world with my pinkie, feeling today (imagine giving a 5-year old 3 cups of espresso, lots of candy and let them loose in a toy store...welcome to me right now, and I'm just sitting in my apartment at my computer ). Today, I am going to Get Shit Done. Also, I need the positive vibes of a pick-me-up drug because I'm having job drama...and I don't even have a day job yet.

I've signed on to use a temp agency here in D.C. to find me work. I've used them before with pretty okay results and since I need money stat in order to help get my roommate and I a new 2 bedroom apartment, I figured it'd be a good idea. However...it's kind of turning into quite a nuisance actually. Well the temp agency may have a gig for me tomorrow. They'll be calling me today to let me know if it's a definite or not.

So what's the problem you ask in that oh-so-bored tone? I have an interview tomorrow morning with a big chain bookstore, a chain I've worked with before and enjoyed. It's for the only position in the store that's got set work hours of Tuesday through Saturday 7am-11am. The position is only minimum wage, but the reason I want it is because this chain is an amazing corporation and will give me health insurance, even at part time. I'm also 99% sure that I have this job in the bag. I've had one interview with them that went very well and I've worked this exact position before a few years ago. However I'm not sure how receptive they'll be to me rescheduling the second interview.

Aaaaand now that I'm all hyped up on chemically-induced good vibes this really doesn't seem as stressful as I thought it was yesterday.

Also, to add to this semi-job situation, I applied to an independent bookstore yesterday expecting them to tell me they're not hiring and turns out they are hiring. They're very interested in speaking to me about a full time position, though I'm thinking my part time theatre job might be a hindrance for me getting that position. But it would be fantastic to work at an independent bookstore. I've worked at both the major chains and would love to move out of that arena and into the smaller bookstore field to see what it's like.

Although this may not help my book buying addiction...

I hate having the stress of coming to the realization that I'm not at all interested in doing positions that will pay my bills, but instead are drawn to the weird/interesting/fun jobs that pay very little. I keep getting sucked back into the idea of working at a bookstore because it's totally my comfort zone. If only someone would pay me to act on stage! Well, I'll always keep looking for that opportunity....

Okay, I'm off to go do an impromptu dance performance in my living room to work off this caffeine buzz and hopefully Get Shit Done as well.

Blog ya later,
Lindsay xo

20 September 2009

In Search Of A Monologue

I am determined to find around four monologues to learn for my grad school auditions by the end of this month. I've read through some of the plays already in my possession. Surprisingly, I found that I own quite a few plays that I haven't gotten around to reading...shame on me...and have piled them up on my night stand as a constant reminder to get on with it!

So, in review so far of what I've read are the following plays: Neil LaBute's Reasons to Be Pretty, two very good monologues in it but questionable as to whether I should choose anything from this when it's about to be put on in London, Wendy Wasserstein's Uncommon Women and Others, loved it and really relate well to the monologue I found in it as well, so it's a possibility. Ibsen's A Doll House (a re-read actually, read it first ages ago in college) and The Wild Duck. Neither have monologues in them I'd like to use, though I do enjoy reading Ibsen. Trying to figure out what lesson he wants his reader to learn is half the fun...the other half is constructing feminist arguments in my head against what I think he's trying to say. He'd be an excellent playwright to dissect in the classroom. And last, but so far my favorite, is Oscar Wilde's An Ideal Husband.

I've read The Picture of Dorian Gray and fell in love with the story line, the prose, the ideas he made surface in my head. For some reason it's quite visual to me when I'm reading his work. I can't believe I haven't read more of his plays or poetry. Just Dorian Gray...and I did that on my own initiative. How can have made it through multiple English and Theatre classes having never read Wilde?? Well that needs to change immediately.

Before the end of the month I've set lofty, unobtainable goals (aren't those just the best?) to read two more Ibsen plays, Hedda Gabler and The Master Builder, as well as multiple Shakespeare plays starting with Much Ado About Nothing, The Taming of the Shrew, and Troilus and Cressida. I also have a book of eight tragedies that I need to crack open.
.....ahhh the optimism...so free flowing on a Sunday night after one has just consumed half a pint of Ben & Jerry's ice cream and has moved on the Chamomile tea...things will probably be colored cranky first thing in the morning I predict....

At some point in between the plays and the blogging and the movie watching (Thanks Netflix!) I should probably secure myself a day job as well as find my roommate and I a new apartment. Easy-peasy I'm sure.....right? Right?!? Now where did I put that ice cream.....


16 September 2009

Best. Coffee. Ever.

I would just like to introduce everyone to the place in D.C. that I'm pretty sure makes the best coffee ever. (Although I'm always up for a taste testing debate when it comes to this topic.)

See I always knew that being too poor to actually do anything would develop good things for me at some point. As I wandered around, too poor to do anything, I stumbled upon this little treasure called Cowgirl Creamery over at 919 F Street NW, just past the Spy Museum and the Smithsonian Art Gallery. Of course I couldn't not go in, what with a name like that and the mere fact that they have cheese (and me being a known cheese whore and all...)

Well this place is so awesome that I didn't even make it to the back portion where they kept the cheese. I was too busy in awe of all the imported foods, beers and wine! I'm afraid to say it, but I'm totally giving away where everyone is getting their gifts from this Christmas.

I got really distracted/excited/would-be-jumping-up-and-down-had-I-already-been-caffeinated-but-wasn't, when I saw that they had imported coffee beans and they grind them up and make you a cup right there.

I picked the one that had the key words I needed to see associated with coffee, dark and "hints of chocolate". Sold. The coffee lady even let me smell the coffee beans before she ground them up and made me a cup with this neat little contraption. Had I possessed a spy camera, I would have taken a picture of this coffee contraption (wow, hey there English degree holder, you're amazing with the words), but I didn't and therefore did not want to pull out my camera then and risk the chance of scaring the coffee lady who was at that moment making my coffee. Priorities people.

Now normally, I'm a little bit o'sugar, little bit o'cream kinda gal, but I took one sip and, miracles upon miracles, it was too good to add anything too it! It's a first for me people.

Best part-I took another sip, swallowed, exhaled....and there were hints of freaking chocolate!!! I feel like such a coffee connoisseur now.

Of course, as a small, teeny tiny side note...this delicious cup cost me $2.20, which is around $0.70-$0.80 more than a Starbucks cup of joe. But when I'd rather have this beautiful cup of deliciousness than have chocolate....well then, poorness be damned! I shall have my coffee!!

Always caffeinated,
Lindsay xx

15 September 2009

Celebrities on Stage

Just read from Actress in the City's blog that Lily Allen is taking a stab at theatre. Now, normally, I think it's kind of great from an audiences prospective to be able to watch a celebrity on the stage. It's always fun to see if they'll surprise you with amazing talent or just end up another gossip rag favorite trying to gain street cred by taking over spots on stage that should have been given to more well deserved players.

In this particular case, and after reading up which play it is she's doing on The Guardian's website I'm a bit devastated actually. Neil LaBute's play Reasons To Be Pretty is one of my favorites and, coincidentally, where I was going to get one of my grad school audition monologues from.

Now I'm not sure that's such a good idea.

I'd love to hear from other actors/people in the arts industry about what their thoughts are on Ms. Allen taking to paid theatrics. Also, should I be doing a monologue for my very important grad school auditions from a play that is currently splashed all over the news? (If not, does anyone have any helpful suggestions of monologues I should do? Now is the time to comment, people...)

Yes, folks...instead of freaking out over where I can get a paycheck, I'm pulling my hair out over Lily Allen and monologues. Hello, priorities.

Where's some large quantities of baked goods when ya need it??


Up & Coming Domestic Goddess.

Can I just take a minute to talk about how fabulous I am becoming in the kitchen? I am so proud of my recent recipe creations that I just need to toot my own horn.

Let me just start by saying, I really don't know how to cook at all, so it's a feat of amazing proportions that I am managing to feed myself away from my parents kitchen. Since living in London during my junior year of college, I haven't really had to cook for myself 24/7. Senior year didn't count because I was always busy and either threw together a sandwich or ate at one of the many fast food joints around campus. The staples of my diet then consisted of sandwiches, pasta dishes or rice dishes. And lots and lots of cereal.

And oh, what a long way I've come from those cereal days!

Right now I am trying to eat my lunch as slow as possible because that's how good it is! I read in one of my recipe books (not sure which one) about making a dressing that consists of olive oil, juice from a lemon and crushed garlic. I am all about making my own salad dressing. I haven't had store bought dressing in years. It's just too easy, too healthy and much cheaper to make my own. Trust me on this.

So I made a salad with chopped red onion (I freaking LOVE red onion...will try and include it in just about every dish I make outside of breakfast...and sometimes even then), then made the dressing separately in a small cup. 2 teaspoons of olive oil, 1 teaspoon of lemon juice (squeezed from one lemon slice was enough), crushed a small piece of garlic and mixed that with the rest of the ingredients. I tossed the salad with the dressing, took a bite to test and see if I'd like it (first time using lemon juice in a dressing)...mmm, good, check....next ingredient added was left over canned tuna (bout 1/2 the can), taste test....check, delicious...then I sprinkled some crumbled feta cheese on top, tossed some more, taste test....and CHECK, freaking amazing!!!

It's like a flavor explosion in my mouth. I luuuuuuvre it!!! I've only got a few bites left and I'm already getting the Awesome Food Blues. Ya know, where you're half way through eating something phenomenal and you get sad cause you know it's going to end soon. Know what I mean? Who's with me on this one??

I got the Awesome Food Blues last night as well, mixed in while a little British Blues because I made a jacket potato for dinner (a baked potato stuffed with your choice of food, very common dish in the U.K.). A Jacket Potato was the first thing I learned to cook on my very own, thanks to my English roommate Laura.

Recipe: Prick the potato in several spots, coat in olive oil and dried rosemary. Microwave for 2 1/2 min, flip, 2 1/2 min on other side. Put in preheated oven at 425 degrees for 20-30 min. Take out, cut open, stuff with 1/2 can of tuna (after you've drained the water from the can) and some corn. I know that sounds weird, tuna + corn, but it is amazingly good. And because it was baked with olive oil on it, it's nice and crispy on the outside. I ate the entire thing and then wanted another one, it was that delicious.

Other recipes I've become obsessed with making (just lightly touching on them, if you want more detailed instructions, let me know and I'll provide them in the comment section): Roasted veggies (red onion, tomato and red pepper) mixed with penne pasta, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and feta cheese. A Morningstar Spicy Black Bean Burger (that's not really spicy, but instead flavorful) with homemade guacamole on it (ohmygod, cue mouth watering now). Whole wheat couscous mixed with roasted veggies and feta cheese. Kidney beans mixed with red onion, tomatoes, olive oil, and red wine vinegar (can be served as is or over pasta).

I hope to learn how to cook meat dishes really well...but for now, I don't want to spend the money on the meat not knowing if I'm going to mess it up or not.

And my lack of meat recipes should also indicate to you that I am constantly craving a burger or steak. Wanna hang out? We'll probably be eating somewhere with meat. Deal with it.

Sincerely (and hungry again now, thanks),
Lindsay xx

10 September 2009

First Play Seen in DC--Shakespeare Theatre's Free For All

Oh the joy that free theatre brings to an unemployed gal living in the big city. There's nothing like it! And it was Shakespeare too, eeek!

The Shakespeare Theatre Company here in D.C. puts on a play every summer as part of their Free For All program, presented by Target this year. This year's play was The Taming of the Shrew and it was done inside the Sidney Harman Hall. I guess in the past they use to do this outside under the stars, which would have been amazing, but they've pulled it inside so as to avoid being rained out. Which really is a great idea, it allows all the performances to be available so everyone can find a chance to come and see.

Friends have told me that last summer they had trouble getting tickets, so I made sure to get their bright and early. I choose to go to a noon performance on a Wednesday and, turns out, that was probably the best decision. Tickets were handed out at 10 A.M. and I was fourth in line starting at 8:45 A.M.

The show was fantastic and so entertaining. I haven't laughed that hard at a Shakespeare performance in awhile (not that I'm able to attend hordes of those these days, anyways...) The audience, filled with people over the age of sixty and high schoolers (helllloooo, it's a noon performance on a weekday, whatdaya expect?), was the best kind, laughs and applause at all the right places, screams and giggles at all the lewd parts....it enhances your experience when the audience is that receptive.

The actors performed beautifully, I always admire the actors that can pull off Shakespeare well, and it is a difficult task. To be able to perform with those words, use your whole body and do it in a way that helps translate the plot to the audience is a gorgeous talent. I never tire of quality Shakespeare performances. My favorite people were Ian Merrill Peakes playing Petruchio (Hi there, cut-upper-body, you may be dressed in a woman's gown, but you's still hot....sigh), Sabrina LeBeauf as Katherina (she pulled that character off sooooo well, she deserved that standing ovation), Louis Butelli as Grumio (I need to see more of his work) and my absolute favorite was Bruce Nelson playing Tranio....that man has comedic prowess under his belt.

I can't stress enough how much of a benefit it is to a Shakespeare play to have full on physical comedy happening. The audience loves it and I think it helps pull you into what's going on with the characters. It just shows you how important it is, for an actor, to be in tune with their body because they can use it in so many ways to bring the story forward for the audience, especially useful with Shakespeare, when a lot of the time people can get lost because of the language. If you had seen this performance, you'll know what I'm talking about, like during the fight between Kate and Petruchio after they first meet.

I was thoroughly impressed with the creative use of lightening and the cash machine (cha-ching) sound effects. Who's the one that comes up with that stuff? The director or the tech people? You gotta respect the work that goes on behind the scenes...I know, I've done it....it takes a lot of creative energy and effort to pull off a great show.

I would love to meet the directors of this show, Rebecca Bayla Taichman (original director) and David Muse (listed as Director, for this show). The Taming of the Shrew is a good example of how Shakespeare's plays can be interpreted in so many different ways. I know my little sister saw a performance of it in London while studying abroad and she said she left feeling depressed and like she just witnessed a woman go through an abusive relationship, one where the husband wins. Where as I left this performance feeling like I witnessed a romantic comedy, full of insights into relationships and how men and women deal with each other. There is a fine line between love story and abuse story when it comes to this play and The Shakespeare Theatre really pulled it off in a great way. I love it when it's performed in this light. I think I need to go back and read it again...and it's moments like these that make me miss college and want to go back asap. Just so I can have like minded individuals, people with my same passion in theatre and the arts, to have a discussion with about plays.

Sigh....eh well...hopefully next year if I can get my freakin' act in gear.

Anywho....yeah for taking advantage of the city and doing it for free!! I'll keep ya'll posted on other such shinanigans that I can get myself into, hopefully for free as well. ;)

Charmed, Linds

08 September 2009

Book Reading...For The Unemployed...

So since I've been in a new city, with no cable mind you (AHHHHHHHH! The horror!!), my reading habits have picked up considerably. Which is good considering I own around 250 books that I've collected over the 5 years I've worked in the book industry and have yet to read. I actually see these books as my babies and have dragged just about all of them, or the amount my family allowed me to drag with me, here to D.C. I get pangs of guilt and pleasure when looking at them because a) I feel so bad about neglecting them and b) I'm still so excited to read them when the time comes.

And apparently the time is now. Welcome to my unemployed reading list!
First of all, I'm 3/4 the way through Bitter Is The New Black by Jen Lancaster. Best book to read if you're a girl and you're unemployed. LOVES IT. She's amazing and makes me feel better that someone as fabulous as her has been through what I'm going through. I can totally relate. It makes you feel better when you know you're not alone, am I right? (Blog world responds with a resounding 'Duh!')

Before Bitter I finished Cormac McCarthy's The Road that I borrowed off of a friend. It's not normally the type of fiction I'm drawn too (see above reading material) but I really wanted to be able to say I've read something that's won a Pulitzer...at least once. (As an English degree holder, I should be ashamed of myself.......am I? Not really....) My official review, it was....interesting. It is a great book to read when you feel all depressed about your life because then you can say "at least I'm not forced to live a life of desolation and loneliness, with only my young child at my side, trying to fend off cannibals from eating him." McCarthy's prose was also very well done. It was an easy read but still made you deal with big issues. Kind of like tricking you by getting you sucked into the story with his little words and easy text. The bastard. And so you can also tell, not really an upper. I think he was trying to leave the reader with a feeling of hopefulness at the thought that man will always survive, no matter the conditions, and the human heart will prevail, good over evil. But still....not an upper people.

Quickly, before I bore you to death, the other books I've recently finished are as follows: Alexander McCall Smith's The Careful Use Of Compliments, Emily Giffin's Love The One You're With, and Stephenie Meyer's The Host. McCall Smith, I love you and everything you write. I can't even adequately review his stuff for you because unless you've read through any of his massive collection of works, you won't understand the love. Truly like a warm bath and a glass of wine after a long, hard day.

Emily Giffin always pulls me in, even if it's on a topic I hate (like cheating spouses or people considering cheating) and she'll make me love it. Anything you write Giffin, I will submit to knowing I don't stand a chance of staying away.

And Stephenie Meyer is officially the Queen of Happy Endings and creating a world of perfect fantasy. Not fantasy like, hey there Star Wars and space jets, but fantasy like, "that is SO not going to happen in the real world, but I melt and hope for it anyways". She is that good, people. Cynics need not apply. This was her most science fiction-y book yet and still I was sucked in. ( I don't normally get excited about that genre...well, actually, I didn't so much Pre-Doctor Who obsession, but Post-Doctor Who obsession I'm beginning to try new things...and I like it!)

After I finish Bitter Is The New Black I will have to up the amount of plays I'll be reading and then shall hopefully write about them here. I'll try not to make the book/play posts too boring...I may even throw in a free glass of wine. Of course whether it be for you or for me is up for debate...

Warmly, DinsyDay

Stress Eats Me For Breakfast.

Things have been crazy stressful since I got back from my weekend in Ohio. (Which was mad fun, yo. And I learned so much, like red wine should not be drunken in excess of 2 glasses really.) It's only Tuesday, so this does not bode well for the rest of my week.

In good news, I got word on Friday, while in Ohio, that I am officially being offered employment as a part-time house manager at a prominent theatre here in D.C. I'm super duper excited...even if it is part time. I'll get to set up and organize the box office before shows and lectures and poetry readings. I think I'll get to watch them for free as well...I assume. As most of my resume is littered with customer service jobs, I am fully prepared to deal with the audience members. I'm actually jazzed about it. If there's anything I learned from working in a bookstore, it's that doing customer service is so much more fun when the customers like what you like. And if you hadn't guessed already....I heart theatre.

Outside of this good news things are going......eh. I really need a day job and my searches aren't going well. I'm a bit worried about using a temp agency to find work because I'm not sure if I want to commit to a regular work week and do the part time job in the evening and on weekends. When will that leave time for acting?? I want to be able to pay my bills, work at a job or two that doesn't make me want to kill myself and have time to dabble in theatre. Is that too much to ask? Apparently.....

To just add to the stress-pot that is my life, my first grad school audition in NYC is coming up in November. And it's for Central School of Drama in London, a BIG deal theatre school. I don't have anything prepared and it's my goal of September (outside of finding employment) to read some plays, find some good monologues and start getting my act in gear. Yeah fun times.

I don't really feel like I can handle all of this stressful stuff that's going on right now. I've definitely been drinking a bit too much red wine lately as well....not the best of coping methods, eh? I'm going to try and shape up and get myself into a set schedule, starting tomorrow. I want to work out a bit everyday and find time to read (and blog) everyday.

Yeah....we'll see how this goes. Tomorrow I will hopefully be getting a ticket to the FREE showing of Taming of the Shrew put on by The Shakespeare Theatre here in DC. They do a free play every summer I guess. If I do manage to secure a ticket, that's what I'll be blogging about tomorrow. I know you're just shaking with excitement right now, aren't you?

xxoo, Lindsay

P.S. Why yes, I will be watching the premiere of Melrose Place tonight. Don't judge me.

07 September 2009

Totally not worth the expense.

I was trying to be all healthy getting the 100 calorie pack of nuts...completely forgetting that nuts aren't necessarily diet friendly, calorie-wise I mean. Bastards. 100 calories is not what I'd call satisfying.

Just wanted to share this monumental disappointment.

03 September 2009

A Weekend Worthy Of Squealing

So technically I should be getting on the road now, heading towards Ohio for one of my college friends wedding, instead I'm trying to get well and truly caffeinated before I leave...and of course I need to blog about all this cause who know when I'll get the time to get online this weekend.
I have loads that I do want to write about, like the fact that I've been tentatively hired at the place I've had 2 interviews with already. I say tentatively cause I have to pass my background and reference check first. There's no reason I shouldn't pass those, but with my luck I refuse to get too excited until I have my first day and my first paycheck. Also it's only part time and no benefits, but it does involve working in the theatre and it will look fabulous on my resume! Will discuss more about it once the tentatively has been removed.

Can I just say that I can see myself falling in love with D.C. if the weather continues to be as heartbreakingly beautiful as it has been? I'm talking 79 degrees, sunny, small fluffy clouds and a beautiful, light and forgiving breeze. I really could do away with this humidity business that the city has been messing with for the past few weeks. Here's some pictures to show you just how gorgeous it was yesterday as I meandered around the city.

While I was out and about I experienced the wonderful theatre mecca that is Backstage Books, which is amazing. It's a tiny shop at 545 Eighth Street SE, packed to the brim with costumes for performing arts people and apparently people on the lookout for mad-awesome Halloween costumes. All that and loads of plays. I swear, as soon as I get some money I will be hitting them up for material. Grad school auditions are coming soon and I need some new monologues STAT! Oh...and that topic will be for a whole other post.

Another place that I need to mention, my favorite cafe to kill time. Le Bon Cafe is amazingly cute and they have delicious food! It's only really busy around rush hour times, so it's been a great place to chill mid morning or mid afternoon to read a bit, caffeinate, and read. And for some reason I always seem to be hanging in the neighborhood of the Library of Congress (which is where this gem is located). So yeah...try that. Look at me all helpful.

Hopefully will get to post this weekend but we shall see.

P.S. Oh and not too excited about reading this little news nugget before heading off for a weekend of hanging with my bestie's from college...meaning drinking too much and taking far too many questionable photos.

31 August 2009

Welcome to the 'hood.

Seen near where I live. Lovely. Something to make me feel nice and safe at night. Well, now I can rest easy at night knowing that not only do my fellow 'hood dwellers have security but they have a sense of humor as well.

28 August 2009

"..she experienced that curious feeling, that mixture of elation and dread, that comes from having done something very significant."

Just so you know, it is so like me to start this blog post with a quote from Alexander McCall Smith's book, The Careful Use of Compliments, which is an Isabel Dalhousie novel. I love that series, it's like getting into a warm bath with a class of wine and knowing some dark chocolate is on it's way.

And that is a feeling I desperately need to focus on right now. I'm about to the point of freaking out on my life. Yeah me. I've been here in D.C. for a month without having secured a job and therefore haven't been able to get around to doing the stuff I really want to do...like say, um, acting? It's fine though, one step at a freakin' time. I did have two interviews with the same place though, and if you follow my twitter feed to the right of your screen, you'd know what that place was ;) Haven't heard back yet, so I'm not really holding my breathe.

A few things that have kept me sane while I refine the art of unemployment:

I have crazy, amazing friends that will take me out for these gob smacking beauties. I don't even remember what they're called, but we got them at this quaint little Chinese food place near the Van Ness Metro stop. The middle part was filled with 151 and lit on fire, so you had to suck that part down quick to make sure the liquor didn't go to waste. Yum! (I was not one of the suckers, mind you)
Finding out my local Safeway does indeed have an international section and includes many of my favorite British food items was quite exciting. I really don't think I'd like to face a world without my PG Tips and my Weetabix. But even bigger news than this, after reading up on a place in The Washingtonian Magazine, I went out and discovered this little shop near the Courthouse Metro stop called "Cigars and British Goods" or something similar to that and they have even more amazing stuff! They've got chocolate covered digestives (not to be found in any grocery store that I've seen) and they carry actual imported Kinder and Cadbury bars.

Little side note for those not in the know...if you find that your local grocery store does indeed carry Cadbury bars, don't get too excited. If you look a little closer at the label, you'll see it's not imported but instead reproduced by Hershey's...and that means using American chocolate. Not to bash American chocolate or anything, but the chocolate in the U.K. is far superiour, my friends, except no imitation.

In addition to these things, I wouldn't have survived this month without help from my parents and my older brother...I really do not deserve them, they are beyond awesome, to a point that words fail to accurately describe. And of course my roommate, Mark, who is so cool to keep me up here and kick my butt out the door to go socialize when I get in one of my anti-social moods. Love him. So in the place of money, these people have kept me here this month. I'm really hoping I can go balls to the wall for them, get my ass in gear, and get a job that won't disappoint. Fingers crossed. (Why is this suddenly feeling like an acceptance speech? Where's my statue?)


P.S. Sorry I haven't been posting...me being too overly dramatic about my life takes precedence over everything else apparently. After a recent conversation with my good friend from home, Rachel, who is also an actress, I've decided I need to try to post more and find ways to write something, somewhere, every day. She said is best when after I told her "I'm just depressed and moody and nothing is going right..." she responded with the antidote "have you written anything lately?" I love having creative friends!

10 August 2009

Movie and Books Galore!

I have officially been here in D.C. for a week. Yeah me! Still no job, but I did manage to apply to one or two places last week. I hate applying for jobs and the whole resume process. I actually like the interview more because it feels more real to me, more like saying "Hi this is me, look how personable I am and how much I can do!" as opposed to someone picking up on that just by reading a pretty list of the places I've worked.

Eh well...what can ya do?

In between applying for jobs and feeling guilty about not applying for enough I've been getting some reading done and been watching a few movies.

Some DVDs that I've seen this week, Feast of Love, Eagle Eye, Charlie Bartlett, Before Sunrise, and Before Sunset. The Sunrise/Sunset DVDs I actually own and adore. If you haven't seen these two movies you need to right away. I love watching the interaction between two people who so desperately feel a connection and are grasping to keep it longer. Even the silences between them are poetic, speak volumes, that's how good they are. Charlie Bartlett was surprisingly entertaining. I really didn't expect much but it was a nice way to escape an hour and a half. Eagle Eye had some awesome action scenes and I love Shia....but the storyline kinda sucked. Really not that interesting. Feast of Love....I'm not even sure what to say about this movie. I was pissed, first of all, that it was not the movie that they advertised for. I cried more times then I care to during a movie night. So much heavier than I anticipated. I think it was made well, excellent storyline...kinda preachy...but OK.

For movies not in the DVD format, I've only been to see Julie and Julia, which was DELIGHTFUL. And yes, I did yell that. I loved it! Perfect movie to see on an extremely hot August night in DC. Very witty and cute. They kept to the book quite well which took me by surprise.

Books I just finished are Emily Giffin's Love the One You're With and Neil LaBute's play Reasons to Be Pretty. Giffin's novel I really enjoyed, which was to be expected. I've really gotten sucked into every novel she's done. She's a very engaging author. Giffin manages to write about topics that I really, really don't enjoy reading about and then makes me enjoy it. I don't think Love the One was as addictive as her other books but I did finish it just as quickly, 2 days tops.

I liked LaBute's play, having never read him before, and I think I'd really like to check out his other stuff too. He really just touched on the whole argument of how important looks are in our society and showed a glimpse of what artificial needs couples have between themselves. I may use one of this monologues but I kind of get the feeling that a lot of other actors probably already have them in their arsenal, as the play actually sets four monologues aside, quite frankly, throughout the play. I do need to find some good monologues to start on if I'm going to be doing grad school auditions coming up in November through to February.

Ah lovely, just another thing to worry about while I'm unemployed. How exciting.

My goal for the week is to take advantage of living in DC and see something that is free every day. For example, today I'll be heading out to the National Portrait Gallery to check out the exhibit Reflections/Refractions: Self Portraiture in the Twentieth Century. Kind of excited as I haven't done anything on the culture side of things in ages.

After that, back to the job hunt. Oh joy. Are you excited? You should be. My updates will be riveting....as you can already tell.

Warmly yours,

Post.Script. Maybe one of these days, I will share some pictures I've taken. I will try and fiddle with that tonight.

03 August 2009

The Start of DC Living

Well I am officially moved into the great city of DC. I'm not use to living on my own so this should be interesting. It's my 2nd day and I've already gotten a parking ticket and due to my roommates lack of cable, I have rediscovered the joys of Buffy on DVD. I've been sucked back into the buffy vortex. Hopefully I will get around to doing some job searching...cause if I don't I'm sure my roommate will kill me when he gets back from Spain at the end of the month due to the lack of rent money on my part ;)

Also, I'd love to do some updates equipped with fabulous photos from my new Coolpix camera I got for my birthday...however, as stated before, I am computer-illiterate and can't figure out how to get the pictures from the camera to the computer.

Maybe some wine will help with the problem...


27 July 2009

Quarter-life...and GO!

Well here we are then. Right now, as I begin this post, it's about five minutes before I turn 25. I'm sitting here drinking a glass of Black Swan Shiraz Cabernet, wishing I could be hiding under my duvet for the duration of my birthday, maybe have a bit of a cry, watch Bridget Jones (which always cheers me up), possibly have a curry and pass out long before I think too much about what it means to be another year older.

It's not that I'm one of those people that think I'm so old at 25. Oh in front of others I like to whinge on about it, like I'm an old lady, for a laugh, but deep down I know I'm still young. What I'm quite upset about is that I don't feel I've accomplished much and I feel 25 is an age where I should have something about my life figured out. At least I should be moved out of my parents house by now well in my defense I'll be moved out on Saturday and off to adventures of poverty in D.C. (And for the record, living with my parents has been divine. They're 2 of my closest friends actually. They look after me and ignore me when I'm on a dramatic tailspin. They built me a very nice room in my own little apartment attached to our house. And it would all be very nice and perfect if only I could move this house and my entire family with me to a big city. Heaven right there.)

Another upset...I'm about to launch myself off into a huge city with no money, no savings and the scariest part....I have absolutely no idea about the theatre in D.C. Is it good? Easily accessible to people who want to be involved but need to have a 9-5 job in order to pay the bills? I haven't a clue. I, for once, have no connections and haven't heard anything about how the theatre community operates down there. Terrifying I tell you.

For the month of August I'll also have no immediate access to cable or the Internet. I've already decided to suss out a nice coffee shop with Internet just so I can blog...oh and search for a job. Yeah I'll be needing that to support my expensive wine habit. Now that I'm 25 I shall feel free to graduate to slightly more sophisticated brands than my usual two-buck-chuck red wine. Hello Rosemount!....wait...can I afford that?...ummmm, no, definitely not. I'll just stick with Yellowtail, Little Black Dress and Black Swan. Yeah me. I can feel the excitement of adulthood now.

Things that I feel need to be worked on in my 25th year:
1. GRAD SCHOOl for acting. I miss school terribly. There is nothing I love more than sitting with people who are possessed with the same passion and discussing the intricacies of the art form. Beautiful. And it needs to be in England. I miss it terribly and every time I visit, I feel just a bit more sad because I know that I'll never love a city more than I love London or feel as comfortable in any foreign country as much as I do mingling with the British. Does that make sense? No?....blame the wine...

2. French. I took 7 years of it. Can I speak a lick of it? Not really...well I am able to mumble a bit. I can read it a bit better than speaking it. I do feel like quite an idiot not knowing another language. And French has always been the one I've loved. I can watch French films for hours just listening to them speak.

3. Physical activity. I want to be one of those people that just loves exercise, honest I do. But since middle school, and the evil gym teachers that came with it, I've always had a mental block against most physical activity. Whenever I run I always expect someone to pop out at me and yell "faster, faster! there's no walking in gym!" I want to be a master at yoga and know a little bit of martial arts (since I was about 14 I've been a bit obsessed with both...blame it on my Buffy the Vampire Slayer obsession. Buffy did martial arts, Sarah did yoga.)

4. Jesus...this really could go on...let's just end this with boys. I'd like to have a relationship with a guy that's lasted longer than the one I have with my gay best friend. He's lovely but it is sad when you've been engaged to him on Facebook because you really don't want to display your relationship status. Ah well...

Yeah 25! And I've had one friend already text me well wishes...and my sister came running into my room, frightening me, in order to say Happy Birthday at midnight. Quite a nice start I'd say.


p.s. AND I got my first birthday gift from one of my brothers this weekend, the first two seasons of "The IT Crowd", which I ADORE. (I'd like to be friends with Moss, please and thank you.)