25 June 2009

In Search Of A New City

Currently I am in the process of searching for a job in a city that is not in Western New York. I'm sorry WNY...I am done with you. My top choices are New York City, DC, Philly or maybe L.A. Easiest cities to move to in order of cheapness for me at this point are: Philly (can freeload off my brother, possibly have couch for free for maybe a month before we inevitably kill each other), D.C. (can have futon in best friend/former college roommates apartment for half the rent, $600, good location), NYC (only cheap upside-could get rid of car due to love of public transportation), L.A. (not cheap, would have to keep car/live in car, also am afraid of having creativity sucked out by the shallow masses...and quite likely, becoming one of the shallow masses, as I am often prone to their way of thinking anyways).

It's a good thing I'm poor right now which helps limit the places possible for me to move to, because if I did have the money I would just fly my ass straight back to England.

The job search part of moving is killing me though. Oh how I hate the process of re-working my resume. Here's where having a degree in English Lit may, for once, come in handy. My experience in creative writing helps "bookseller" sound like "salesman with wide spectrum of knowledge and fantastic customer service". You may now shoot me.

All I really want is a theatre internship and a waitressing/bar job. I would even go back to being a receptionist if it worked with a theatre schedule.

I would also like a pony. And to date a hot, intelligent, creative, and polite man.

Yeah for a positive attitude....maybe I should just go have another cup of coffee...increase that positive fantasy world I am currently inhabiting.

23 June 2009

Dr. Who Obsessed

Currently I'm working my way through the second season of Doctor Who. A season that was quite expensive to purchase, thanks for that BBC, but I had to get anyways with my 40% off limited time only coupon. My recent unemployment from my day job (still slaving away at the bookstore part time though) has left me with ample time to get obsessed all over again.

Now I know this is technically a show that is not quite geared towards attracting people in their twenties, such as myself, but I can't help it. How can you not love a show that has humor, sci-fi stories that are understandable, and David Tennant? I love him. I really, really hope the new guy is just as expressive. Tennant acts with his entire body. And that makes him hot.

Yes. I'm weird like that.

Hey at least I'm not obsessing over reality tv anymore. Baby steps.

p.s. Just to give you a peak into my British obsession, I'm watching Dr. Who while drinking PG Tips and having Weetabix. I miss England and this is like my comfort routine.

p.p.s. Maybe I should work on getting a life.....hmmm...

13 June 2009

Quotes That Validate My Dreams.

Here's some quotes from Neil LaBute from the preface of his play "Reasons To Be Pretty", which I am currently in the process of reading. (In between all the millions of other books I'm currently reading as well. I really should learn to just focus on one at a time, but where's the fun in that?) I love coming across other people's work, or blogs, that really validate my decision pursue a paycheck in the performing arts field. It's annoying that so many people outside the world of arts are so discouraging of people that want to pursue something artistic. Being all "blah, blah, blah...no money....blah, blah, blah...too competitive." And I'm all I don't care, I don't want to hear it. It will be just as difficult and time consuming for me to try and be an actress as it would if I tried to be something more "sensible" like a librarian or a teacher or an administrative assistant. Expect when I try to work as an actress my soul sings instead of feeling like it's going to be ripped out (like when I work in retail or as a receptionist). So anyways...validation...thank you Mr. LaBute. Rock on.

"The worst day I've had writing is better than the best day I ever had working in a factory..."

and also I feel the same way about acting that he seems to feel about writing:

"We writers stare into a variety of mirrors, studying the faces of people we don't yet know as we make them up, working to create a series of believable psychological profiles for a bunch of folks who don't really exist. I prefer it to life most of the time, as it's much safer and a whole lot easier. These 'people' all seem to be the same as us, unfortunately--my flaws become theirs and their wants and loves grow out of my own, and suddenly I'm surrounded by the same miserable, lovely, lonely, sad, terrific people that I was escaping from in the first place."

Beautiful. I love reading about people who are passionate about their work. If you write a blog, or read a blog, that's all about being passionate about the creative, send it to me. I'd love to spend my free time reading that instead of watching soul-less reality tv. I'm sorry "The Little Couple", you're adorable and cute...but we need to break up. I gots me some plays to read.

And scene. xx

Saturdays are supposed to be lazy days.

I feel like doing absolutely nothing today. Well...actually I'd love to just fool around on my blog and update with something really creative/random/funny in an awkward way...but then I'd feel guilty about the fact that my room is growing it's own species out of the hair that's collected on my floor and I have dust bunnies so big that my dogs are afraid to go in the room because they don't want to be eaten.

Also exercise is imperative...since I got laid off a few weeks ago (oh yes. and that was so fun.) I have rediscovered the trashy delight that is reality television. I'm surprised at how easily I get sucked into all the new reality shows that are playing now, I thought I held myself to a higher standard than that. But oh how watching The Real Housewives of New Jersey makes me feel better about myself. I started watching Southern Belles on the Soap channel but after a few episodes I couldn't degrade myself any further. That show is just not, in any sense of the word, entertainment. I really should be ashamed of myself for that one.

Kathy Griffin's show: My Life on the D-List, however, I think I can feel good about watching that one. Yes it is another reality show, but I think she puts a lot of effort into making it more entertaining than that. If you think about it...and I do realize that it's summer time now so don't think too hard, she has to put a lot of creative effort into making up the story lines and finding random things to put herself through in order to keep you watching. I mean, she did win two Emmy's for the show. That means it's okay for me to watch it, right? Right?

Okay well, whatever. I'll break up with reality tv someday...soon I hope...I'd really like my soul back now. Oh wait, I forgot, my soul was taken by the part time retail work I do. I need to break up with that, like yesterday. Hey, anyone know any good places to do a paid theatre internship/apprenticeship? Preferably outside of the Western New York area? No? Okay...then I guess I'll just leave you with a super cute photo of two of my dogs doing what I want to do today but can't.

The end. xx

02 June 2009

A New Frontier.

I just want to do a quick post about this now and hopefully I'll get around to doing a longer post about it later.  Exciting news...someone is actually giving me some acting work to do. Not paid sadly, but at least I get to do what I love and in a format I've never tried before. 

I'm going to be doing a short film that's only about 10 minutes long.  A group of local film makers got their scripts picked to put on film. I went to the audition to try out for one of those films and while I was there I tried out for another one that I fit the description of and that's the one I got picked for.

I was happy just to do the audition because I've only ever auditioned for theatre stuff and this was my first one for something on film. It was actually a lot more fun than a lot of the theatre auditions I've done. It was a very relaxed atmosphere where I got to meet the directors of the two pieces, the guy doing the filming and the guy leading the audition. Overall, it appears that a lot more people are involved in this process than with theatre auditions.

I was given a few minutes to look over the "sides" (just short selections from the scripts), then I had to sign a sheet that stated I understood I wouldn't be getting compensation for this project but I would get a copy of the film on DVD.  Which I can only assume is because then I can use it for when I want to show some work I've done (yippee! hello grad school applications...)

All I had to do for the actual audition was look into the camera when they said go, state my name and my phone number where I could be reached and then read through the lines. I had a guy off to the side that read the roles opposite me as well, which was useful. It was fun doing this audition because for the first piece I did, the director gave me some suggestions for how he wanted it done differently a second time around, and I'm pretty comfortable with this kind of comment/change/redo style of auditioning because it's what I always do with theatre. You just do it over and over again, sometimes with different people, so the director/s can see if you'd fit in the role. But for the first piece I only had to do it twice and then the second piece I only did it once and I was done.  Amazingly quick...I guess they can be that way when they've just filmed it and can then re-watch it as much as they want.  

I really enjoyed the whole audition, wasn't sure how well I did because...well...I've never done film before, but was really happy when I got cast in the second piece.  It should be fun and quite a learning experience.  I'll blog more about it as we get into rehearsals (only 2 or 3 before actual filming commences). I'm quite glad I'm not getting paid for it though, as I've never done something like this I don't want to completely mess it up, so it relieves the pressure a bit when a paycheck isn't involved.

Finding Art Everywhere

I truly believe you can find art just about anywhere. On a recent trip to Letchworth State Park here in good 'ol Western New York my friend Jen and I found some beautiful art...and some quirky art (hey, I still think it's very artistic anyways).  This was on one of, what I hope to be many, trips to find entertainment that's cheap in and around the Rochester area. Hopefully, we'll experience more things that were as much fun as this trip but that don't require getting up before 6 A.M. to see. Thanks for that Jen....and now onto the photos!! Enjoy.