25 June 2009

In Search Of A New City

Currently I am in the process of searching for a job in a city that is not in Western New York. I'm sorry WNY...I am done with you. My top choices are New York City, DC, Philly or maybe L.A. Easiest cities to move to in order of cheapness for me at this point are: Philly (can freeload off my brother, possibly have couch for free for maybe a month before we inevitably kill each other), D.C. (can have futon in best friend/former college roommates apartment for half the rent, $600, good location), NYC (only cheap upside-could get rid of car due to love of public transportation), L.A. (not cheap, would have to keep car/live in car, also am afraid of having creativity sucked out by the shallow masses...and quite likely, becoming one of the shallow masses, as I am often prone to their way of thinking anyways).

It's a good thing I'm poor right now which helps limit the places possible for me to move to, because if I did have the money I would just fly my ass straight back to England.

The job search part of moving is killing me though. Oh how I hate the process of re-working my resume. Here's where having a degree in English Lit may, for once, come in handy. My experience in creative writing helps "bookseller" sound like "salesman with wide spectrum of knowledge and fantastic customer service". You may now shoot me.

All I really want is a theatre internship and a waitressing/bar job. I would even go back to being a receptionist if it worked with a theatre schedule.

I would also like a pony. And to date a hot, intelligent, creative, and polite man.

Yeah for a positive attitude....maybe I should just go have another cup of coffee...increase that positive fantasy world I am currently inhabiting.

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  1. Wait... whats wrong with the fantasy world?