24 February 2010

Random: Best Friends and Inappropriate Humor

Here's a just a few comments demonstrating the awesomeness of my friends:

From my roommate, whom I see even less than I write on this blog, and when I do see him it's when I'm in my pajamas, brushing my teeth and getting ready to pass out for the four hours that constitute my REM time:

Me: So what you're saying is that my pajamas are a total cock-block.
Mark: Yes (Coming from the man standing in sweat pants and crocks)...and come to think of it, so are mine. If we had anybody over right now, our pajamas would be the cock-block and nobody would want to sleep with us.
(At this point I do believe I had toothpaste running down my face because I was laughing so hard.)

Comment #2 comes courtesy my friend, Ten. We get on well because our personalities are like two peas in a pod, especially when it comes to inappropriate humor. When we hang out, trouble happens and too much wine is usually consumed. She said this in regards to when she comes down to D.C. to visit me:
Ten: I say we make flashcards of the congressmen, and when they buy us a drink we get to collect that one. It'll be our little game.

I'm pretty sure my friends are better than yours.

And I do believe, with how much we love inappropriate humor, these comments are quite 'PG' rated in comparison to our usual conversations.

You're welcome.

08 February 2010

I wear many hats on my big head.

I thought I'd clue you all in to why I've been absolutely insane, crazy, busy lately. As I have this intense aversion to real "adult" jobs, a.k.a. boring desk jobs, I currently hold 4, count 'em 4!, part-time jobs. All of which are way fun.

Schedule for jobs currently: open gym at 5:30 A.M. (have to get up by 4 in order to get ready and be at the gym by 5:15. Good Lord.), work till 11 A.M. Drive and eat lunch at the same time on the way to job #2--Dog walking! I usually do this for about 3 hours, till 3 or 4 depending on which dogs I'm walking. There's lots of driving around as I am required to have my car close by in case any emergency occurs where I need to bring a dog to the hospital. Once I'm done there I race home so I can have an hour or two to myself for dinner and sometimes sit comatose, staring at the tv (lack of sleep can do some wacky things to people). Finally, quite a few nights I am a house manager at two separate Shakespeare theatres and those nights take me well into 10-11 P.M. These theatre jobs also take up quite a bit of my weekend time as well.

But all this is in the name of great fun and a paycheck. I can, officially, pay all my bills...at least for right now.

Donations welcome.

At least I get to see plays for free...and I heart ALL my co-workers...and ALL my customers/patrons/gym members. Can you say that?

But boy do I miss having a social life. And acting. When do I get to do that again? I better freaking get into grad school cause I don't know how much longer I can survive fun jobs.

Cheers and drink a beer for me!

06 February 2010


My car, Betsy, buried in the snow.

How nice that I leave Western New York in search of greener pastures in D.C. and what do I get?! The damn snow follows me here. Thanks D.C. Awesome. Though on the positive side, as D.C. does not know how to properly handle this kind of weather, all my jobs got canceled today! And my promise is, that if the same thing happens tomorrow, I'll blog my little heart out and catch up on my blog reading/commenting. Oh the excitement!

Till then here's a crappy little video I made with my camera.

Enjoy, you lucky bastards. And if it's sunny where you are, I don't want to hear about it.

04 February 2010

Dear Blog, I miss you.

Organization, insanity, and lack of sleep. That is the summarization of my life right now. I currently have four jobs. Last week I worked 72 hours, next week 65, and the last two weeks will each clock in around 75 hours each. Go me. This is what happens when you have an aversion to "normal" people jobs (aka desk jobs).

The upside: all my jobs are fun and yeah for money!

Downside: no social life, no idea how I'm going to get around to getting my stuff done for grad school, no sleep over 6 hours (mostly 4 hours a night, 6 hours would constitute a goooood night), and, with news of the impending snow storm that's to hit D.C. this weekend, I'm crossing my fingers I'm snowed in on Saturday so I can just relax. And catch up on some blog time.

I miss you blog.