10 December 2012

Running is MENTAL

Mental, as in, ALL the meanings.

Currently at mile 2 on the treadmill and after only mile 1 outside, I'm thinking "why the HELL am I doing this? This is insane. I probably look like that fat girl in the 'Errrmagerd...Prince Charles' meme.

 Dead sexy. I know."

But then after a bit I realize that it's all just a head game. If I can distract myself with some catchy rap tunes, a little hip-hop, and some awesome girl power music, I can push myself a lot farther then I ever thought I could before and that is so freaking awesome. Then all those endorphins kick in and man-oh-man, I am OBSESSED with running. Like, to the point that when I have a good run in the morning, all day I just day dream about the next time I can go running. It's a little sick, actually.

I'm a little nervous that I'll somehow lose that obsession. I've never actually been into any form of exercise before, besides lifting the remote or running after naughty patrons at the theater (not joking. I can spot a candy thief at the concessions bar from a distance of at least a mile...and I will RUN that bitch to stop somebody from stealing the $0.50 Ghirardelli chocolates. NOT IN MY HOUSE.....sorry, I have a lot of energy now that I run more. I yell and get excited about things quite often. Might also be due to my extreme increase in iron supplements, yeah anemia!).

So sorry...tangent....

What has also helped me get really into running is realizing all the really fun accessories one can buy. All optional, I don't necessarily need a Garmin watch to track my distance, but damnit, it's on the Christmas list and if Santa doesn't have it, I'll get it myself. Also....I got these new shoes to replace the old ones I've had for...ummm....five years..... The guy at the store definitely nodded and said "yep....you've definitely shot those to hell." That may have been where my back soreness was coming from when I first started getting into running.

So pretty and bright! My mom was excited cause I didn't buy black ones.

Other sweet side affects.....changes your fashion sense a bit.

My sister and I are ROCKING it here. You better believe I'll try running like that at least once. I don't think I've ever looked better.

Right now it's all basically an experiment with my body as I still have to deal with that cantankerous lame-o, Crohn's. She's a tough one. I can only really run in the morning as that's when my stomach is least sensitive. If I try to put the run off until after work, there's no guarantee my stomach won't be grumpy about something and I've learned not to run when she's grumpy. I can cause my stomach to bloat right out, all attractive like, and just cause way more discomfort than is necessary. I'm super happy about being on the iron supplements, though, as it means I don't feel like passing out from exhaustion or you know, vomiting and dying, after I run one mile. I thought that was normal at first until I talked to my sis-in-law, who's a runner, and she just gave me a look and said..."Ummm, no....that'd be anemia and that's not normal."

Lesson learned....exercise should NOT make you want to pass out and die.

Which is why I won't be doing another Bikram yoga class. After one hour I thought there might be a chance I'd have to make a break for it so as to not vomit on my other bendy class attendees. But a Bikram class is run kind of like a prison torture session, one doesn't really feel comfortable even looking at the exit because the teacher knows and he's watching you all the freaking time.

Anyways. I think my new year will definitely have some different exercise adventures mixed into it and I'm kind of getting hooked on this "sweating on purpose" thing. In February I'm meant to run the Disney Princess Half Marathon that my friend Caitlin had to convince me to sign up for by using really devious methods....she said to me "you get to dress like a princess and run around Disney World." aaaaaaand SOLD.

I am obviously just the coolest person ever...it's becoming abundantly clear.

Well if anybody has some great running blogs to send my way that can further encourage my new obsession, I am all for it. I've got a list going right now that I hope to upload onto this blog on the side in case anybody wants more fun reading material.

Gotta love working at a desk job, eh?

P.S. My current running mix that a FB friend asked for and I never posted cause I was too embarrassed...but as nobody really reads this blog, I have no fear. Enjoy the sweet, sweet tunes of my Hip Hop RUN playlist: Respect by Aretha Franklin (warm up walk for 2 minutes, start running when she gets to the spelling), Free Your Mind by En Vogue (I like rap music, wear hip hop clothes, that doesn't mean I'm out sellin' dope, no no no....no really, I wear tight clothes to run and rap at the same time, duh.), Pretty Girl Rock by Keri Hilson (you can't listen to this song as a girl, and not want to twirl your hair and run with a straight back looking all fly...if you can...then you suck), Try Again by Aaliyah, Whatta Man by Salt-n-Pepa featuring en Vogue, Put it on Me by Ja Rule (usually skip until the cool down at the end), Ignition (also used during cool down), Look at Me Now by Chris Brown (I hate that I love it so much, but I can't help it...Busta Rhymes is my favorite rapper to run to...), Down on Me featuring 50 cent (also guilty pleasure), then I round off the mix with Ready or Not by Bridgit Mendler because, let's face it, I need something girly after listening to only two rap songs that fuel me enough to make me want to punch something.

More running mix suggestions are always welcome!