16 June 2010

Griffin Market-Georgetown

I just realized I never posted anything about my new favorite sandwich shop/Italian market. And that is just vital information you need to know.
Blog world, I'd like to introduce you to the best sandwich ever. The Napoli, made lovingly by the sandwich makers at The Griffin Market. It's located in Georgetown on the corner of 28th & P St NW. It's this fantastic little Italian market, run by a real Italian and his wife, that sells all this great imported stuff that would make foodies the world over excited. The sandwich is a bit pricey for a dog walker such as myself, about $9...I always get it with a cup of coffee (which is pretty decent, loads better than coffee from 7eleven down the street) which rounds it up to about a $10 lunch. But the sandwich is worth it! A crusty, delicious baguette with fresh mozzarella, tomato, basil, lettuce and a little bit of olive oil based dressing. Drool.

You're welcome D.C. residents. You're life has just been improved with this introduction.

World Cup And Life Just Stops

So summer has finally arrived, my theatre work has just finished up leaving me with just ONE job...a little different for me, and I've got all this beautiful time on my hands to get around to doing the important stuff.

Aaaand here's how my summer has been playing out so far:
To Do-
-Find a summer job to add to income so I can eat more than beans and rice and occasionally be able to have a beer with friends (instead: watching World Cup)
-Lose weight by drinking less, eating healthier and exercising (instead: watching World Cup, while drinking, eating crap and only leaving the couch to cheer or get more things to add to my caloric intake)
-Work on monologues, plan out headshots, and just in general getting my acting muscle stretched and ready for action in the fall (instead: watching World Cup, using acting training to pretend to be interested in life.)
-Plan out my summer trips to Charleston for Maid of Honor duties, New York City to visit theatre peeps and check out theatre scene there, and Ohio to visit college friends, one of whom will be coming back from Japan after 3 years...(instead: watching World Cup, which is free and as I haven't found another job...well, there's no planning on spending money just yet)
-Read more (instead: watching World Cup)
-Clean (instead: watching World Cup)
-Call old friends (instead: watching World Cup)
-Occasionally write something on this here blog (instead: watching World Cup WHILE blogging about World Cup--so, semi-fail?)
-Participating in life....nope, just checking the World Cup scores on my fancy new phone.

I think you get the idea.

I've never really been much of a sports person because I suck at playing them and because I can get ridiculously competitive (hey, I am a Leo). But soccer is just so much fun to watch.

As for who I'm rooting for, because I know you care: 1. England (have you seen the purpose statement behind this blog? England is where my heart lives.) 2. Brasil (spelled correctly in honor of one of my bestest friends, who is Brazilian and who I will be performing Maid of Honor duties for. Also, Brasil has mad skills, you can't watch them and NOT see the intensity and creativity that goes into their games...though that first game against Korea was sooooooo entertaining. Korea needed like half the team just to defend their goal against one guy. Awesome.) 3. USA....I guess I should root for the motherland. But only cause I like Donovan and half the players on the team play for English teams normally. But dude, they need to step up their game. I don't want to get into it and continue to bore you to death.

Instead...some pictures from when I watched the England vs. USA game at home in Rochester with the family this past weekend:

Me, pre-match, excited about life, English soccer, Strongbow, and the fact that my Dad does not watch soccer and instead prefers to work on my computer problems (Thanks Dad!)
In honor of supporting England, I'm eating their favorite food...Chicken Tikka Masala, Naan bread...and topping it off with Strongbow.
Post-game. A TIE?? Are you F-ING KIDDING ME?

At this point, I just lay there mumbling into the ground about sending a hit man out for Green and how that shot was a shit shot and I could have blocked it better. But I guess Howard was pretty decent. I'll give my mother that (she was rooting for "the underdog"--her words, not mine, America.)

So to end this post...I'm sorry blog world. I'm currently sucking at life and as this blog is about life...or my life really...it's kinda sucking. I would promise to get better...but I can't do that till July 11. I'm sure I'll blog more before than, but no guarantee it'll be about anything other than footy.


04 June 2010

Dear Friend,

Dear Jomi,

Since you asked what was going on in my life, I decided to make it a blog post of epic randomness.

My life at current:

I'm super busy right now, and I like it. I'll be sad when I'm not. Recently, I've done something I really liked, but didn't have the opportunity to do tonight. Which brings down my night. But it's okay, because more good opportunities will arise, I think. If not, it's okay because once a certain day comes along and there are no opportunities that come along, it'll be fine. I'm sure I'll be okay with the lack of interesting opportunities from that sector of my life. (Did you know fine stands for Freaked out, Insecure, Neurotic, and Exhausted?)

I got a package today from a particular someone, that is you, that included a few inappropriate gifts, of which I loved. Because you know what? You get me. And I laughed the whole way through. I hope you laughed the whole way through that card I sent you...about the postman wanting to have sex with you. I read that card and automatically knew that you would be the only one who would find that as funny as I did. This is why you're awesome.

This summer shall be interesting. But I won't panic about it till next week when I have less employment then I do now. Something will pop up, it always does. I can always get a rise out of things when that's what I want. And boy, oh boy, that's what I want.

So far that's what I got. Make sense? Do I ever?
Love you!
Love, me.