16 June 2010

Griffin Market-Georgetown

I just realized I never posted anything about my new favorite sandwich shop/Italian market. And that is just vital information you need to know.
Blog world, I'd like to introduce you to the best sandwich ever. The Napoli, made lovingly by the sandwich makers at The Griffin Market. It's located in Georgetown on the corner of 28th & P St NW. It's this fantastic little Italian market, run by a real Italian and his wife, that sells all this great imported stuff that would make foodies the world over excited. The sandwich is a bit pricey for a dog walker such as myself, about $9...I always get it with a cup of coffee (which is pretty decent, loads better than coffee from 7eleven down the street) which rounds it up to about a $10 lunch. But the sandwich is worth it! A crusty, delicious baguette with fresh mozzarella, tomato, basil, lettuce and a little bit of olive oil based dressing. Drool.

You're welcome D.C. residents. You're life has just been improved with this introduction.

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