10 November 2014

Christmas Afternoon Tea at Conrad London St James

A little over a month ago I was invited to preview the afternoon Christmas tea at Emmeline's at the Conrad London St James Hotel. There are very few things that get me as excited as Christmas events do, so I was more than happy to try out what Conrad London has in store for Christmas while still in September. (And I decided not to post until closer to the holidays...cause I'm timely like that and totally think these things through. Not at all because I've forgotten about blogging for awhile...ahem....)

It's a freaking Christmas SCENE. Seriously, how cool is that?!

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Prerequisite tea pouring photo. A must for all tea bloggers.

I will not lie to you, dear reader (hi mom!), this event also lured me in with it's promise of Laurent-Perrier Champagne. If you book the Christmas tea special, you can get this magical, wonderful, Christmas argument resolving, free flowing Champagne. And if you have to have a Christmas afternoon tea with a few pesky out-of-town relatives, what better way to numb the pain and add delight then with Champagne. This healthy tip is brought to you by years of experience. (There you have it folks, LindsayDinsyDay--Inappropriate Humour Since 1984)

Our menu was expertly decided by Chef Zoe and is as follows:

Christmas Tea Menu
A Selection of Savouries

Brussel sprout salad (creamy and surprisingly delicious...though you'd would not be able to convince a child to eat this. And in fact, I am quite like a child, if you hadn't noticed. I waited for at least three people to tell me it was delicious before rudely sticking my finger in it to try it. In fact, they were correct. Very tasty. And I am just full of class to spare.)
Turkey ballotine (always a safe choice. You can't go wrong)
Venison bite (so freaking tasty, I would have this for my Christmas dinner)
Smoked salmon & lemon crème fraiche sandwich
Cured gammon & mustard sandwich
Beetroot & spinach sandwich (absolutely my favourite sandwich, who cares about the rest. Try this.)
*I have no pictures of the sandwiches. I was too busy stuffing my face. 

Freshly Baked Orange and Cranberry and Christmas Spice Scones served with Devonshire clotted cream, homemade strawberry jam and blackberry curd

After we politely gorged ourselves on the savouries, we still had the dessert course ahead. You will most definitely be satisfied with the amount served at this afternoon tea. Not so much that I feel guilty for waste, but just enough to be the kind of snuggly, happy full I so much enjoy. Especially at Christmas. Layers in winter are a girls best friend. Pro tip.

The desserts were brought out with flare and panache. We had harp music playing in the background and you really could not help but feel all Christmas-y and happy with this scene before you. Look how Conrad just plays with your emotions. I just wanted to curl up next to the fire and watch It's A Wonderful Life after this feast.

Cakes and Pastries
Winter berry Christmas tree
Chocolate orange Battenberg present
Snowflake macaroon
White forest yule log
Christmas postcard marshmallows
Mini meringue snowmen
Edible Snow

 Conrad London St James is located at 22-28 Broadway SW1H 0BH. The Christmas Snow Scene Afternoon Tea is £37. The Christmas Snow Scene Afternoon Tea with Free-flowing Laurent-Perrier Champagne is £45.00.

Blogger friend and my favourite afternoon tea partner: Amanda from over at  Rhyme and Ribbons

Lindsay xx