24 January 2012

Trip to the ER

Gotta love the fact that I'm not even out of the first month of 2012 and I've already had a trip to the ER. Thank you Crohn's. You're such a fun disease that has helped me learn so much.

For example...I've been happy these many-a single lady years...I'm not too bothered about finding a significant other. But boy-o-boy, does it suck being single when you have to drive your own ass to the ER and then play the waiting game all by your lonesome. Now I can kind of see the benefit of having a better half. And by "better" I clearly mean one with superior driving skills and the ability to entertain during the multi-hour ER waiting room wait game.

After this trip, I learned that I know my body better than anybody else. I knew I didn't need to go, but when one's Momma is concerned then, by damn, oneself better be concerned or there will be hell to pay. I'm on special drugs for my Crohn's, a little bit o' Entocort and a smidge of Azathioprine. Hey there immune suppressant. So when my body makes any kind of peep...my GI team need to freak out cause bad things can happen.

I'm glad I got checked up, but also glad that I learned I do know my body's signs...even when everyone else is scratching their heads saying "well that shouldn't happen..."

I'm just so special that way. You may now commence being jealous.

19 January 2012

New Year

Wow, my new year post is coming on the 19th? I'm doing reeeeal well with this blogging thing. I can say that, although I haven't been blogging, I've got ideas galore for blog posts, changes to the blog, and videos I want to put up. Just wait...as soon as I learn how to edit video, I've got an epic video for ya'll created on New Year's Eve and just after only two bottles of red wine...genius was created! Now hopefully before the year's end I shall be able to throw that bad boy up.

I've got a lot of hope for this year. I have some resolutions. But I'm not quite the vigilant dictator over my life concerning resolutions that other people are. I've got some very relaxed ideas about what I'd like to accomplish this year. I want good health, better handle on my money, to be a better friend/daughter/sister, and to travel more. Per usual really. My fascination with social media and all it can achieve has been growing so hopefully I can learn more about that kind of stuff. Make some changes over here at my favorite blog. Read more blogs...oh when can I get back into the habit of reading my favorites??

England's also been on my list for this year. I'm not sure in what capacity. I will definitely be visiting again, hopefully in March, though no dates are finalized. I've tossed around the idea of going over to take summer classes or something like that...though that can be almost as expensive as going for a year to get a Master's degree. Oh the choices I can make that will only make me poorer.

I know I definitely want to make some video's about traveling and about DC. Maybe showing things around DC that a British person would want to see or, even better, showing where an Anglophile should go when traveling to this area. That would be much more up my ally, don'tcha think?

Well anyways...I've lost all 3 of my former readers (Mom come back!)...so I shall quietly rebuild and continue to post more and see if I can't draw them back with some delightfulness. So yeah...blogworld...prepare for delight. Cause that's what I'm gonna bring....ummmm....yeah.....


Happy New Year!! xx