24 January 2012

Trip to the ER

Gotta love the fact that I'm not even out of the first month of 2012 and I've already had a trip to the ER. Thank you Crohn's. You're such a fun disease that has helped me learn so much.

For example...I've been happy these many-a single lady years...I'm not too bothered about finding a significant other. But boy-o-boy, does it suck being single when you have to drive your own ass to the ER and then play the waiting game all by your lonesome. Now I can kind of see the benefit of having a better half. And by "better" I clearly mean one with superior driving skills and the ability to entertain during the multi-hour ER waiting room wait game.

After this trip, I learned that I know my body better than anybody else. I knew I didn't need to go, but when one's Momma is concerned then, by damn, oneself better be concerned or there will be hell to pay. I'm on special drugs for my Crohn's, a little bit o' Entocort and a smidge of Azathioprine. Hey there immune suppressant. So when my body makes any kind of peep...my GI team need to freak out cause bad things can happen.

I'm glad I got checked up, but also glad that I learned I do know my body's signs...even when everyone else is scratching their heads saying "well that shouldn't happen..."

I'm just so special that way. You may now commence being jealous.

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