25 October 2010


Things I have said, or things that I have overheard, as a house manager at a theatre(I may have to re-do this post several times, just to add new things to it..us FOH peeps need to keep ourselves entertained with the inappropriate):

Co-Worker: Why do you put the cards in the seats that way?
Me: Because it's thicker that way, it's harder to pull out and stays in longer.

Box office to me: The best things come out of your cleavage.

Actor: He was letting everyone know he only wears underwear as a courtesy for the costume...normally it's commando all the time.

Another HM: "You need to bring the conversation down to zero." (This was just funny because it was said to a patron...hours after the house managers and the box office was having a conversation about Captain Planet and the phrase "bringing pollution down to zero".)

Another HM: In reference to picking which duties we would take care of that night--"Lindsay, do you need to pee tonight?"

Box office: "I prefer not to speak to people I don't know sober."

19 October 2010

"I Want To Be On You"

Well I have found a little slice of British heaven in my corner of the world. If you haven’t already experienced Eamonn’s Dublin Chipper, then you need to go now. Right now. Do you like life? Well go make it better with freaking, fantastic fish and chips. The first time I tried it, only a week and a half ago, I almost cried right there in the shop onto the incredibly tender cod fish and side of fries coated in a generous amount of malt vinegar, which they keep right there on the table! Like a proper chip shop! And I don’t have to ask for it!! Oh happyhappyjoyjoy!! They also carry British beers, Strongbow and IMPORTED CADBURY. Hi, Eamonn’s, so you will be my reason for excessive weight gain this winter, eh?

I needed to have it again today and have officially decided that I need to dedicate at least 2-3 meals a week to British/Irish food. Whether I be cooking it myself or I be off on a food quest around the city for the perfect Sunday roast and Yorkshire pudding. I will report back here with my findings and hopefully jump back on the blogging bandwagon.

I did have a whole blog saved and ready for posting about why I haven’t been blogging but have decided that it would only bore you to death or make you cry with the over dramatic, teenage angsty-ness that wafts from it, like week old fish left in the fridge too long.

Let me sum it up for you: apologizes, apologizes, nobody reads this anyways, boy, boy, boy, boy like me, boy no like me?, smoke/drink, no more smoke, no exercise, wah-wah-wah, boy, boy, boy, stupid boy, another boy, being single sucks, DC feels like home (!!!Arghhhh, so weird, don’t want to talk about it!!!), no acting=i make my life too melodramatic for me to handle, and this is the point were you stop reading that post in order to pick up an excessive drinking habit that I’ve driven you to, all because my post was too over dramatic to handle and only drinking can make it better.

Now aren’t you thankful we avoided all that and instead you can walk away from this craving greasy, fried, heavenly deliciousness that is fish ‘n chips? You are welcome sir/madame. Now go forth, get fat, try not to be as over dramatic as I am, and occasionally check back here to read the comments section and be amused with what my parents have to say in regards to my posts. I know I will.

Fondly and with best wishes,