28 June 2011

Mumford Love

I'd like to think I'm much more emotionally mature now than I was when I was 16, sobbing into a can of diet coke and a bag of peanut butter M&Ms, while a John Mayer CD played.

Turns out I'm not.

Say hello to Mumford & Sons.

Cue "White Blank Page" and you will find me sobbing into a glass of Merlot and a bag of peanut butter M&Ms.

Thank you Mumford & Sons for showing me that I will always be 16 inside.


P.S. Just googled their bio and found out they're Londoners. See how my life is just full circles leading me back to all things British?! Love.

11 June 2011


Dear Shoes:

You know? I like you better than all those other metro hussies. You are pretty and blue and gold AND from London. You are not killing my feet. I don't need to drink my foot pain away, cause I have no foot pain.

Also. With flat shoes, I am always prepared to fight Ninjas. You can't run in heels, yo.

Heart you,
LindsayLou--Faithful Shoe Owner

06 June 2011

This is Why They Don't Give Me Days Off..

What do I get up to when I get a day off? I knew you wanted to know....

...Spring cleaning. Which means re-discovering mini bottles of liquor I had stocked away. Why yes, I would like to sweep and drink a mini bottle of Jeremiah Weed Sweet Tea Flavored Vodka & Bourbon Whiskey. How ever did you know? It's like I'm straight outta Mad Men...where's my pearls?

Also while cleaning was listening to my iTunes on random and had the joy to discover that I have, and still remember all the words, to every Jennifer Love Hewitt song ever made. And booty-popping does work to Love's tunes. Winning. This is why they never let me have a day off.

And just to provide the cherry on top of all dorky/Anglophile-ness....

Oh yes. I did buy the Royal Wedding on DVD and it came today. Cause ya know, I wanted the world to know, I did plan on being single forever if this didn't cement that already.

To all my spinsters out there. Word.

A Topic on Which I Feel Strongly...

Was recently searching around the blog world looking for supportive and interesting ones on Crohn's Disease since A. I have it, B. I need support but not medical information, and C. I love blogs on specific topics. I did find one I really liked especially when she took a post to rant, not about Crohn's, but about something separately on a topic I feel quite strongly about and she does it with a bit of humor. You can check it out over here.

My favorite part, "If I don't pay a prostitute is it rape or shoplifting? If I hit you in the face with a shovel for telling this 'joke' is it assault or a public service?"

I think I'm going to like reading her stuff.