28 December 2010

Big Girl Pants

Well, it's official...I'm putting on some big girl pants cause I went got me a big girl job. Yes that's right...a real, adult job with Responsibilities and People Depending On Me. It's CRAZY.

I'm officially the head of my department at the theatre where I've been a part-time house manager. Now I've been promoted and am the Head of All the House Managers and A Whole Lotta Volunteers (500+...holy crap...) I have a fancy title and, as opposed to all my stupid/horrible/demeaning part-time gigs I used to have (like waitressing), they expect me to just hit the ground running and aren't really supervising me. Well...they are, but I kind of make up my own to-do lists and just make sure shit gets done, all on my own and then check in with my boss once a week to go over it all. So all-in-all...a pretty freakin' awesome set up.

Majority of my higher-ups are women...which is crazy cause all my former jobs I've worked for men...and I think I was a whole lot smarter than a good percentage of them (which is not good, especially when I am a Grade A, certified ditz). At this job, I have a lot of respect for the higher-ups...they know their shit and they are good at it. My former boss, who's job I've been promoted to, was also the best boss I've ever had, hands down. She knew her shit and everyone else's too. I have very big shoes to fill.

Due to my new full time status, I get to quit my waitressing job, I get awesome pay and some thing called Benefits...which is a new world to me ("wait, wait, waaaait a minute....so you're telling me...I can go see a doctor/dentist/eye doctor and you're going to cover it under this thing called 'Benefits'?!? Fan-freaking-tastic." This also means a new dedication to blogging. I haven't really had much time to commit to writing or reading blogs since I've moved to DC. Mainly due to the fact that I used to work 60-80 hour work weeks with little to no sleep....all for the sake of having a flexible schedule so I could do all the acting that I wasn't actually doing....

Well now I will have a little bit of extra time. I plan on blogging more, reading more, and hello community theatre! You will be my new best friend. I think I will go for shows in the summer, when my theatre is on its break, and while we're in season, I'll be able to afford acting classes. I'm excited. I've got big plans.

Fingers crossed this positivity holds.

(I am super-duper excited about the new job though, even though it restricts any acting I want to do a bit. I get peace of mind with this job...bills will get paid (and my parents are SUPER psyched I have a real job)...and since it's just a promotion, really, I know everyone I work with/for and already have a love for the company in place. I'm not going to blog much about the actual company...or list it's name...though I'm sure you could find it easily with a google search or a look through my past posts. But I'm feeling all protective of my theatre and want to keep my work separate from my fun---which is what this blog is, fun.)

Okay...that is all. Expect more from me soon, dear reader (hi Mom!).

P.S. I got a Flip camera for Christmas! GET EXCITED for vlogs....coming soon ;) And let amateur hour begin....heeheehee

09 November 2010

What I do on a day off.

I'm starting to see a trend in my life, with all of it's busyness and stress, I've started in on some habits of leisure during my brief moments of respite:
Last Tuesday night, off from work...

(Ladies Cigar night, what what. We rock...and so does Romeo y Julieta)

Tonight, off from work.....

Though, let it be seen....I was attempting to do a budget tonight and that, of course, requires red wine to fend off the sobbing jags and depressing thoughts (cause seriously, yo? who can be depressed with red wine?). The 'Playing Shakespeare' DVD's were just my reward. Granted, they were rewarded a bit early because I never really finished that stupid budget. I spilled red wine and then needed to drink more red wine to make myself feel better....VICIOUS CYCLE.

Mmmmkay....now it's back to 'Playing Shakespeare'. These DVDs were lent to me from an actress friend, currently in the play I am House Managing for, and I'm in love with them already. The amazingness of them has caused me to burst into my Shakespeare monologues at random times....wait....that may just be due to red wine consumption.

Okay. That is all.
The end.

07 November 2010

Apron Strings

I love my Mom. I got a package of this delightfulness the day before Halloween. Even though I'm not living at home, I'm not in college or abroad at the moment, she still sends me holiday candy packages. Which is awesome for other reasons besides the sugar rush and Mom-attention...it's useful cause I eat my emotions like the drama queen I am and having candy on hand at all times only aides that poor decision.

I'm like a crack addict when it comes to sugar.

I'm glad my family can support that...at least they don't send me bottles of wine..............
................although, every time I come home my Dad does buy a case of wine in preparation.

My family is cooler than yours.

I'm just saying...

25 October 2010


Things I have said, or things that I have overheard, as a house manager at a theatre(I may have to re-do this post several times, just to add new things to it..us FOH peeps need to keep ourselves entertained with the inappropriate):

Co-Worker: Why do you put the cards in the seats that way?
Me: Because it's thicker that way, it's harder to pull out and stays in longer.

Box office to me: The best things come out of your cleavage.

Actor: He was letting everyone know he only wears underwear as a courtesy for the costume...normally it's commando all the time.

Another HM: "You need to bring the conversation down to zero." (This was just funny because it was said to a patron...hours after the house managers and the box office was having a conversation about Captain Planet and the phrase "bringing pollution down to zero".)

Another HM: In reference to picking which duties we would take care of that night--"Lindsay, do you need to pee tonight?"

Box office: "I prefer not to speak to people I don't know sober."

19 October 2010

"I Want To Be On You"

Well I have found a little slice of British heaven in my corner of the world. If you haven’t already experienced Eamonn’s Dublin Chipper, then you need to go now. Right now. Do you like life? Well go make it better with freaking, fantastic fish and chips. The first time I tried it, only a week and a half ago, I almost cried right there in the shop onto the incredibly tender cod fish and side of fries coated in a generous amount of malt vinegar, which they keep right there on the table! Like a proper chip shop! And I don’t have to ask for it!! Oh happyhappyjoyjoy!! They also carry British beers, Strongbow and IMPORTED CADBURY. Hi, Eamonn’s, so you will be my reason for excessive weight gain this winter, eh?

I needed to have it again today and have officially decided that I need to dedicate at least 2-3 meals a week to British/Irish food. Whether I be cooking it myself or I be off on a food quest around the city for the perfect Sunday roast and Yorkshire pudding. I will report back here with my findings and hopefully jump back on the blogging bandwagon.

I did have a whole blog saved and ready for posting about why I haven’t been blogging but have decided that it would only bore you to death or make you cry with the over dramatic, teenage angsty-ness that wafts from it, like week old fish left in the fridge too long.

Let me sum it up for you: apologizes, apologizes, nobody reads this anyways, boy, boy, boy, boy like me, boy no like me?, smoke/drink, no more smoke, no exercise, wah-wah-wah, boy, boy, boy, stupid boy, another boy, being single sucks, DC feels like home (!!!Arghhhh, so weird, don’t want to talk about it!!!), no acting=i make my life too melodramatic for me to handle, and this is the point were you stop reading that post in order to pick up an excessive drinking habit that I’ve driven you to, all because my post was too over dramatic to handle and only drinking can make it better.

Now aren’t you thankful we avoided all that and instead you can walk away from this craving greasy, fried, heavenly deliciousness that is fish ‘n chips? You are welcome sir/madame. Now go forth, get fat, try not to be as over dramatic as I am, and occasionally check back here to read the comments section and be amused with what my parents have to say in regards to my posts. I know I will.

Fondly and with best wishes,


07 July 2010

Stalk Me...I Like The Attention

I just want to point out that I tweet my exact location and the time I will be there on my twitter account to the right.

So...ya know...if you're a stalker looking for a willing victim, I am SO your girl. It's okay....I like the attention. I am an actress at heart after all.....

Same Old, Same Old...Time's A-Changing

So I find myself in the same ol', same ol' predicament that I'm always in every four months or so. I think the last time I was in this place was around New Year, however, so it's been a bit of stretch for me.

I am dead broke. I've had to borrow money from my SAINT of a father and SAINT of a mother. And being the good Catholic girl that I am (HA!)....I am racked with guilt.

So off I go to find more employment. See, I usually support myself with the randomness that is dog walking during the day and working as a house manager at a theatre at night. But during the summer it's kind of a break for the theatre...so my money tree has all but shriveled up and died. It's gasping it's last breathe right now and, quite frankly, keeping me up at night with all that noise.

LUCKILY, the times be a'changing and I just may have found some employment. I'll be finding out officially tomorrow...fingers crossed...but I just might end up a bona fide waitress at this fancy little diner over on Capitol Hill. Can you say "living the dream?" (ahem, I mean stereotype--wannabe actress/bona fide waitress) Gosh, I am so proud to be following in the footsteps of sooooo many other down-and-out actors that have tread this here path. Sadly, I am quite excited about it. Someday I hope to be living in good ol' NYC, slinging plates of fried eggs and toast at some shit-hole diner and getting turned down at auditions left and right....like a REAL actress.

A girl can dream right......?


16 June 2010

Griffin Market-Georgetown

I just realized I never posted anything about my new favorite sandwich shop/Italian market. And that is just vital information you need to know.
Blog world, I'd like to introduce you to the best sandwich ever. The Napoli, made lovingly by the sandwich makers at The Griffin Market. It's located in Georgetown on the corner of 28th & P St NW. It's this fantastic little Italian market, run by a real Italian and his wife, that sells all this great imported stuff that would make foodies the world over excited. The sandwich is a bit pricey for a dog walker such as myself, about $9...I always get it with a cup of coffee (which is pretty decent, loads better than coffee from 7eleven down the street) which rounds it up to about a $10 lunch. But the sandwich is worth it! A crusty, delicious baguette with fresh mozzarella, tomato, basil, lettuce and a little bit of olive oil based dressing. Drool.

You're welcome D.C. residents. You're life has just been improved with this introduction.

World Cup And Life Just Stops

So summer has finally arrived, my theatre work has just finished up leaving me with just ONE job...a little different for me, and I've got all this beautiful time on my hands to get around to doing the important stuff.

Aaaand here's how my summer has been playing out so far:
To Do-
-Find a summer job to add to income so I can eat more than beans and rice and occasionally be able to have a beer with friends (instead: watching World Cup)
-Lose weight by drinking less, eating healthier and exercising (instead: watching World Cup, while drinking, eating crap and only leaving the couch to cheer or get more things to add to my caloric intake)
-Work on monologues, plan out headshots, and just in general getting my acting muscle stretched and ready for action in the fall (instead: watching World Cup, using acting training to pretend to be interested in life.)
-Plan out my summer trips to Charleston for Maid of Honor duties, New York City to visit theatre peeps and check out theatre scene there, and Ohio to visit college friends, one of whom will be coming back from Japan after 3 years...(instead: watching World Cup, which is free and as I haven't found another job...well, there's no planning on spending money just yet)
-Read more (instead: watching World Cup)
-Clean (instead: watching World Cup)
-Call old friends (instead: watching World Cup)
-Occasionally write something on this here blog (instead: watching World Cup WHILE blogging about World Cup--so, semi-fail?)
-Participating in life....nope, just checking the World Cup scores on my fancy new phone.

I think you get the idea.

I've never really been much of a sports person because I suck at playing them and because I can get ridiculously competitive (hey, I am a Leo). But soccer is just so much fun to watch.

As for who I'm rooting for, because I know you care: 1. England (have you seen the purpose statement behind this blog? England is where my heart lives.) 2. Brasil (spelled correctly in honor of one of my bestest friends, who is Brazilian and who I will be performing Maid of Honor duties for. Also, Brasil has mad skills, you can't watch them and NOT see the intensity and creativity that goes into their games...though that first game against Korea was sooooooo entertaining. Korea needed like half the team just to defend their goal against one guy. Awesome.) 3. USA....I guess I should root for the motherland. But only cause I like Donovan and half the players on the team play for English teams normally. But dude, they need to step up their game. I don't want to get into it and continue to bore you to death.

Instead...some pictures from when I watched the England vs. USA game at home in Rochester with the family this past weekend:

Me, pre-match, excited about life, English soccer, Strongbow, and the fact that my Dad does not watch soccer and instead prefers to work on my computer problems (Thanks Dad!)
In honor of supporting England, I'm eating their favorite food...Chicken Tikka Masala, Naan bread...and topping it off with Strongbow.
Post-game. A TIE?? Are you F-ING KIDDING ME?

At this point, I just lay there mumbling into the ground about sending a hit man out for Green and how that shot was a shit shot and I could have blocked it better. But I guess Howard was pretty decent. I'll give my mother that (she was rooting for "the underdog"--her words, not mine, America.)

So to end this post...I'm sorry blog world. I'm currently sucking at life and as this blog is about life...or my life really...it's kinda sucking. I would promise to get better...but I can't do that till July 11. I'm sure I'll blog more before than, but no guarantee it'll be about anything other than footy.


04 June 2010

Dear Friend,

Dear Jomi,

Since you asked what was going on in my life, I decided to make it a blog post of epic randomness.

My life at current:

I'm super busy right now, and I like it. I'll be sad when I'm not. Recently, I've done something I really liked, but didn't have the opportunity to do tonight. Which brings down my night. But it's okay, because more good opportunities will arise, I think. If not, it's okay because once a certain day comes along and there are no opportunities that come along, it'll be fine. I'm sure I'll be okay with the lack of interesting opportunities from that sector of my life. (Did you know fine stands for Freaked out, Insecure, Neurotic, and Exhausted?)

I got a package today from a particular someone, that is you, that included a few inappropriate gifts, of which I loved. Because you know what? You get me. And I laughed the whole way through. I hope you laughed the whole way through that card I sent you...about the postman wanting to have sex with you. I read that card and automatically knew that you would be the only one who would find that as funny as I did. This is why you're awesome.

This summer shall be interesting. But I won't panic about it till next week when I have less employment then I do now. Something will pop up, it always does. I can always get a rise out of things when that's what I want. And boy, oh boy, that's what I want.

So far that's what I got. Make sense? Do I ever?
Love you!
Love, me.

25 May 2010

Culinary Genius

I just want to take a moment and brag about my impressive culinary skills.

I was able to recreate a recipe that a fellow theatre friend gave me (thanks Raven!) without using a written recipe. Be prepared to be impressed. Recipe is as follows: Buy Pillsbury Crescent Rolls in tube (I bought the one that makes only four...thank God.), make Pillsbury Crescent Rolls according to instructions (so what if it took me ten minutes to figure out how to get the damn things out, despite having a pull tab...then taking another ten minutes to figure out to unroll them. Baby steps people, baby steps...I never said I was a culinary genius...or did I?), before rolling rolls add chocolate chips to center, then roll around chocolate chips. Cook and voila! You have delicious, amazing, fattening, but super cheap chocolate croissants. It's practically ghetto fabulous and when you're a poor actor...then you be all about the cheapness. Pair with coffee. Equals a fabulous (if slightly unhealthy) start to your morning.

I only bought the four pack...then ate all four. Could have powered through a few more. Definitely won't be buying anything bigger than four....unless I have guests that need to be impressed with my culinary genius (well, Raven's culinary genius) ;)

11 May 2010

Late Bloomer

I've always been a bit of a late bloomer. Mainly when it concerns coming into decisions that others had made for themselves ages ago.

I didn't fully get behind the decision to make acting my life's work until about a year or two ago. Which, for actors that I've come across, is quite late in life as most of them have been pursuing proper theatre education since before they went to college.

Since I graduated undergrad, however, I've known that for whatever I decided to do, I want to go to grad school and I want to go to grad school in England. I feel an attachment for England that I haven't felt for any other place. I'm not sure why, but I know I want to make my career over there if I can.

In the course of an evening I've been thinking over some big things that concern my going to grad school over in the U.K. Big things like...I think I may put it off for another year.

This thought terrifies me because I always have this burning desire in me to be over on British soil as soon as possible. Even when I've gone over to visit, right before I'm about to leave and head back to the U.S., I start to get depressed and angst-y about leaving.

But this might be for the best. One of my best friends is getting married in April and I want to be as involved in the wedding as possible. Also, if I put it off for another year, but can still stay motivated and productive, then I want to be more active here in the D.C. theatre scene. I was thinking I could take an acting class with one of the theatre company's here in D.C. in the fall. I would be able to spend more time auditioning and possibly get work for the fall season. Then, due to that whole burning thing going on inside me, maybe I could save up to take an acting course over in London at one of the big schools. It'd look good on my resume, I'd be able to spend some time in England before coming for grad school, and I'd be more prepared for what grad school would throw at me.

Of course, this line of thinking is quite positive and happy until I start thinking about what age I'll be when I finally get my Master's degree. I hate to be one of those people, but it does make me nervous. It shouldn't matter to me, as this is what I want to do for the rest of my life, but having always been the late bloomer, it just makes me antsy. It's hard to describe. Though on that note, I can always look to my Mom for inspiration. She's in her 50's and she's currently on the path to completing her undergrad degree in computer science in order to go on and get her master's in library science so she can be a librarian. All this while she's working full time.

I'm so proud I could burst.

So if I could just be a bit more like my Mom, then being a late bloomer wouldn't matter. What matters is pursing what I love, regardless of what age I am or how much money I have (or will make).

Cue sappy music and me hugging someone in the background, probably sobbing in an overly dramatic way. That's just how I roll.


P.S. I quit my morning job that had me working at 5AM every morning. I'm hoping this will allow me more time to blog and pursue leisurely activities that involve acting/reading/thinking big things. Should be easy now that I'm not cracked out on caffeine...though I've just come to find that I have a severe coffee addiction due to the SEVEN cups of coffee I use to consume daily to get through 4 jobs and only 4 hours of sleep a night. Caffeine withdrawal is no joke kids.

30 March 2010

Apologizes are in order.

Dear PG Tips and Tetley ( in addition to the entire British nation),

I have betrayed you. I have gone over to the dark side and have obtained a coffee making device so as to better include coffee into my daily life...(not my fault, a friend gave it to me, I swear!)

PG, I ran out of you ages ago and have never gotten around to replenishing your supply. For this I am shamed. In my defence, you can't possibly provide for me the caffeine kick I need to function with my insane 75-95 hour work weeks. Something needed to be done.

I hear coffee has loads of antioxidants.

I'm sorry, that was rude...you'll always be my one true love. I'll return to you when I return to my path to England. Soon....so soon....

24 February 2010

Random: Best Friends and Inappropriate Humor

Here's a just a few comments demonstrating the awesomeness of my friends:

From my roommate, whom I see even less than I write on this blog, and when I do see him it's when I'm in my pajamas, brushing my teeth and getting ready to pass out for the four hours that constitute my REM time:

Me: So what you're saying is that my pajamas are a total cock-block.
Mark: Yes (Coming from the man standing in sweat pants and crocks)...and come to think of it, so are mine. If we had anybody over right now, our pajamas would be the cock-block and nobody would want to sleep with us.
(At this point I do believe I had toothpaste running down my face because I was laughing so hard.)

Comment #2 comes courtesy my friend, Ten. We get on well because our personalities are like two peas in a pod, especially when it comes to inappropriate humor. When we hang out, trouble happens and too much wine is usually consumed. She said this in regards to when she comes down to D.C. to visit me:
Ten: I say we make flashcards of the congressmen, and when they buy us a drink we get to collect that one. It'll be our little game.

I'm pretty sure my friends are better than yours.

And I do believe, with how much we love inappropriate humor, these comments are quite 'PG' rated in comparison to our usual conversations.

You're welcome.

08 February 2010

I wear many hats on my big head.

I thought I'd clue you all in to why I've been absolutely insane, crazy, busy lately. As I have this intense aversion to real "adult" jobs, a.k.a. boring desk jobs, I currently hold 4, count 'em 4!, part-time jobs. All of which are way fun.

Schedule for jobs currently: open gym at 5:30 A.M. (have to get up by 4 in order to get ready and be at the gym by 5:15. Good Lord.), work till 11 A.M. Drive and eat lunch at the same time on the way to job #2--Dog walking! I usually do this for about 3 hours, till 3 or 4 depending on which dogs I'm walking. There's lots of driving around as I am required to have my car close by in case any emergency occurs where I need to bring a dog to the hospital. Once I'm done there I race home so I can have an hour or two to myself for dinner and sometimes sit comatose, staring at the tv (lack of sleep can do some wacky things to people). Finally, quite a few nights I am a house manager at two separate Shakespeare theatres and those nights take me well into 10-11 P.M. These theatre jobs also take up quite a bit of my weekend time as well.

But all this is in the name of great fun and a paycheck. I can, officially, pay all my bills...at least for right now.

Donations welcome.

At least I get to see plays for free...and I heart ALL my co-workers...and ALL my customers/patrons/gym members. Can you say that?

But boy do I miss having a social life. And acting. When do I get to do that again? I better freaking get into grad school cause I don't know how much longer I can survive fun jobs.

Cheers and drink a beer for me!

06 February 2010


My car, Betsy, buried in the snow.

How nice that I leave Western New York in search of greener pastures in D.C. and what do I get?! The damn snow follows me here. Thanks D.C. Awesome. Though on the positive side, as D.C. does not know how to properly handle this kind of weather, all my jobs got canceled today! And my promise is, that if the same thing happens tomorrow, I'll blog my little heart out and catch up on my blog reading/commenting. Oh the excitement!

Till then here's a crappy little video I made with my camera.

Enjoy, you lucky bastards. And if it's sunny where you are, I don't want to hear about it.

04 February 2010

Dear Blog, I miss you.

Organization, insanity, and lack of sleep. That is the summarization of my life right now. I currently have four jobs. Last week I worked 72 hours, next week 65, and the last two weeks will each clock in around 75 hours each. Go me. This is what happens when you have an aversion to "normal" people jobs (aka desk jobs).

The upside: all my jobs are fun and yeah for money!

Downside: no social life, no idea how I'm going to get around to getting my stuff done for grad school, no sleep over 6 hours (mostly 4 hours a night, 6 hours would constitute a goooood night), and, with news of the impending snow storm that's to hit D.C. this weekend, I'm crossing my fingers I'm snowed in on Saturday so I can just relax. And catch up on some blog time.

I miss you blog.

19 January 2010

Pure Evil.

Dear Haagen-Dazs,

Just stop it with the insane deliciousness. You are pure evil my friend, reeling me in with only five ingredients (all of which I recognize), making me feel good about not consuming weird, factory-made ingredients I can't pronounce. But your 3 servings per pint, with 22 grams of sugar per serving is what has me hooked. And my body does not thank you.

The end.

Of my waistline.


12 January 2010

About Nothing In Particular

Currently I am holing myself up in The Igloo (aka my new apartment, which is an English basement and retains cold very well). This whole week I'm going to be very busy working every day from about 11am till 8pm with two different jobs. This somehow equals me not getting anything else done. Don't ask me to explain how it works, that's just how it goes. If I don't start off my day hyped up on caffeine, plan in hand, then I putz around in the morning, then fall into work for the day, running late for everything, ending up frazzled and feeling unaccomplished. It really is a vicious cycle that I don't have a plan to end anytime soon.

So today, I'm in my room with the heat turned on (oh the luxury! who knows how expensive this heat will end up costing me...if anyone has some good tips to heating a basement apartment without running the window heater all the time, feel free to pass on the information) and I'm planning to sit and read through all my blogs I follow. I haven't done it in ages and I feel I'm out of the loop in my blogsphere. It almost makes me miss being a receptionist, where I was on the computer all day and had the time to keep up with some of my more frequent posting blog friends. I've actually thought about trying to get a third job as an apartment concierge at night just so I can catch up on blog and book reading.

Don't think I'm joking.....

Some semi-exciting things I haven't blogged about:
-Friday night I worked at the National Cathedral, which was a.maz.ing. Seriously, if you live in D.C. or are visiting and you haven't been here yet, get yourself out there. Especially if you love architecture, like I do (in a I-Know-Nothing-About-It-But-It-Looks-So-Cool kinda way), then you will enjoy getting lost around this place. Well, I don't think normal tourists can go running amok like I was able to, so you may now commence being jealous. And not too many people can go running around here at night. I had visions of Gothic tales running through my head as I lost myself in dark, winding staircases that lead to the balconies and other such destinations I did not pursue.
-Friday night after work I met some friends out in the U St area at Cafe Saint-Ex, located on 14th st nw and T st nw. I really liked this bar a lot. Upstairs looked reasonably classy (as in, not a dive or an "Ohmygod, what did I just step in?!" kind of joint) and a great place to talk and drink. Then you head downstairs to a tiny room for dancing! The room is really not that big which means that you're not really busting out all your sexy dance moves. Instead you just kind of shift your weight back and forth on your feet to the beat. Which I kind of liked. I think it helped that it felt the Arctic outside and therefore the sweaty dance floor wasn't really sweaty, more like cozy warm with fantastic music.
-After St-Ex off we gallivanted to Grand Central in Adam's Morgan ("amorg" is how the locals call it apparently), which was fun and we met some great people (outside of a few creepy, 40-year old men grinding up behind us on the dance floor repetitively....hello relocation-on-the-dance-floor...it's my favorite dance move.)
-Around 2 a.m. we were required, by Amorg law, to go consume a jumbo slice (of pizza). It was delicious. From what I remember.
-Saturday was a trip to Ikea for a round of disappointment. We always expect so much and then find so little. Afterwards, I had my first experience with Dungeons and Dragons. I'll definitely have to post more about this later. I think I'm going to like it though. And don't be all shocked. It's a role-playing game and as an actress, that's what I do. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Okay this is turning into an excessively long post about nothing in particular (exactly as I intended for this blog). Just a wad of randomness for your viewing pleasure. You are welcome.

And now, here's a random photo of the books I should be reading, with a few plays slipped in there as well.
(From Left to Right: The English American by Alison Larkin (finished reading it in a day and it was awesome. I'm pretty sure there were direct quotes in that book that I've said or thought before when it comes to acting and creativity), Constance by Patricia Clapp (a kids book that my BFF really loved and lent to me to read. I love it when people do that. I want to read something that's meant a lot to people that mean a lot to me), The Christmas Books by Charles Dickens, 101 Wines by Gary Vaynerchuk (Christmas gift from my brother, yeah wine!), the plays: Six Characters in Search of an Author by Luigi Pirandello, Closer by Patrick Marber (already read a few years ago, but it's a favorite and now I own it!), The Three Sisters by Anton Checkhov, and The Women by Clare Boothe Luce (the one made into a movie. Never knew it was a play until my little sis clued me in, so of course I have to see if it's any good!). Then there's The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone (I like the idea of doing vegetarian and vegan foods some of the time but not full time and her book split it up very nicely in neat little categories. Don't judge me.), Dear Fatty by Dawn French (thanks to my Welsh friend, Louise, for sending this to me because I can't get it here and I luuuuvre Dawn French!), and finally, Sing to Me, Saigon by Kathryn Jensen (another lent one from the same BFF).

These are just some of the books I've been beating myself up over not reading yet. I still have about 200 hundred more, located elsewhere in this very room, that I need to read this year. Oh dear. I feel a new resolution coming on!!


07 January 2010

Dear Coffee, I love you.

Had my first cup of coffee in what feels like forever but is more like only a few days, maybe a week, and I am feeling goooood. Caffeine is definitely my drug of choice. I really should just go out and buy a coffee maker, but I am far too lazy and I love going into Cowgirl Creamery and sitting in the window seat with a cup of their coffee...which is just like crack. Seriously.

I haven't had much motivation to do anything productive in the new year, which may have something to do with the fact that I spent up my allotment of motivation on moving from one apartment to another on New Year's Eve. That was enough change for me, I didn't need to start any new resolutions on New Year's day. Right now I'm waiting till I recover from the move before I jump into my brand new, shiny habits, that I look forward to breaking in 2 months, per tradition. Yeah for New Year's resolutions!

Now that all my crap is moved I'll need all the coffee my stomach can bear to get pumped about unpacking and getting organized. You'd be surprised at what I get done when I have a To-Do list to avoid. I've spent hours watching crap tv (just got cable for the first time in MONTHS, oh dear god. good bye social life.), watching random short videos online (hello internet!), googling all the celebrity gossip I've missed out on by not having cable (good bye brain. it was nice having you for awhile.), and trying to dig up all the information on old high school friends who have made recent trips to the slammer.

Someone save me from myself, like, now.

All these lovely avoidance tactics have also helped me run from the fact that I need to find a third job. Ah yes. The joys of paying a rent I can't really afford. I'm too stubborn to get a real nine-to-five job, I love my two part-time jobs way too much. They are just too much fun to give up. When else in life am I going to say that someone pays me to play with puppies and theatre geeks? Never. While I'm in D.C. I am sticking with the dog-walking and theatre house management. Now I just need one more job to add like 15-20 hours onto my week, because as you may have noticed from the paragraph above, I have too much time on my hands. And too much time somehow equates to getting nothing done. I'm not sure how it works out like that, but it does. The busier I am means the more I get focused and in charge of getting shit done.

So as of right now, I'm signed up to help out at a bookstore of one of the big time university's in the D.C. area. It will hopefully work out quite perfectly because I'm only needed till the semester starts around January 19th. That will give me time to find some other third job to take on, when this assignment is done, that will be fun and flexible with the hours I keep at my other two jobs.

Also a goal: figuring out how to get involved in something creative before I go insane. It's been far too long since I've actually performed in any theatre or written anything (at least since my abysmal attempt at National Novel Writing Month in November). My natural reaction to not doing anything creative/dramatic is to create drama in my daily life. It's not something I purposely do, but just a reflex that occurs when I don't have a way of channeling my dramatic tendencies.

What can I say? I'm a Leo through and through.


P.S. Just watched "(500) Days of Summer". Heartbreakingly awesome. I love the format in which they chose to tell the story. Go rent it, right now.