24 February 2010

Random: Best Friends and Inappropriate Humor

Here's a just a few comments demonstrating the awesomeness of my friends:

From my roommate, whom I see even less than I write on this blog, and when I do see him it's when I'm in my pajamas, brushing my teeth and getting ready to pass out for the four hours that constitute my REM time:

Me: So what you're saying is that my pajamas are a total cock-block.
Mark: Yes (Coming from the man standing in sweat pants and crocks)...and come to think of it, so are mine. If we had anybody over right now, our pajamas would be the cock-block and nobody would want to sleep with us.
(At this point I do believe I had toothpaste running down my face because I was laughing so hard.)

Comment #2 comes courtesy my friend, Ten. We get on well because our personalities are like two peas in a pod, especially when it comes to inappropriate humor. When we hang out, trouble happens and too much wine is usually consumed. She said this in regards to when she comes down to D.C. to visit me:
Ten: I say we make flashcards of the congressmen, and when they buy us a drink we get to collect that one. It'll be our little game.

I'm pretty sure my friends are better than yours.

And I do believe, with how much we love inappropriate humor, these comments are quite 'PG' rated in comparison to our usual conversations.

You're welcome.

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