08 February 2010

I wear many hats on my big head.

I thought I'd clue you all in to why I've been absolutely insane, crazy, busy lately. As I have this intense aversion to real "adult" jobs, a.k.a. boring desk jobs, I currently hold 4, count 'em 4!, part-time jobs. All of which are way fun.

Schedule for jobs currently: open gym at 5:30 A.M. (have to get up by 4 in order to get ready and be at the gym by 5:15. Good Lord.), work till 11 A.M. Drive and eat lunch at the same time on the way to job #2--Dog walking! I usually do this for about 3 hours, till 3 or 4 depending on which dogs I'm walking. There's lots of driving around as I am required to have my car close by in case any emergency occurs where I need to bring a dog to the hospital. Once I'm done there I race home so I can have an hour or two to myself for dinner and sometimes sit comatose, staring at the tv (lack of sleep can do some wacky things to people). Finally, quite a few nights I am a house manager at two separate Shakespeare theatres and those nights take me well into 10-11 P.M. These theatre jobs also take up quite a bit of my weekend time as well.

But all this is in the name of great fun and a paycheck. I can, officially, pay all my bills...at least for right now.

Donations welcome.

At least I get to see plays for free...and I heart ALL my co-workers...and ALL my customers/patrons/gym members. Can you say that?

But boy do I miss having a social life. And acting. When do I get to do that again? I better freaking get into grad school cause I don't know how much longer I can survive fun jobs.

Cheers and drink a beer for me!


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