04 February 2010

Dear Blog, I miss you.

Organization, insanity, and lack of sleep. That is the summarization of my life right now. I currently have four jobs. Last week I worked 72 hours, next week 65, and the last two weeks will each clock in around 75 hours each. Go me. This is what happens when you have an aversion to "normal" people jobs (aka desk jobs).

The upside: all my jobs are fun and yeah for money!

Downside: no social life, no idea how I'm going to get around to getting my stuff done for grad school, no sleep over 6 hours (mostly 4 hours a night, 6 hours would constitute a goooood night), and, with news of the impending snow storm that's to hit D.C. this weekend, I'm crossing my fingers I'm snowed in on Saturday so I can just relax. And catch up on some blog time.

I miss you blog.

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