09 November 2010

What I do on a day off.

I'm starting to see a trend in my life, with all of it's busyness and stress, I've started in on some habits of leisure during my brief moments of respite:
Last Tuesday night, off from work...

(Ladies Cigar night, what what. We rock...and so does Romeo y Julieta)

Tonight, off from work.....

Though, let it be seen....I was attempting to do a budget tonight and that, of course, requires red wine to fend off the sobbing jags and depressing thoughts (cause seriously, yo? who can be depressed with red wine?). The 'Playing Shakespeare' DVD's were just my reward. Granted, they were rewarded a bit early because I never really finished that stupid budget. I spilled red wine and then needed to drink more red wine to make myself feel better....VICIOUS CYCLE.

Mmmmkay....now it's back to 'Playing Shakespeare'. These DVDs were lent to me from an actress friend, currently in the play I am House Managing for, and I'm in love with them already. The amazingness of them has caused me to burst into my Shakespeare monologues at random times....wait....that may just be due to red wine consumption.

Okay. That is all.
The end.

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