28 December 2010

Big Girl Pants

Well, it's official...I'm putting on some big girl pants cause I went got me a big girl job. Yes that's right...a real, adult job with Responsibilities and People Depending On Me. It's CRAZY.

I'm officially the head of my department at the theatre where I've been a part-time house manager. Now I've been promoted and am the Head of All the House Managers and A Whole Lotta Volunteers (500+...holy crap...) I have a fancy title and, as opposed to all my stupid/horrible/demeaning part-time gigs I used to have (like waitressing), they expect me to just hit the ground running and aren't really supervising me. Well...they are, but I kind of make up my own to-do lists and just make sure shit gets done, all on my own and then check in with my boss once a week to go over it all. So all-in-all...a pretty freakin' awesome set up.

Majority of my higher-ups are women...which is crazy cause all my former jobs I've worked for men...and I think I was a whole lot smarter than a good percentage of them (which is not good, especially when I am a Grade A, certified ditz). At this job, I have a lot of respect for the higher-ups...they know their shit and they are good at it. My former boss, who's job I've been promoted to, was also the best boss I've ever had, hands down. She knew her shit and everyone else's too. I have very big shoes to fill.

Due to my new full time status, I get to quit my waitressing job, I get awesome pay and some thing called Benefits...which is a new world to me ("wait, wait, waaaait a minute....so you're telling me...I can go see a doctor/dentist/eye doctor and you're going to cover it under this thing called 'Benefits'?!? Fan-freaking-tastic." This also means a new dedication to blogging. I haven't really had much time to commit to writing or reading blogs since I've moved to DC. Mainly due to the fact that I used to work 60-80 hour work weeks with little to no sleep....all for the sake of having a flexible schedule so I could do all the acting that I wasn't actually doing....

Well now I will have a little bit of extra time. I plan on blogging more, reading more, and hello community theatre! You will be my new best friend. I think I will go for shows in the summer, when my theatre is on its break, and while we're in season, I'll be able to afford acting classes. I'm excited. I've got big plans.

Fingers crossed this positivity holds.

(I am super-duper excited about the new job though, even though it restricts any acting I want to do a bit. I get peace of mind with this job...bills will get paid (and my parents are SUPER psyched I have a real job)...and since it's just a promotion, really, I know everyone I work with/for and already have a love for the company in place. I'm not going to blog much about the actual company...or list it's name...though I'm sure you could find it easily with a google search or a look through my past posts. But I'm feeling all protective of my theatre and want to keep my work separate from my fun---which is what this blog is, fun.)

Okay...that is all. Expect more from me soon, dear reader (hi Mom!).

P.S. I got a Flip camera for Christmas! GET EXCITED for vlogs....coming soon ;) And let amateur hour begin....heeheehee


  1. A big girl job?!?! Holy Crap thats exciting!!! We need to catch up! I want to hear all about the fabulous life of Lindsay who has a job now and is actually getting paid! I also think you need to do more blogging about this bc i need to live vicariously through people with real jobs. lol miss you!

  2. We DO need to catch up! It sucks that I missed you over vacation, but I do want to make a trip to NYC to see you. You'll have to let me know when in January is a good time. And phone date soon!!