25 May 2010

Culinary Genius

I just want to take a moment and brag about my impressive culinary skills.

I was able to recreate a recipe that a fellow theatre friend gave me (thanks Raven!) without using a written recipe. Be prepared to be impressed. Recipe is as follows: Buy Pillsbury Crescent Rolls in tube (I bought the one that makes only four...thank God.), make Pillsbury Crescent Rolls according to instructions (so what if it took me ten minutes to figure out how to get the damn things out, despite having a pull tab...then taking another ten minutes to figure out to unroll them. Baby steps people, baby steps...I never said I was a culinary genius...or did I?), before rolling rolls add chocolate chips to center, then roll around chocolate chips. Cook and voila! You have delicious, amazing, fattening, but super cheap chocolate croissants. It's practically ghetto fabulous and when you're a poor actor...then you be all about the cheapness. Pair with coffee. Equals a fabulous (if slightly unhealthy) start to your morning.

I only bought the four pack...then ate all four. Could have powered through a few more. Definitely won't be buying anything bigger than four....unless I have guests that need to be impressed with my culinary genius (well, Raven's culinary genius) ;)


  1. clicked on this thinking "well crap. Lindsay is about to make me feel like shit about eating instant oatmeal for dinner at midnight." Then realized that we are eating versions of the same thing since i totally added chocolate chips to my instant oatmeal bc we ran out of the flavored kind. Great minds think a like! (and love chocolate)

  2. ps- i am so doing this sometime

  3. I wouldn't have thought to put chocolate chips inside a crescent roll. Fabulous idea Linds!

    P.S. I am so proud of you for figuring out how to open the can of dough & unroll them! :-)

  4. I expect to have some when you come home, my dear!

  5. These are amazing and I thank you for teaching me about them...:)