13 June 2009

Saturdays are supposed to be lazy days.

I feel like doing absolutely nothing today. Well...actually I'd love to just fool around on my blog and update with something really creative/random/funny in an awkward way...but then I'd feel guilty about the fact that my room is growing it's own species out of the hair that's collected on my floor and I have dust bunnies so big that my dogs are afraid to go in the room because they don't want to be eaten.

Also exercise is imperative...since I got laid off a few weeks ago (oh yes. and that was so fun.) I have rediscovered the trashy delight that is reality television. I'm surprised at how easily I get sucked into all the new reality shows that are playing now, I thought I held myself to a higher standard than that. But oh how watching The Real Housewives of New Jersey makes me feel better about myself. I started watching Southern Belles on the Soap channel but after a few episodes I couldn't degrade myself any further. That show is just not, in any sense of the word, entertainment. I really should be ashamed of myself for that one.

Kathy Griffin's show: My Life on the D-List, however, I think I can feel good about watching that one. Yes it is another reality show, but I think she puts a lot of effort into making it more entertaining than that. If you think about it...and I do realize that it's summer time now so don't think too hard, she has to put a lot of creative effort into making up the story lines and finding random things to put herself through in order to keep you watching. I mean, she did win two Emmy's for the show. That means it's okay for me to watch it, right? Right?

Okay well, whatever. I'll break up with reality tv someday...soon I hope...I'd really like my soul back now. Oh wait, I forgot, my soul was taken by the part time retail work I do. I need to break up with that, like yesterday. Hey, anyone know any good places to do a paid theatre internship/apprenticeship? Preferably outside of the Western New York area? No? Okay...then I guess I'll just leave you with a super cute photo of two of my dogs doing what I want to do today but can't.

The end. xx

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