05 October 2009

Temping: Oh the Horror!

I think people in line at Whole Foods could tell what kind of day I had at the office when I slammed on the conveyor belt my bottle of red wine (Folie a Deux's Menage a Trois, YUM!), a baguette and a bar of expensive dark chocolate.

No wonder office work can make people gain weight. They stress eat just because of the mundane bullshit one has to put up with.

Although I must say, in a new development, as a result of my current temping job I can now say that I actually kinda like old people! This is new for me, let's get excited!

Example as to why: Me-Hello sir, you called and left a message saying you were having problems with your password? Old Man-Yes, I'm old, 67 in fact and computers are beyond my time. Me-Okay, I can help. Proceed to seem like an absolute computer whiz-kid as I explain the 'Forgot Your Password' button and it's function. Old Man- Why thank you so much, young lady! Now I don't be mean to be vulgar but....really sir? I totally heart the vulgarity from unexpected sources, bring it!!....there's going to come a day when if you want to screw your wife you'll have to enter a password.

Now, as an unusual turn of events even for my long customer servicing history, it was the old people that rocked and the younger people that really, really, totally sucked. Especially the impatient, rude, condescending secretaries/personal assistants who just wanted me to get the username and password for their bosses because the bosses were way too busy and important to get it themselves and couldn't figure out how to log into the damn system. Unfortunately for them that's so totally against policy and boy-oh-boy do I luuuuuuuuvre throwing the Strictly Policy Clause at rude people. Take that! Pow! It's beyond my control! Boom! You are not nice! Pow! Boom! Bam!

I'm practically a ninja, but with manners...

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