14 October 2009

Because You Were Dying To Know

I'm currently experiencing a nasty mood brought on by intense jealousy of my brother and my sister-in-law because they are heading to London this Friday. There are other reasons, that I'm sure will bore you, why my mood is absolute shit that I won't go into.

Instead I'm distracting myself by playing Bridget Jones's Diary in the background (yes, I do take a few moments to mouth the words as being spoken, and I do know all the movements Renee does during the singing scene at the beginning, DON'T judge me...we all have our embarrassing personal tics) (also, can we just take a moment to appreciate that this movie has THE BEST entrance for Hugh Grant EVER, with the Aretha Franklin song playing and the elevator doors opening up to his yummyness. Word.), drinking some wine, cooking up a jacket potato for myself (this is what I do when I miss England...sigh....) and blogging about random stuff like the contents of my purse.

Because I'm sure you were dying to know.

And just so you know, usually I add a book or two, thick ones, to this collection. This here is just the bare minimum.

Contents of necessity: -NFT guide to D.C. If you've just moved to a new city, I'd highly recommend getting one of these guides. A map on every page and listings of restaurants/theaters/post offices, etc in every area next to each map....also, easy to read when drunk, so a guaranteed way of getting home without getting lost....as long as you can read a map while intoxicated that is, a skill carefully honed after many years of practice.
-My cute clutch wallet from Maurices.
-Cetaphil lotion, Midol, Ibuprofen, lady products, chapstick, hand sanitizer, hair clip, gum...explanation not necessary, you can never be too prepared.
-Journal with my motto for life on it "Keep Calm and Carry On", from an old British slogan sign.
-iPod for when I'm trekking across town.
-Weekly planner, can't really function without it.
-My resume....just in case....still no day job as of yet (but soon I'm sure!)
-A black Moleskin notebook, a small spiral notebook and multiple pens. The notebook is so I can remember things, the Moleskin is for notes on blog/book/theatre/writing ideas.
-Random book of matches from my friend Sara's wedding...because you never know when pyromania may kick in.
-Seafood watch pamphlet because when presented with fish I want to know if it's environmentally friendly. I mean, I'll still eat it...that'd be silly to turn down free fish...but at least I'd know whether or not to feel guilty about eating it. Not that that's ever stopped me from eating anything.
-And finally a play, this one is by Chekhov. I'm always carrying plays with me lately...gotta educate myself. Or just in case I want to give people on the street an impromptu dramatic performance, I am fully prepared....CONSTANT VIGILANCE (name that quote and you get a cookie...and a gold star for being just as geeky as I am).

Okay so Bridget is calling for my attention....and the food in front of me....and the wine as well.

And I'm sure after reading this post you'll probably want to go have some wine too...go on then. I don't judge.


P.S. When Bridget is about to go on tv for her first interview at the fire station, she's doing it in Lewisham...which is around the area where I use to live in London!! Yeah!


  1. So i realize that i just talked with you, but reading this stream of consciousness made me miss you. I'm sitting in the living room with my roommates and its totally inappropriate to be randomly laughing outloud bc I cant explain why things are funny, but its happening anyways. & I absolutley love your notebook saying. I need it. lol.

  2. Jen, is it sad that my stream of consciousness also makes me laugh? Thank you for finding it amusing. I miss you too cause you're totally the other pea in a pod with me ;) (and fyi, that saying makes me think there's a fire/life emergency going on and I just hear the Queen's voice in my head saying "keep calm and carry on", ;)

  3. Duh. CONSTANT VIGILANCE= HP&TGOF... like I wouldn't know that, silly girl :)

    Keep the blogs coming... unless you start sharing the contents of other things like: your mouth (name that food!), the toilet (name that food!), or your underwear drawer (name that... you get the idea, you kinky perv, you). Granted the toilet thing does have some merit... provided you've recently eaten corn, in which case I would say some sort of jacket potato :P Miss you times a million!!! :)

  4. Jomi! You crack my shit up. Of course you'd be the one to guess the quote, I'd be disappointed to know you'd read that post and not gotten it ;) This is why we're friends. And that was a post when all I wanted was just to post something...hopefully won't be repeating that experience. I expect it will not gain me readers outside of my lovely friends and my mom :) (Hi Mom!)

    Love/miss you Jo!!