13 October 2009

The Lost Symbol

So I finally got my hands on a copy of one of the biggest, most anticipated books of the year, Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol.

My impression......


I would highly recommend it to people living in or from the D.C. area because he did so much research that it was like a fantastically written, fiction, tour guide book of D.C. I knew exactly where he was when he described certain locations and he used real buildings and streets. Which was great, loved that, bravo, well done. I've been meaning to write a book like that, that makes people want to visit the actual place because you describe it so well. I love the fact that The Da Vinci Code promoted tourism for certain sites in Europe and I hope that this book does the same for D.C.

That being said....

The book also seemed like one big, gigantic, wet kiss to the Freemasons. Granted I knew nothing about this organization at all before....and now that I've read this book....meh. I really don't care to learn anything new.

I got bored, then irritated, when Robert Langdon would go on page long tangents explaining things to the lesser beings around him. Now, I love learning something new as much as the next nerd, but sometimes it was just a bit dry and I was never sure if it was pertinent to the storyline.

On the other hand....I do want to say that even though I didn't super-duper love this book, I am still happy that it was highly anticipated. I'm all about the books that gets people excited to read. Just like with the Harry Potter books, just like with Twilight...if it gets people curious and draws in people who wouldn't normally ever voluntarily pick up a book, then bravo to you sir.

And that's all I say on that.
xxoo, Lindsay

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