01 October 2009

Coffee: It's How I Get Shit Done.

So I am officially cracked out on coffee at this very moment. I don't drink coffee on a daily basis for the specific reason of I want to be able to use it to get my caffeine high exactly when I want it. And I wanted that special, overly hyper, I can save the world with my pinkie, feeling today (imagine giving a 5-year old 3 cups of espresso, lots of candy and let them loose in a toy store...welcome to me right now, and I'm just sitting in my apartment at my computer ). Today, I am going to Get Shit Done. Also, I need the positive vibes of a pick-me-up drug because I'm having job drama...and I don't even have a day job yet.

I've signed on to use a temp agency here in D.C. to find me work. I've used them before with pretty okay results and since I need money stat in order to help get my roommate and I a new 2 bedroom apartment, I figured it'd be a good idea. However...it's kind of turning into quite a nuisance actually. Well the temp agency may have a gig for me tomorrow. They'll be calling me today to let me know if it's a definite or not.

So what's the problem you ask in that oh-so-bored tone? I have an interview tomorrow morning with a big chain bookstore, a chain I've worked with before and enjoyed. It's for the only position in the store that's got set work hours of Tuesday through Saturday 7am-11am. The position is only minimum wage, but the reason I want it is because this chain is an amazing corporation and will give me health insurance, even at part time. I'm also 99% sure that I have this job in the bag. I've had one interview with them that went very well and I've worked this exact position before a few years ago. However I'm not sure how receptive they'll be to me rescheduling the second interview.

Aaaaand now that I'm all hyped up on chemically-induced good vibes this really doesn't seem as stressful as I thought it was yesterday.

Also, to add to this semi-job situation, I applied to an independent bookstore yesterday expecting them to tell me they're not hiring and turns out they are hiring. They're very interested in speaking to me about a full time position, though I'm thinking my part time theatre job might be a hindrance for me getting that position. But it would be fantastic to work at an independent bookstore. I've worked at both the major chains and would love to move out of that arena and into the smaller bookstore field to see what it's like.

Although this may not help my book buying addiction...

I hate having the stress of coming to the realization that I'm not at all interested in doing positions that will pay my bills, but instead are drawn to the weird/interesting/fun jobs that pay very little. I keep getting sucked back into the idea of working at a bookstore because it's totally my comfort zone. If only someone would pay me to act on stage! Well, I'll always keep looking for that opportunity....

Okay, I'm off to go do an impromptu dance performance in my living room to work off this caffeine buzz and hopefully Get Shit Done as well.

Blog ya later,
Lindsay xo

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