12 October 2009

Weekend Recap, Hard Cider Not Included.

Well, the only thing I can say about the last blog I posted is that hard cider may or may not have been involved......I'll admit to nothing. Now would be a good time to distract all from the last post by flashing pretty photos of food items and rambling on about fantastic things I got up to this weekend, even though I'm dirt poor.

You should be jealous.

My weekend started on Thursday. I consider weekends fun, so when my fun starts and the panicky, guilty feeling about not having a day job recedes, that's when my weekend begins. So my weekend began with organic coffee, a vegan cupcake that very well blew my mind!, and hanging out with a sorority sister that I haven't seen in years. So yes...cupcake and coffee:

This delicious snack was courtesy of Sticky Fingers Bakery which my friend Mel and I stumbled upon when asking a local up in Columbia Heights what cafe we could kill some time in before heading to an apartment viewing. We needed something that was not a Starbucks as I just wanted a regular cup of coffee and I can't stand Starbucks coffee.

Sticky Fingers is an all vegan bakery, which made me a little hesitant because I've never had a vegan cupcake, but damn....it was good. And it was a whole lot cheaper than a lot of other cupcakery's that I've tried around D.C. (I'm attempting to try every cupcake in D.C., will report back as to which one wins out in taste and price. Get excited.) And their coffee was excellent as well! God I love a good cup of coffee...and I loved how they had a sign up stating that if you brought your own mug you get 20% off coffee. Environmentally friendly + excellent cupcakes and coffee + cheap prices = I really hope I get that apartment in this area so I can come here more often. (Oh and the apartment itself is awesome, fingers crossed that my roommate and I can get it. I'd love to move out of his living room and into a bedroom of my very own!)

On to Friday... I walked around town, not really doing much...which happens to be my favorite kind of day, and I decided that I would give in and try Good Stuff Eatery, which was created by Spike from the show Top Chef. I never watched...that's just what they tell me.
I got the De-Lechable Leche Milkshake and the Farmhouse Cheeseburger. All this for $12.36. Now as I am without a day job, and because I had to wait 40 minutes to get it, not quite worth it. And the burger guy put his thumb (he did have on gloves) directly in the middle of the burgers while making them...which makes me a tad squeamish. The burger itself was delicious, though a little crushed. I definitely would consider going back and getting it again...though I might have to try mid afternoon when it's not anywhere near lunch or dinner. I went around 1:30, thinking that was a good time to avoid lunch rush hour, and yes, I was wrong. I waited 30 minutes just to order and another 10 for the burger and shake to get to me. I do have to say that the older, silver haired gentleman working there was awesome. He came up to me when he noticed I had been waiting awhile, looked at my order and bustled off and found it for me. He was delightful and I think made all the customers around him feel better about waiting so long because he was just so nice! Honestly, that's hard to find in the food industry. Good Stuff did good with him.

The milkshake was amazing...though I think I'll only shell out for that when friends and family come visit from out of town or something. It was, however, so intensely sugary that I couldn't stop drinking it even when vomit threatened to happen, it was that good, and my mood took an immediate roller coaster ride. Only high levels of sugar can make me go from feeling super duper happy to angry and moody in 2.5 seconds. Luckily I went immediately to the cute little used bookstore over at 417 E. Capitol Street called Riverby Books and calmed myself down by browsing. Man I am such a nerd.

Friday night was a mix of fantastically cheap Chinese food, the movie "Couples Retreat" (see it for the yoga scene...could not stop laughing) and possible some cider's at Fado Irish Pub...maybe. I'll admit to nothing.

The Chinese food was from Chinatown Express (746 6th St. NW) and I will definitely be going back for more. My two friends and I consumed green tea, 3 beers, seafood dumplings, seafood noodles (made right there in front of a window that peers out onto the street), 2 vegetable spring rolls and 4 egg rolls for around $30. That to me is freaking awesome. Word. Pictures to prove the awesomeness:
Just a small sample of my noodles with a boiled Octopus on top. Yum!
My friend Jess taking a picture with the noodle guys. We are just that fun.

Now Saturday was a blur of couch surfing with my roommate, quarter drafts at Asylum in Adams Morgan and then home again, home again, jiggity jig, I was in bed by 10:30. Again, I am just too much fun, even for myself.

Sunday, though I was sad because I wasn't in Ohio for a friend's housewarming party due to lack of money to drive there, I was happily surprised by the fact that two of my friends living in the Odenton, MD area provided me with a ticket to the Maryland Renaissance Festival. I am all about the RenFests. I mean come on, eating turkey legs off the bone, drinking delicious Cider and Mead, being in the minority because you're not in costume = a.maz.ing times. Don't be too jealous now.

And that's all I got for now.
A parting picture of me with the highly anticipated turkey leg. Success!


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