10 October 2009

Why I love Blogs.

Dear Blog World,

This is my letter to you. I love the blog world. The instant replay of your life written out as quickly and as best you can. I feel connected to people who are not famous but are just normal people whom I love because I can relate to their words. Beautiful words. Describing love of theatre, books, acting, random daily events. These little things connect us. You may not notice it when you blog, but you are connecting with a whole other world out there. We may not comment on your blog, but we are here, admiring, laughing, nodding our heads in agreement with your post. Sometimes we reach out, sometimes we comment. We feel the need to connect and that is the beauty of the blogger world. Connection with people that you might not have meet up with in daily life. Learning new things about foreign places, or learning that you are not alone in your beliefs. Blogging is a new social frontier that I think brings us together and lets us expand our horizons in ways we can't experience in real time in our daily lives. This is all I have to say on this topic...some of my favorite blogs are thinking of ending and it makes me sad. Blogging doesn't need to be about venting alone. It can be about sharing of an experience, connecting with others. I hope that bloggers can take advantage of the opportunity to learn new ways to communicate, express their creativity, and take a moment to express how they feel about a certain subject.

Freedom of speech. It's a beautiful thing. Take advantage while you have the audience.

xoxo, LDD

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