29 October 2009

Just A Quickie

So I've only got a few minutes to write up a post. I've been dying to write something lately because I've got a lot to talk about, what with my new job and all, but haven't had the time, what with my new job and all.

November is quickly upon us and there so much going on that it borders on the slightly ridiculous, especially considering that only 6 months ago I was completely bored with my life and trying desperately to find something interesting to fill it up.

On November 22nd I've got my official audition time slot for Central School of Speech and Drama. I am beyond excited and nervous. I need to get organized...like, yesterday. But I'm confident all will go well. What's great is that I'll get to stay with a friend of mine in NYC (Hi, Jen!) that I haven't seen in months, so it'll be fantastic to catch up and also be able to see New York City again.

This Sunday is the official start of National Novel Writing Month, which I am participating in this year and will fully dedicate myself to actually finishing the word count...unlike last year. I've also convinced my Mom to join up and I have a few friends who are also participating, so yeah reading/writing buddies! If anybody else who may read this blog wants a reading/writing buddy, just send me your username and I'll friend you on the website (or send you my username), support is good during these trying times ;) And like a lot of other bloggers, I am going to attempt to blog a little bit everyday. The whole NaNoWriMo project is really just a great way to practice creativity and discipline. We'll see how well I do, as "discipline" has never been a word that one associates with myself.

Eventually I'll blog about my day job, dog walking (oh yeah, you can now be mad jealous, son), because oh the tales I can tell about this job. It's awesome, I get to be outside everyday, the schedule is beyond fantastic, and I get to play with dogs and get paid for it. Also, new discover, it. is. EXHAUSTING. But that might be cause I haven't held a day job where I'm on my feet all day in quite some time. So hopefully the exhaustion aspect will change soon.

Because my audition is near the end of the month, I've decided that from November 1st till the 22nd I'm going to try and be on my best behavior, health wise. I'm giving up candy and pastry items (I've been over dosing, recently, on sugar. 'Tis the season.) and when I go out on the town I'll have a three drink max rule. Also, yoga and exercise, outside of the day job, everyday. If possible. I just want to feel my best when my audition comes around and hopefully this will help me develop healthy habits for when the grad school audition season is in full swing (January-March I'd say). I haven't decided if I can part with my coffee addiction. Right now it's at peak level, resulting in me doing crazy things, as such:

Photo courtesy of my Dad. Who rocks.

So yeah. Addiction, kids. It ain't pretty.

Love, caffeine aficionado,


  1. What program are you auditioning for?

  2. MA Classical Acting. Should be interesting. The letter with my audition time in specifically says that I need to have 2 monologues with one of them by Shakespeare. When you auditioned did they make you do both of your monologues? How long was your interview?

  3. Yes, I did both. There was a group warm up led by the auditor (head of Classical Acting Martin Wylde), and then we were taken in one at a time to do our monologues. I did them, he gave some direction, and then we had a chat/interview. It was pretty straight forward. Whole thing probably took 25 minutes max.

  4. Wow, that's interesting that it's so short. I can see how then being fully prepared is a must. If you're only with them a short period you want to make sure you're not wasting their time. Good to know!

  5. Absolutely--preparation, preparation, preparation. Coach the shit out of those things!