28 August 2009

"..she experienced that curious feeling, that mixture of elation and dread, that comes from having done something very significant."

Just so you know, it is so like me to start this blog post with a quote from Alexander McCall Smith's book, The Careful Use of Compliments, which is an Isabel Dalhousie novel. I love that series, it's like getting into a warm bath with a class of wine and knowing some dark chocolate is on it's way.

And that is a feeling I desperately need to focus on right now. I'm about to the point of freaking out on my life. Yeah me. I've been here in D.C. for a month without having secured a job and therefore haven't been able to get around to doing the stuff I really want to do...like say, um, acting? It's fine though, one step at a freakin' time. I did have two interviews with the same place though, and if you follow my twitter feed to the right of your screen, you'd know what that place was ;) Haven't heard back yet, so I'm not really holding my breathe.

A few things that have kept me sane while I refine the art of unemployment:

I have crazy, amazing friends that will take me out for these gob smacking beauties. I don't even remember what they're called, but we got them at this quaint little Chinese food place near the Van Ness Metro stop. The middle part was filled with 151 and lit on fire, so you had to suck that part down quick to make sure the liquor didn't go to waste. Yum! (I was not one of the suckers, mind you)
Finding out my local Safeway does indeed have an international section and includes many of my favorite British food items was quite exciting. I really don't think I'd like to face a world without my PG Tips and my Weetabix. But even bigger news than this, after reading up on a place in The Washingtonian Magazine, I went out and discovered this little shop near the Courthouse Metro stop called "Cigars and British Goods" or something similar to that and they have even more amazing stuff! They've got chocolate covered digestives (not to be found in any grocery store that I've seen) and they carry actual imported Kinder and Cadbury bars.

Little side note for those not in the know...if you find that your local grocery store does indeed carry Cadbury bars, don't get too excited. If you look a little closer at the label, you'll see it's not imported but instead reproduced by Hershey's...and that means using American chocolate. Not to bash American chocolate or anything, but the chocolate in the U.K. is far superiour, my friends, except no imitation.

In addition to these things, I wouldn't have survived this month without help from my parents and my older brother...I really do not deserve them, they are beyond awesome, to a point that words fail to accurately describe. And of course my roommate, Mark, who is so cool to keep me up here and kick my butt out the door to go socialize when I get in one of my anti-social moods. Love him. So in the place of money, these people have kept me here this month. I'm really hoping I can go balls to the wall for them, get my ass in gear, and get a job that won't disappoint. Fingers crossed. (Why is this suddenly feeling like an acceptance speech? Where's my statue?)


P.S. Sorry I haven't been posting...me being too overly dramatic about my life takes precedence over everything else apparently. After a recent conversation with my good friend from home, Rachel, who is also an actress, I've decided I need to try to post more and find ways to write something, somewhere, every day. She said is best when after I told her "I'm just depressed and moody and nothing is going right..." she responded with the antidote "have you written anything lately?" I love having creative friends!

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