10 August 2009

Movie and Books Galore!

I have officially been here in D.C. for a week. Yeah me! Still no job, but I did manage to apply to one or two places last week. I hate applying for jobs and the whole resume process. I actually like the interview more because it feels more real to me, more like saying "Hi this is me, look how personable I am and how much I can do!" as opposed to someone picking up on that just by reading a pretty list of the places I've worked.

Eh well...what can ya do?

In between applying for jobs and feeling guilty about not applying for enough I've been getting some reading done and been watching a few movies.

Some DVDs that I've seen this week, Feast of Love, Eagle Eye, Charlie Bartlett, Before Sunrise, and Before Sunset. The Sunrise/Sunset DVDs I actually own and adore. If you haven't seen these two movies you need to right away. I love watching the interaction between two people who so desperately feel a connection and are grasping to keep it longer. Even the silences between them are poetic, speak volumes, that's how good they are. Charlie Bartlett was surprisingly entertaining. I really didn't expect much but it was a nice way to escape an hour and a half. Eagle Eye had some awesome action scenes and I love Shia....but the storyline kinda sucked. Really not that interesting. Feast of Love....I'm not even sure what to say about this movie. I was pissed, first of all, that it was not the movie that they advertised for. I cried more times then I care to during a movie night. So much heavier than I anticipated. I think it was made well, excellent storyline...kinda preachy...but OK.

For movies not in the DVD format, I've only been to see Julie and Julia, which was DELIGHTFUL. And yes, I did yell that. I loved it! Perfect movie to see on an extremely hot August night in DC. Very witty and cute. They kept to the book quite well which took me by surprise.

Books I just finished are Emily Giffin's Love the One You're With and Neil LaBute's play Reasons to Be Pretty. Giffin's novel I really enjoyed, which was to be expected. I've really gotten sucked into every novel she's done. She's a very engaging author. Giffin manages to write about topics that I really, really don't enjoy reading about and then makes me enjoy it. I don't think Love the One was as addictive as her other books but I did finish it just as quickly, 2 days tops.

I liked LaBute's play, having never read him before, and I think I'd really like to check out his other stuff too. He really just touched on the whole argument of how important looks are in our society and showed a glimpse of what artificial needs couples have between themselves. I may use one of this monologues but I kind of get the feeling that a lot of other actors probably already have them in their arsenal, as the play actually sets four monologues aside, quite frankly, throughout the play. I do need to find some good monologues to start on if I'm going to be doing grad school auditions coming up in November through to February.

Ah lovely, just another thing to worry about while I'm unemployed. How exciting.

My goal for the week is to take advantage of living in DC and see something that is free every day. For example, today I'll be heading out to the National Portrait Gallery to check out the exhibit Reflections/Refractions: Self Portraiture in the Twentieth Century. Kind of excited as I haven't done anything on the culture side of things in ages.

After that, back to the job hunt. Oh joy. Are you excited? You should be. My updates will be riveting....as you can already tell.

Warmly yours,

Post.Script. Maybe one of these days, I will share some pictures I've taken. I will try and fiddle with that tonight.

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