23 November 2009

"Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently." -Henry Ford

In other words, I got schooled, son.

Let me just preface this blog with I had an awesome time NYC and this weekend was just a big ol' ball of fabulousness. Best idea ever to stay with my friend Jen (Hi Jen!).

That being said, I certainly got an education.

The audition actually went very well and I'm so proud of my monologue work. I loved all the people that came out to audition for Central. They were my kinda people. As in the kind of people that are all "I freaking love everything to do with theatre and I just want to learn". And here I was all afraid I was going to run into the stuck-up kinda theatre people, who treat it like a special club that you're not invited to join. Completely not the case.

As a result of attending this audition, learning what goes on during a Master's course in acting, doing a pre-audition warm up with everyone, and meeting some innately awesome people, I've come to the conclusion that further education is the exact path I want to be on when it comes to acting.

As a result of actually doing the audition, which was my two monologues and a brief interview, I've learned that the Central School of Speech and Drama's MA in Classical Acting course is not for me. Or I'm not for it. I'm not really sure which. But I do appreciate the brutal honesty that was exacted on my person by, as he shall now be referred to as, a Dear, Mr. Martin.

He was blunt and straight to the point as I was informed, I "do not have the educational background it takes to perform in the master's program at this school". I did, actually, already know that but was hoping that a master's program would take me regardless of my lack of education and based on my work history in theatre. Dear, Mr. Martin did explain to me that he thought I should try for, if not going for another BA, an MFA which would be two years instead of one and would provide me with more "studio time" (aka-acting classes).

I found this whole experience to be.....kind of fantastic. I did go into all of this not fully aware if I qualified for this kind of program and Dear, Mr. Martin gave me a wealth of knowledge that I will be taking home with me this week to digest and research. I think he was correct in saying that I'm not right for this particular program...but I do think I'm going to email the other schools I'm interested in and find out if they feel the same after looking at my theatre resume.

I would still love to do a master's degree course. But I shall surely be looking into some MFA programs in England as well now.

(Can I just say that the 14-year old me, a hard-core drama queen pessimist, is slightly gagging at the positivity of it all. But what can I say? Over a year ago I was sitting behind a desk as a receptionist, working part time in retail, doing nothing that involved theatre or acting and I felt like my soul was dying. Now I'm actually taking action to figure out how to go through with further education. The twenty-something me is jumping up and down with excitement because I've got a freakin' purpose. Take that and chew on it, internal angsty-teen.)

And even though I do not see this as a failure at all...I'll leave ya'll with these two quotes by one Dear Mr. Beckett:

"To be an artist is to fail, as no other dare to fail...."
"Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better."

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