03 November 2009

I Heart Julia.

If you should happen to partake in the joys of D.C. I can offer you a few kindly, money saving suggestions. Such as rule number one: don't bring your car (see previous post) or stay somewhere that has parking off street and then there's rule number two: for a cheap lunch/dinner/late night snack, reap the benefits of Julia's Empanada's. I was able to get a delicious chorizo empanada (Spanish sausage, rice, and black beans, yum!!) and a diet coke for under $5 and these empanada's are filling as well. I first ate here at the Adam's Morgan location...but I don't remember it much besides thinking "delicious NomNomNom". I tried it again recently at the Columbia Heights location and wasn't disappointed. The guy working behind the counter seemed to be quite knowledgeable on the product as I heard him giving a bit of a history lesson to the old couple in front of me. Good food and an education! The nerd in me celebrates!

Mmmm, chorizo!

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