12 November 2009

Best Cupcakes (So Far)

Hello blog world, how I've missed you! I haven't been able to find the time to blog lately, though I have been thinking up great blog ideas left and right. I've been preparing for my grad school audition that is taking place November 22nd in New York City and until then my blogging, and quite frankly my social life as well, have been put on a brief and bittersweet hold.

Tell I can get back, just thought you should know:

Best cupcakes in D.C. yet so far that I've found are from Georgetown Cupcake. We had to wait in line for these babies this past Saturday and it was worth it! I tried the chocolate coconut (top left corner) and then was only able to eat half of the pumpkin cupcake (top right corner) before lapsing into a sugar coma. They were moist on the inside and the frosting seemed to have been just made as it almost melted off the top. They were beyond good. Instantly addictive. I will now commence dreaming about these cupcakes.

I can't officially award them Best in DC yet, I still need to try Love Cafe cupcakes and Hello Cupcake as well. I take my cupcake ratings very seriously, people. It's practically my job. Hell, why isn't it my job? Who would like to pay me to try out cupcakes? Anybody? Ah well...



  1. We should totally hit up a cupcake place here in nyc for comparison's sake. Well also for my cupcake craving sake :)

  2. YES! I do believe that is a plan my friend. Oh what fun we shall have..hyped up on sugar. I'm excited!