03 December 2009

Positively Perky

I am feeling unusually perky today. And for once it has little to do with how much caffeine is running through my veins (only one cup of coffee today, shocking!). It does in part have to do with the fact that just yesterday, after work, I was laid up with the worst flare-up of my Crohn's Disease that I've had since moving to D.C. I won't go into details but if you've ever experienced a partial bowel obstruction, you'll know my pain a little bit.

Today, however, I woke up feel fan-freakin-tastic. That's what happens when I starve myself for 8+ hours in order to get better. I just need to be careful what I eat today and make sure it'll be nothing that puts stress on my tummy...in other words, nothing too difficult to digest. The grand plan is to eat something relatively small every three hours so I don't get completely starving and have to fight the reflex to gorge. This usually works.

Crohn's would be a great diet if it wasn't so painful sometimes.

And now after that over share (you are so welcome), I give you a great pick-me-up story from the Washington Post, just click here. I picked this story up from one of my friends after she posted it on Facebook. (I definitely communicate with people more over Facebook than I do over email. It's beyond ridiculous.) I'll definitely be checking this exhibit out and will report back ;)

Now just to tease you, especially if you don't live in D.C., here's a nice little photo I took awhile ago of some of Georgetown Cupcakes. One is Chocolate Lava, once I bit into it the gooey center oozed out, and that's hot fudge on top. The other one is white chocolate peppermint, one of their holiday specials. And special it was. It actually had a small piece of white chocolate embedded in the bottom. These did not last long. I'm not sure I can try any other cup cakeries around town because that is how much I love this place. But I suppose I shall suffer through it in the name of research. Sigh.

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