28 December 2009

New Year, Maybe Some New Posts

Ahhh, you know you haven't posted in awhile when even your Mom notices and makes a comment.

Well hello there blog world. I've missed you. No apologizes here though, I hate those posts, and also I've been busy. It's been a mad crazy month. I'm moving into a new apartment with my roommate later this week and I'll actually have my own room! (Currently am residing in my roommate's living room, have been since August) But now comes the stress and worry of shouldering a hefty rent price. Welcome to city living.

My New Year's resolutions have to do with finances (can you say third job?), health (losing that Christmas weight, thanks for the fudge Mom), and boys (i.e. working on developing a sixth sense that tells me to not develop crushes on boys that have girlfriends. Cause those crushes are pointless and frustrating).

In addition, I should be posting more stuff about traveling and doing fun stuff on practically no money. I am a magician when it comes to stuff like that and can practically pull money out my ass when fun and travel is on the line.

Much more theatre and play reviews shall be posted as well. I have an extremely tall stack of plays to read and I'm going to bore ya'll with every bit of it. Yeah! Funness!

I'm not sure when I'll find time to do all the reading I want to do as my roommate and I are getting cable and reliable internet when we move into the new place. I've already decided I'm going to Netflix Battlestar Galactica and Mad Men, watch Lost on Hulu and obsessively watch the Travel Channel (new season of Anthony Bourdain, woohoo!!!) and the Food Network (cause I'm sure that will benefit the whole watching my weight aspect of my new year's resolutions).

Are you excited?! Cause I am.

I am so over 2009.
xo Lindsay