09 December 2009

D.C. LOVES the Cold Rainy Days

Today is yet another cold, rainy, gross weather day in D.C.

Personally, I love these kinds of days. They're reminiscent of my time in London, of cups of tea and a good book, long naps, and cuddling under blankets watching a movie. But not in D.C. Oh no! In D.C. I walk dogs for a living. Some dogs, in case you didn't know, DO NOT like the rain, at all. My main goal as a dog walker is getting the wee little ones to pee. Sure exercise is important but it's peeing that they have to do or I can't leave. So when it's raining and I have to walk a Yorkie that abhors the rain and will not even go near the front door, this makes my day very difficult.

Granted, my worst day as a dog walker is 100 times better than my best day as a receptionist. I rather like it that my main frustration is the bowel habits of a small, cuddly animal instead of the idiocy of the general public.

Well, I'll just have to make a large, steaming cup of Dark Chocolate Cocoa with a candy cane as a stirrer and crank some Christmas tunes...because sugar and obnoxiously peppy holiday music always helps. I think I was brainwashed that way. ;)

I'll leave you with a picture from back home in Western New York where the weather really is frightful, but I'd be singing "Let It Snow!" just so I wouldn't have to deal with this D.C. wet, winter weather.

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