16 September 2009

Best. Coffee. Ever.

I would just like to introduce everyone to the place in D.C. that I'm pretty sure makes the best coffee ever. (Although I'm always up for a taste testing debate when it comes to this topic.)

See I always knew that being too poor to actually do anything would develop good things for me at some point. As I wandered around, too poor to do anything, I stumbled upon this little treasure called Cowgirl Creamery over at 919 F Street NW, just past the Spy Museum and the Smithsonian Art Gallery. Of course I couldn't not go in, what with a name like that and the mere fact that they have cheese (and me being a known cheese whore and all...)

Well this place is so awesome that I didn't even make it to the back portion where they kept the cheese. I was too busy in awe of all the imported foods, beers and wine! I'm afraid to say it, but I'm totally giving away where everyone is getting their gifts from this Christmas.

I got really distracted/excited/would-be-jumping-up-and-down-had-I-already-been-caffeinated-but-wasn't, when I saw that they had imported coffee beans and they grind them up and make you a cup right there.

I picked the one that had the key words I needed to see associated with coffee, dark and "hints of chocolate". Sold. The coffee lady even let me smell the coffee beans before she ground them up and made me a cup with this neat little contraption. Had I possessed a spy camera, I would have taken a picture of this coffee contraption (wow, hey there English degree holder, you're amazing with the words), but I didn't and therefore did not want to pull out my camera then and risk the chance of scaring the coffee lady who was at that moment making my coffee. Priorities people.

Now normally, I'm a little bit o'sugar, little bit o'cream kinda gal, but I took one sip and, miracles upon miracles, it was too good to add anything too it! It's a first for me people.

Best part-I took another sip, swallowed, exhaled....and there were hints of freaking chocolate!!! I feel like such a coffee connoisseur now.

Of course, as a small, teeny tiny side note...this delicious cup cost me $2.20, which is around $0.70-$0.80 more than a Starbucks cup of joe. But when I'd rather have this beautiful cup of deliciousness than have chocolate....well then, poorness be damned! I shall have my coffee!!

Always caffeinated,
Lindsay xx

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