07 March 2014

Most Exciting Thing Right Now

I've found Pho in London.

Of course all my exciting news is usually about food...or booze. But today, it's about food.

I loved Pho the few times I had in DC, where it is all the rage. Pho is a Vietnamese soup dish with rice noodles. You can add different things to it to customize it to suit your tastes. I've found a restaurant chain here in London, and now I've had it twice in less than 24 hours.

It does help that my sister left me with her cold she brought over and now I have a crazy sore throat to deal with. Pho is perfect for helping with that and it has the added benefit of being really healthy. But I generally disregard that fact unless I'm trying to convince overly health conscience friends to eat with me.

Last night before heading off to I Can't Sing the musical (utterly ridiculous and stupid funny, loved it), my lovely theatre date and I went to grab some Pho near the Palladium at this crazy named restaurant called........ Pho. Just stop it with the creativity guys...you're blowing my mind here.

It was just so wonderful and warmed me to my core. I woke up this morning craving it and, after coughing up some sexy phlegm, essentially planned my morning around heading over for more. Last night I was at the Oxford Circus location and today, I popped to the Soho location. Which is on my favourite street in the city: Wardour Street. Mainly cause it has all the culinary delights to make this girl insanely happy. Chipotle, Hummingbird Bakery, TAP Coffee, Joy (not food but excellent clothing shop that has a plethora of dresses I can wear, look good in, even while indulging in my many culinary obsessions), and many other fabulous places. 

Both last night and today I just stuck with the same dishes: 
Cha Gio Chay
With fish sauce and peanut sauce. Found out fish sauce is my FAVOURITE.
 And the only main dish I've tried...yet so far.... Pho Tai
Thin sliced steak in soup with rice noodles. GF and a comfort food like no other.
I like to add all the side stuff they give me, except the hot peppers. But cilantro, mint, bean shoots or whatever those thin veggie things are...don't care, it's all delicious. I'd be happy to venture back and try some other dishes, who wants to join me and give me a good excuse to? I can pay for myself and provide delightful conversation.

Pho seriously helped out the throat cold I've been dealing with. Thanks for passing it to me, sister. And she's passed it on to my friend Laura too. So Laura came along with me for Pho lunch this afternoon and we soothed our sick selves by following up our overly healthy lunch with Hummingbird Bakery. 'American style baked goods' for the win.

Gratuitous shots for your pleasure:
'Can I have one of each?'

My own carrying box. Killing the planet, but in a lovely, adorable way I can't say no to.

Cupcake du jour: Snickers!!

Instagrammed in all it's glory. I love you.
So yeah. What's 'dieting' again? Where I eat pho and cupcakes and have booze whenever I want right? Yup.


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