12 March 2014

Little Sis in London: Day 2..FOOD

Now, just to warn you...day 2 of little sis in London was a whole lot of eating. It's just what we do best. But we did walk a ton checking out Lauren's old study abroad haunts, walked a lot around Harrods...on a Friday....and didn't murder anyone despite being tourist hell, before making it to afternoon tea. And we also hung out with a few more of my amazing friends and saw a show...but the friends bit was more fun.

I made breakfast for us before heading out of the house and over to Holborn, which is where Lauren used to live during her study abroad time. Sadly the place she used go for, in her opinion, the best flapjacks around, no longer sells them. So instead we decided we needed to find a sugar replacement and went for Bea's of Bloomsbury, which has a location right near Holborn. But I won't even include a link and didn't bother to take a photo because I was sorely disappointed. For a place that I've seen a lot of chatter about over the internets, it wasn't what it lived up to be. Maybe it's because I chose one of their special treats of the day and not a cupcake. But I don't mess around with dessert items and hate wasting the calories on something that I can't even fully remember just what it was that I had. I just remember it tasted like flour and sugar and that's it.

Checking out the British Museum

We meant to go see the reading room at the British Museum. Even though Lauren lived within a few blocks of the museum she never made it in to check out the library. Sadly, we failed at this as well and found it to be closed. But we did get a nice wander around the museum before heading out for tea.

We knew Harrods wouldn't disappoint. Though this seemed to be the day were we failed at everything. Couldn't get her flapjacks, couldn't get a good sweet treat, wasn't able to see the British Museum's reading room, and then we couldn't get a table at our favourite afternoon tea spot in Harrods. If you wanna shell out the money and eat so much that you need to waddle for days afterwards...always go for the Terrace Bar. I did not think to make a reservation for a Friday...silly, Lindsay...and apparently Friday's are just as crowded and packed with tourists as a weekend. If you must go to Harrods, and you must, go on a Monday or Tuesday morning.

We were able to get a table at The Tea Room at Harrods instead and it ended up being just as delicious, but much cheaper, as this place will actually allow you to split a tea. In other words, we didn't have to have individual trays of sandwiches, scones and cakes. We got one and split it between us, which decreased the waddle effect that you'll get from having tea at the Terrace Bar, where you can't split it. We ordered the Mayfair, which is everything but the champagne. And just had to order a second pot of tea in addition since the Mayfair is just intended for one.
The Mayfair
 We tend to work from the bottom up on such a feast as this and that means beginning with scones, which are my absolute FAVOURITE thing ever...mainly because of the clotted cream factor.

If you wanna check out a really fancy and lovely afternoon tea, head over to my blogger friend Amanda at Rhymes and Ribbons and check out the tea she went to at Flemings here. I drooled a little reading it. I wouldn't have done well at that tea cause that would have meant drool in public and I hear that's just not fancy.

The dessert was divine.
I'd go back just to get these to-go...which YOU CAN DO. Thanks, Harrods.

This is where the photos end. The rest of the evening consisted of having entirely too much fun. We went to dinner at The Gypsy Moth in Greenwich, one of my favourite pubs in the area actually and had dinner with my friends Lucy and Gibson, before heading off to see a show at the Greenwich Theatre. The show was about on par with Bea's of Bloomsbury I think...I don't remember a whole lot other than being asleep during the second act and my sister passing gas near the end and trying to pretend it wasn't her...

DIDN'T think I'd include that huh, sister? Muwahahahaha...

(there's goes my chance at any future birthday gifts...)

I must say, I was delighted by Greenwich Theatre as a space and found it really lovely. It helped that they had the bar open post show and delicious wine on the menu (I've grown attached to Rioja wine and will get it anytime it's offered on the menu). I will definitely try to find more productions to go to there in the future...though maybe not any Shakespeare plays that are three hours long.

Lindsay xx


  1. Gipsy moth for the win! They have my favourite Sunday roasts! I wish I could adopt a diet of clotted cream every day... x

    1. They really do have the lock down on roasts, don't they? They also do a pretty good steak, surprisingly. When I used to visit London every year after I studied abroad, I'm fairly certain that for that week my diet was about 90% clotted cream haha. Definitely a good diet plan x

  2. There was no pretending. I straight up owned to it!