10 March 2014

Little Sister Comes to London: Day 1-Jet Lagged And EXCITED

...And hates on the way I ask questions.

No seriously. You don't want to mess with Little Sister when she's jet lagged and you damned well better ask questions like an American or she. will. not. respond. ... Ya know, except to tell me that each and every time.

Such a delight, she is.

No but really, I love this chick. My sister is the best person in the world in my opinion (pretty much all my family are the best people in the world. We kind of rock.) And I was so super psyched she came, even if she has a vendetta against my fluid accent. I must say, by the end of her four days here, she was asking questions in the English way too.  It just can't be helped. Someday maybe I'll do a quick voice recording of the different way Americans ask questions versus the way British do...but that day is not today. Someday when I don't sound quite so much like a man (thanks for the cold, sister).

My little sister also did the study abroad thing here in London, but her experience was greatly different than mine. Soon I'll also get around to writing a post about how to go about guaranteeing that you have the best study abroad experience in London and the main point of it will be to get INTEGRATED. My sister had a blast while she was here for a semester, but she was at an American school, taught by American professors, with American students. She never really got to know the English because she wasn't a part of that world. And as a result, she's a teeny-tiny less addicted to the UK than I am.

Well make that a lot less addicted. She, like my family, can't really understand why I love it here so much. But one thing she does understand is that there is some really good food here in London (ummm, hello...we are family, so...duh). Essentially she was the best foodie buddy for the four days she was here.
Clearly we're related.

Her first choice of places to eat at immediately once off the plane was, of course, Wagamama's. She is most definitely related to me. I don't know what it is about this place, but we love it.
Promising she won't pass out in her food.
I did, no surprise here, take pictures of our food that we ate that day...but I have a feeling that I've plastered photos of Wagamama's dishes throughout this blog and it's getting a little redundant.

But I will post this fun side-by-side comparison of my sister food stealing from me and, coincidentally, a lovely photo provided to my by my future sister-in-law of my brother food stealing from her. FAMILY. Whaddaya gonna do? DEFEND YOUR FOOD like it's your honour, that's what.

And now for the rest of Day 1 of my sister's trip...it's all about London skyline photos and pictures of Ben's Cookies.
London is just Instragram ready. Check out my Instagram account here if you feel like perusing London and food photos galore!

If you ever come visit me, friends, or ya know...wanna stalk me cause we don't know each other that well, I'll meet ya at BEN'S! Best cookies in London.
BEN'S COOKIES!! You must share with me. It's the rules.

Lauren is a fan. And also 100% more stylish than me...even when eating food.

This is how I always look when consuming deliciousness.
Sister Selfie.
I was the cruel older sister and made her stay up the whole day. Jetlag is a bitch my friends, and the best way to enjoy your vacation quickly is to force yourself to keep 'normal' hours when you arrive, hydrate excessively on the plane, and keep moving.

My sister and I met up with my English twin, Laura, here in London (Lauren got to meet all my people while here, an unusual occurance) and we had a drink before heading off to what turned out to be the BEST fish and chips dinner we've ever had. We went to Bonnie Gull on the recommendation of another one of my friends, Olivia, who I've also known for 9 years (!!). Her older brother is one of the owners of the restaurant and she's always bragging about how good it is, so I decided it was perfect for us to try out on my sister's first night here.
I'm not going to lie to you...I have considered printing this picture and putting on my bedside table. And have found out that recently that one cannot be 'in a relationship' with a seafood dish on Facebook. Cupcakes, however, are fair game. I don't make the rules.

You know, I always tell myself that'll be the last post I do that's 90% food pictures....

LIES, why would I ever say that??

Lindsay xx


  1. You two definitely look similar! No I want a Ben's Cookie in my face right now...

    1. Haha, we get that a lot. We used to think we looked nothing alike..but no denying it now. And Ben's Cookies for ALL! So yum...too many good sweets in this city..