18 March 2014

Introducing My Flat Wife

I don't think I'd be as happy as I am this second time living in London if it wasn't for me winning the flatmate lotto.

I found her when I was frantically searching for a room to rent about two weeks before I was set to move here. You'd think me waving my money around the Internet screaming 'here! TAKE MY MONEY!' would have made the process easier...but no. Also, I don't really have that much money...and nobody is really jumping on board when I advertise about my 'awesome homemade guacamole' and the fact that I'm a good cuddler. Big spoon or little spoon was never on the flatmate applications.

Spareroom was my website of choice on looking for people. Also, Facebook. My stage manager friend had a few leads for me, as did one or two other English friends. But ultimately, Spareroom and Skype came through for me. E was the only person who would Skype with me and even though we only chatted for a total of ten minutes, there for was giggles galore and repeated hair twirling on both parts. So ya know, love at first inappropriate joke. I'm sure there were many. I only really like people who make me laugh and who I can make laugh. I blogged about not really knowing how things were gonna go when I first arrived, you can check that out here.

Within a week or two we bonded quite happily. Seeing Punchdrunk together....being confused at Punchdrunk and heading for the bar at the exact same time...She bought me a glass of Champagne, so I had the lovin' feeling quite early on really. It doesn't take much to woo me.
EVERYONE takes a bathroom selfie at Punchdrunk's Drowned Man. Not kidding. Look on Instagram.
 There's been accidental 'oops where's all the wine gone?' kind of nights that turn into 'exciting dramatization using weird dolls' nights. Like ya do...

She was having an epic love affair with a Spanish wine and didn't want to tell her boyfriend, CabSav. He's a douche anyways.
 E has invited me to fun parties that involve looking sexy....

 ...and parties were you put on your Sunday best. Clearly.
Try to go out and pull with that face on. Some people go for the Zombie look though, it's like a thing now.
 And nothing quite says 'fancy pants' like pouring Strongbow in a Champagne glass and inventing the drink name 'Trampagne'.....because it's a 'tramp's version of Champagne.'

I adore her.  She's delightful and she laughs at me when I'm hungover and she gossips about big name bloggers with me and tells me stories about the time she had to dress Benedict Cumberbatch...and has not yet gotten mad at me when I stole her good bottle of Pino Grigio. So thanks for being a fabulous flatwife.

Happy wife, happy life.

xx Lindsay


  1. Ha! I love this post and I am excited to meet her. Also I love strongbow. Does that make me less classy? x

    1. HA, we clearly have no problem with Strongbow in this house. Aspall's is my favourite currently, but Strongbow was my first cider ever and I'll always have love for it. Even if they do sell it in two liter plastic bottles sometimes. x

  2. Isn't it fantastic when you when at the flatmate lottery? I ended up living with a stranger in Dublin for two years and after a few weeks, he was like my little brother. Six years later and we're still great friends :)

    1. It absolutely astounds me when living with a complete stranger...or partial stranger...and having it work out beautifully! I've been lucky and have had that happen two other times as well. Of course, no so fun when the reverse has happened. I had two different roommates at separate occasions be total nightmares. Just makes you appreciate the good ones more haha!