13 March 2014

An Evening Visit to the Tate Modern

There's something a bit magical about visiting a museum in the evening after all the tourists are long gone. Being a member, or at least knowing a member, of a museum does have it's perks!

I'm a girl that likes free things and if a friend asks me to go to something for free, most often times I will say YES...even if it is to the museum that still gives me the creeps a bit.

I've been to the Tate Modern several times. One of the first times was during my study abroad time years ago. The Tate Modern is set up in the old Bankside power station and still retains a creepy feel to it. Perfect for modern art, don't ya think!

There's a long walk way going down when you enter in on the side and the first visit there they had an exhibit set up where as you walked along the passage way there would be a series of sounds set off very, very quietly. It was eerie and definitely freaked me out a bit, solidifying the place in my mind as a bit haunted.

But still, you don't turn down free.

So on Tuesday night, off I went when the sun went down to meet up with my friend and her aunt and uncle for a members only viewing of the Richard Hamilton exhibit. I don't know enough about art or modern art at all, but I did enjoy this exhibit. His early stuff wasn't too interesting for me, a lot of science-y work with photographs and etchings that I didn't quite get. But once he hit his pop art phase and infused a lot of current politics into his work, really good stuff. Some of it quite funny as well. All I'll say is there a room titled Shit & Flowers. We giggled a lot through that one and even my friend's aunt found it quite amusing.

We picked up a few post cards from the shop for souvenirs. I quite like keeping postcards for myself. I have a few at home in New York and someday I may frame them all together. But that requires a lot more inclination towards arts and crafts than I currently possess.
Two of my favourite pieces from the Richard Hamilton exhibit. 

After absorbing all we could from the viewing, my friend invited me along to the top of the Tate Modern. I had no idea there was a top bit, but there are two floors at the very top. One that's a members only cafe/bar and the one above that is the restaurant. We went up for dinner and was greeted with this majestic view of London at night.
One of my favourite sites in London: St. Paul's Cathedral.
I couldn't believe my luck to be able to dine with a view like that. Now I'm dying to go see what the city can show me from the bar at the Shard.

Something about booze and gorgeous views. I'm a fan. Good idea, guys.

I would have photographed our dinner, but felt it would have ruined the atmosphere. We had lovely wine and two courses of food that looks small and elegant and still manages to fill you up. I turned down dessert. That's how you know it was good. I had something called a garlic corn cake and I'm fairly certain it was the best vegetarian dish ever. And I don't normally enjoy anything vegetarian. So this was an exciting development in my small, narrow minded, culinary world.

Highly recommend joining as a member for fun evenings like this. Oh and make sure to bring a friend. I think I might be available....

xx Lindsay


  1. It must have been amazing to skip dessert. :) But seriously, I really feel ya in the creepy ambience that the building has! x

    1. Should have mentioned that though I skipped dessert, I was hungry by the time I got home and demolished the one Ben's Cookie I still had at home by some miracle. Always a dessert girl somehow haha x