17 March 2014

Little Sis in London: Day 4--Sunday Roast & Sunday Giggles

Guys, I don't want to brag or anything. But I know how to do Sunday right. It's all about not having a plan during the day and then enjoying a roast and some comedy at night. BEST IDEA. Also drinking too much with your sister on a Sunday has it's fun moments.

I made breakfast...I think...I actually can't remember now. Especially since I didn't instagram it for proof....But who cares. This happened:
Classy jump shot. In front of a boat.
We had a wander around Greenwich. The gem of Southeast London, IMO. Couldn't find a place to eat as every place was packed. The tourists feed like zombies at an all-you-can-eat human buffet when it comes to weekends in Greenwich. 

I took Lauren to my 'just recently passed food obsession' Byron Burgers. Still kind of hanging on a bit to this fixation, but it's slowly being shoved out of the way by my Pho Cafe obsession...which can be seen here.
Stuffed with burger. Clearly.
 I can't recall what we did in the afternoon to occupy our time...but that's probably because I was so damn excited about taking my sister to see Newsrevue at the Canal Cafe Theatre that evening and for a roast before hand.

I've seen this show a few times, as the cast changes every six weeks, and they only do the show based on current events. So it's always changing. It's only an hour long and often times completely hysterical, depending on the cast. I had seen this cast already because my friend Rae was in it and I couldn't wait for my sister to check it out. I do have to mention that Rae did rap in it...and I don't care who you are, but if you rap well, your attractiveness goes up exponentially in my book. However, I am bff with Rae's partner...so there was no drunken, confused flirting going on. You're welcome, Rae. My gift to you is not having to experience that.

Beforehand, we booked a table for a roast. Sunday roast's in England are a huge deal and most of the time you should be on the safe side and book a table.

Really, I just feel fancy seeing my name.
AND they spelled my name correctly. Makes me feel sexy towards you, Bridge House Pub. Spelling my name right...such a turn on. And you think I'm joking...
 Delicious Sunday roast....we did chicken and that odd little shaped thing in the upper right hand corner is essentially why I moved to this country. YORKSHIRE PUDDING. Like a doughball made with fat. So good. If I ever get married, I may give them away as wedding favours.

 My sister and I were raised right and made sure to get dessert. You don't know when dessert may run out, so get it every time. Family Rules to Live By.
We split dessert. Cause we love each other. I will only split dessert with someone I care about.
Lauren loved the show and we were in stitches the whole time. As Americans, we got about 90% of the show as there's obviously a few UK politics bits thrown in, but of course there's loads of ragging on America as well. You can only laugh...and drink some more.

Tipsy sister selfie.
Overall a decent night, other than when I made what I thought were sweeping gestures of flirtations towards one of the guys in the cast...but failed miserably. I think my flirting comes across as polite conversation, and I give the attitude of 'you hold enough interest to keep me awake', sadly. Must work on that... Why are there not classes on this??

So I got tipsy with my sister, bar closed at 11pm, per the unfun rules of England, and we skipped home. Good thing we ended the night rather early because the next day was.....HARRY POTTER DISNEYLAND! Get excited....

xx Lindsay


  1. You can't even fathom how jealous I am of Harry Potter studios.... And also yorkshires! Yorkshires! Yorkshires! They deserve their own chant because they are that good! X

    1. So far I have been to Harry Potter Studios twice now....and take no embarrassment with the fact that it was worth it twice. And probably a third time at some point in the future haha. Also...totally own a yorkshire pudding pan now. Don't regret that either! x