15 March 2014

Little Sis in London: Day 3--Shakespeare Disneyland (Stratford-upon-Avon)

This way to Shakespeare Disneyland.

For my sister's third day in London, on the Saturday she was here, we thought we'd go on an adventure and head to a place neither of us have been before. Even when studying abroad. So I booked us rail tickets to Stratford-upon-Avon.

I know, I know...bad anglophile. No, I've never been. For some reason I missed that day trip when my group went while I was over here the first time. But no matter, going this time with my sister turned out to be the best decision. 

I have to say, I'm a little bit in love with this small, quaint town. Yes, there are lots of tourists, but some of the side streets we checked out were absolutely lovely and charming!

This is like Main Street USA at Disney...except it's Stratford...so Shakespeare Street.
Once you get off the train at Stratford-upon-Avon, you're accosted by construction but just follow the pedestrian footpaths and you'll quite easily find your way to all the good bits in town. Everything was very well marked and we headed straight for the good stuff....
We're kind of into gift shops. They just have the most interesting stuff!
 I swear that so far tourist spots in England have THE BEST gift shops. We just seem to find the craziest things there. I almost bought some Shakespeare head cookies to mail back to my old theatre company in DC, Folger Shakespeare Library, as I have a feeling they would get a kick out of those. But restrained myself since they probably wouldn't have made it....cause cookies in my possession just don't last.

My sister wouldn't let me buy this. But I am not ashamed to admit I really, really want it.
I want this...as I'm clearly not concerned with dating ever again.
 Then we stumbled upon this GEM. A kind of weird Harry Potter knock off shop. Everything was named after almost Harry Potter things, but not quite. It was weird and delightful. Clearly we are nerds and this kind of stuff gets our blood pumping.

At this point I texted my friend Amanda, as she used to live in this area, to inquire what should we do. Because like true adventurers, we made absolutely no plans and looked nothing up prior to getting there. And because I'm only friends with the awesomest kinds of people, she sent me a list of food suggestions. MY FAVOURITE KIND OF SUGGESTIONS. So we went and had one of the most amazing meals over at The One Elm. The sun was out and our skins were the scary kind of white, so out on the patio we sat. My sister is still talking about the food we had there. I was entirely focused on my own, so I didn't bother taking a picture of hers but it had something to do with whipped goats cheese and bruschetta, and a side of curried veggie soup with fried onions on top. Mine was roasted chicken, butternut squash, and bacon risotto. With a side of Aspall's Cyder, another passion in my life.
I will figure out this recipe and then make it. Every day. Till then it features heavily in my dreams.

After that delightfulness, we pressed on. And I got distracted by really dorky things. Not unusual.

This is an old house. Yup. Just thought it looked cool.

Oh wait... no it's owned by somebody named Hall's Croft. (KIDDING...Shakespeare's Daughter's house...my friend Caitlin was probably twitching when I wrote that last bit haha)

Shakespeare's bust is quite cartoonish, don't ya think?

Shakespeare's Grave.
 Like the bad tourists we were, we had about 20 minutes to check out something Shakespeare related by the end of our day so we hauled ass over to the grave. I will definitely try and be a better tourist next time and properly check out all the sites. AND go see something by the RSC.

Next time Stratford.

Before we left, this happened.

I don't know this man. But he was excited to be there.
Clearly you need to check out Stratford-upon-Avon. Absolutely loved the day trip we had there and I am determined to head back again. It will be even more wonderful when the weather stays sunny and gorgeous. Anyone else have any suggestions for things I should do next time I go? Of course, I'm open to other food options too...Amanda may have mentioned something about gelato and waffles.....

xx Lindsay


  1. Ha! This post actually really made me miss Stratford! You'll have to go again a) for gelato and waffles b) to row a Shakespearean named boat on the Avon c) maybe for a show. I am not a natural row boater so it was just a lot of drifting.... x

    1. SUCH a lovely place. I definitely plan on going back some time. And gelato and waffles are officially on the list....and your other two suggestions as well haha. Need to plan it for when there's a good RSC show, so if you and Sam have a recommendation in the future, let me know! xx