01 November 2012

November = Awesomesauce SuperFun Adventuretime!

No seriously, I am so sure of it, it's ridiculous. I mean, how could November not be awesome? I've got goals and stuff. And my life already went all topsy-turvy in September, I was adjusting and gathering my equilibrium, and now here we are at November. The month of NaNoWriMo, the most Thankful month of the year (now, more so than ever, after Sandy...that bitch). I love Thanksgiving. Mainly because it's all about spending time with my siblings and parents. The time when we all get to catch up, try and top each other with incredibly lame jokes, and then pry into each others lives that we've missed out on and making sweeping judgments that are sure to cause laughter and resentment for years. No lie.

We usually spend 30-40 minutes post dinner arguing about what movie to see that day and then end up spending waaaaay too much money to go see some cheezy action adventure flick, that nobody really wanted to see but nobody wanted to let the other person win so we just settled on one nobody wanted, in 3D no less, cause it's go big or go home fools. Proof:

I've never looked sexier...don't know about you.

So outside of Thanksgiving to look forward to in all it's glory, I am pumped for NaNoWriMo. A month of me attempting to write 50,000 words for a novel I'm going to pretend I don't care much about but really do and then never actually make it past 2,000. But damnit, this year I'm going the long haul. It. Will. Be. Done. AND I'm gonna join the blogger bandwagon full of people saying they'll blog daily as part of NaNoWriMo. Yup...a-huh...yes-indeedy. You believe me don't you? Don't answer that...

I'm attempting to become a "runner". I have such lofty goals like attempting to log in 25 miles a week. Granted I can only physically run one mile at this time, but with a combination of running/walking those 25 miles, I'm sure to ace this goal. I want to run the 5 miles around my block (hey-oh, living in the country!) on Thanksgiving day and then maybe attempt an 8K run in December in DC.

Oh did I mention....? I don't live in DC anymore. Let me introduce you to my September:

Here's a picture of my DC house on September 4th...that top floor, with the two window-less windows...that's my room.
 Here's a view from the inside:
Burn, baby, burn. I can thank the roofers from next door for those pretty pictures. They were using blowtorches to repair their roof...without a license I might add...and caught my house on fire. Hurrah! Not hurrah...super sucky. I lived in a hotel for the rest of the month.

Luckily...or more coincidentally...not four days before this fire, I had been discussing with my parents about moving home. Me and DC haven't got on for awhile now and my Crohn's has been slowly getting worse. I was working for a company that I adore but never managed the job well enough so that I would have time to heal. I was working like a crazy person and then my GI dr wanted to talk to me about going on Remicade. For all you healthy people out there, Remicade is scary. On the plus side, I had been mentally preparing myself for this idea by reading awesomesauce Crohn's blogs by people who were on Remicade and live well. (Brief explanation: Intense drug that requires a 3-hour hospital visit once every two weeks..for me anyways cause my Crohn's is that bad...to get an IV injection of the drug. You get to be monitored by nurses and everything. Lost of potential side effects may be included... nausea, vomiting, passing out, full body rash....just all around complete sexiness that I am really excited about.) So why deal with that kind of stuff in a city where, even though I am surrounded by amazingly wonderful friends, I don't really have anybody that can take a day off from work to go with me to the hospital. Whereas here at home, my Mom and Dad are all ready to help out.

Also I came back for the dog.
My other dog, not pictured, Hannah, passed away in August. I miss her very much and just want to cuddle Charlie who doesn't quite understand where she's gone.

Okay...now I'm done being fairly depressing. Do you feel awesome about life? Cause I do. I am wearing a purple sweater, blue sweat pants and green St. Patrick's Day socks with nobody around to judge (cause my parents are quite used to my extreme comfort style), Dad's making dinner tonight and there is a steady supply of wine stocked in this house. Currently, this is just what I want. Embarrassing wardrobe and wine. Call me satisfied.

Gonna leave you with an image that always satisfies me...from my recent trip to London this year...my FAVORITE British fast food...Gregg's Pasty:
You can only tell it's steak by the color. Yes I want that in my belly nom nom nom nom...


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