20 August 2012

Blerg Kind of Day

You know, I hate Monday's. I just think they suck and not just cause it's the first day back to work after the weekend.

I've had a flare-up for several of the last few Monday's this summer and it's really pissing me off. I am stuck, canceling evening plans, just so I can sit in my room with a heating pad and starve myself better.

Now normally, I'm a "hungry every two hours" kind of girl. No large meal can fill me to last me longer than two hours. This is something I know and accept about myself. And this is now my indicator of how my stomach is faring.

When things aren't going well, I can go hours and hours sans food. Not because I want to, but because my stomach has decided to stop digesting and it is punishing me for whatever offensive thing I ate...kind of acting like a petulant teenager, that bitch.

Offensive food that she hated today: graham crackers with peanut butter.

So frustrating. It's only a little processed food...but noooooo, Sheila threw a tantrum. (Cause I need to name my stomach at this point.  We agree on nothing therefore she is a separate entity than myself. And a cranky one at that. I'm sunshine and daisy's compared to her.)

I did fine with breakfast, quinoa with dry roasted pecans, blueberries and some agave nectar...so healthy and I actually like it. But true to form, not 45 minutes later I was STARVING. Like "I will bite your arm off if you don't give me some bacon" kind of starving. So I went with some healthy, natural, practically paleo snack that I had with me...homegrown roma tomatoes with olive oil, basil and kosher salt. Amazingly delicious, I am loving it, it's going great. I finish it and then BAM...starving yet again. Barely took the edge off.

Coworker suggested it's because I've recently being trying out this whole exercise thing and it drives your hunger way up. I think it's that, and I've had no meat today. Poor choice lady, poor choice.

So I went for something sugary and tasty, not complicated...graham crackers and peanut butter. Boy-o did it satisfy. Delicious! .......

...20 minutes later I knew I was in trouble. Rejected. My stomach started to puff a bit, groan a bit and then just quit on me. No more food...no more hunger, just a sore stomach and I get to appear like I'm preggers.


Are you jealous yet?

Now I just need to sip on water, eat nothing for the rest of the night, and rest with the heating pad.

At least I have Dr. Who season 6 on DVD to soothe the cranky in me.

C'mere you sexy thing you. He's no David Tennant, but he shall do for now.


Cranky McGee

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