05 August 2012

Sunday Upper

You'll be happy to know I am adjusting to the Blogspot changes well. I have learned where the "create new blog post" button is.

Get. Excited.

It's Sunday so that's as much excitement as I can muster. My little sister and one of my older brothers visited me this weekend to celebrate my birthday, which was last weekend, and I dropped them off this morning at Union Station.

Commence malaise. Family leaving me or me leaving family always makes me a bit emotional. Also...pesky PMS is getting all involved this week.

Commence carb loading.

My Sunday Funday upper afternoon is consisting of a nice frosty IPA, the movie "Happy-Go-Lucky", and some deliciously amazing pretzels from The Pretzel Bakery. YES I will drive all the way over to SE DC from the NW just to get some of these babies. After a weekend of eating and drinking an unhealthy amount, all I want, of course, is some beer and pretzels.

I get very strange, overly specific cravings. Just one of the lovely little gems about me.

But the Pretzel Bakery is pretty amazing. I get three pretzels for $5, they're not much bigger than my palm, and then they have this drool-worthy, PMS satisfying caramel mustard dip. Sweet and salty has never been paired more beautifully.

All of these things, my tummy accepts with pleasure. The tumtum, that I shall now name Shelia just to make this weird, is not accepting deposits of dairy items during PMS week. I can tell you right now that I'm pretty sure pretzels and beer are dairy free....I think. Well Shelia thinks so anyways. That makes me a happy girl.

Hope everyone else is having just as crazy and wild of a SundayFunday as this girl.

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