06 November 2012

Getting Into Excercise

You want to know how I got convinced that running might be something I'm in to??

There are races/runs where you can dress up! Yes. You heard me. I can wear a tutu and glitter for the Disney Princess Half Marathon in February which, hand to God, is the predominant reason that I signed up. Oh yes. Come on...you think a theatre nerd like me wouldn't be swayed by costume?

Oh and, like my friend CGriff, I believe if I can train my lumpy ass to manage a half-marathon without dying then I can be done with running. Like, check that bitch off my list, I came, I went, I may have vomited while covered in glitter (hell, I may actually vomit glitter, but a girl can only dream amiright?), but I did the half marathon and now I can be super-awesome-braggy-runner and talk about that time I did a half marathon. Then I'll go back to my yoga corner and get super flexible and strong and in my later years brag to all my runner friends about how I still have use of my knees. Win-win for ME!

Running ain't so bad....once you're done with your run. In my training I haven't quite experienced the runner high just yet. I just experience that "oh my God I may die while doing this" kind of feeling. But much like survivor euphoria (is that a thing? No idea..I'm just making shit up now..), I feel pretty freaking fantastic once  I've recovered and realize that, yes, I still have full use of my lungs and my legs and no vomiting actually occurred. (Hey, I have Crohn's, I think of the possibility of vomiting a lot)

You can tell the endorphin's are working when suddenly, sometime within the 15 minutes post-run, you start thinking..."you know, I could totally pick up kickboxing...and cycling, even though I think my butt would hate me and I hate the outfits...maybe I'll throw a little swimming in for the joints. I am going to be so freaking healthy. Are you scared couch potato? Huh? Are ya? (That's me talking to my inner couch potato. I taunt her a lot. Sometimes she taunts me. Love-hate.) Martial arts next year for sure. Three times a week, yoga three times, running daily with a rest day on Sunday's and then I'll throw some charity work in there. I can DO THIS. Taking on the world. One run at a time."

Oh yes. My endorphin-high version of me is fucking ambitious. And ludicrous  Totally not thinking about the fact that I can only really do yoga twice a week and swimming maybe once a week. For realz.

Also learned...I run faster, harder, longer when I'm listening to rap and imaging myself as the next awesome rapper to come out of lower-middle class suburbia. Hey...I wrote some pretty kick ass, angsty poetry when I was, like, 14. I was struggling through my goth/Buffy phase, so it's deep...real deep....like man-made pond deep. You don't even know. I struggled. My Mom refused to let me shop at Spencer Gifts or Hot Topic for my clothing and no black lipstick or dyed hair allowed. WTF? I could have ruled the goths...too bad I was rejected by them due to excessive perkiness. Why can't goths have a positive attitude?! I don't understand!!!

Rant done. Now go run, lumpy.

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