06 November 2012

Health and Fighting for My Right to Be Over Caffeinated

I may have had to leave my beloved theater behind in DC, but right now I'm feeling it was worth it.  Living at home with parents who are more concerned with my health than I've been means that I've gotten set up with a fantastic GI here in Rochester, despite my whining that I'd never find a good one in Western New York.

My GI doctor, so far, rocks. I saw a medical assistant, then my GI's nurse practitioner, before seeing him with his nurse practitioner. It was exciting times. I got so much attention. I wanted to give out free hugs and weep with joy...but I didn't...cause that'd be weird.

There were pictures drawn...and can I say?...all GI's are terrible at drawing, always rendering something that looks like the Nile river with a case of chicken pox. They should get a class in med school or something. Or be allowed to use pastels...cause those are SO MUCH FUN...all the color and you get to use your fingers...

No matter. The pictures and the listening to me ramble and then proceeding to explain loads and loads of stuff to me that all past GI's never cared to tell me about. He was fantastic. I may start a fan club soon.

As a result of my visit, I'm on an antibiotic to kill evil bacteria that's just partying in my intestines that refuses to vacate. No yogurt for me guys...must keep all bacteria away.

I'm scheduled to get blood work done every month...THANK YOU JESUS. I've wanted my GI's to do this ever since I was 14, but none saw it as necessary. I found out from this round of testing that I'm low on B12 so I get to get a once a month shot, hello super energy boost, and I'm also super anemic...so, just as I've always known, my body is that of an old person...I get to take Geritol. I have not heard the end of it from my parents about how they thought that was something that the elderly take, har har...we'll see who's laughing when I'm bouncing off the wall with all my freaking energy! I AM PUMPED. I may clean something I'm so happy. (Don't ask, I'm quirky that way.)

I've always been over caffeinated and just thought a lot of my tiredness comes from crashes...which it does...but the reason I love caffeine so much is probably because I've always been quite tired. Most people who are severely anemic don't even know it. One of my old housemates, Jess, who's a 10-mile-a-day kind of runner, thought she might be a little low only cause she'd get just a bit tired while doing her daily run. After she got tested, she was driving home when the doctor told her she had to turn around and go to the hospital. She was so low on red blood cells that she needed an infusion of blood and it could have been dangerous to her health walking around like that. I don't think I'm that bad, clearly, but I do get to take three iron pills a day AND the liquid multi vitamin with iron (Geritol).

Technically, I should probably decrease the amounts of caffeine I consume, since it can interfere with the absorption of iron...but that is just not something I think I can handle. I love my caffeine...I'd almost go as far as saying I'd give up booze in favor of being able to have my caffeine if forced to choose. (And who would make me choose??? SADISTS. That's just sick.) So my compromise right now is to switch up which days I have coffee and which days I have my PG Tips tea. Someday I might be able to decrease, but we're about to go into winter in Western New York. Guys...I don't know if you know what that's like...but winter's here tend to suck all the happiness from you. Over caffeination is just a way to keep yourself entertained.

We'll see how things go. Aren't you thrilled over this mildly snooze worthy post? Maybe I'll do a picture story next...


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