23 January 2011

Poor Me...Fun Me

Dear Friends in the DC/VA/MD area:

Hi. I like you. I think you're cool and fun and really enjoy hanging out with you on multiple occasions. I would like to continue to hang out with you on multiple occasions. Here's the sitch however....I am poor. I mean like super poor. I haven't blogged about it yet, but if you're friends with me on Facebook you already know, at the end of February I'm going to London for 9 days (I'MSOEXCITEDYOUHAVENOIDEA). I don't know if this will come as a surprise to those who know me but....I can't actually afford to go to London. But per usual, I toss all thoughts of what I can and can't do when poor out the window. I'm already in debt, but damnit, my soul needs some England, so c'est la vie.

What does this mean for you dear friends? Other than you having to put up with me gushing constantly about my trip, that is. Well, I can afford to do absolutely nothing with you. This is unacceptable in my book. So I propose a Poor Me plan. Starting Tuesday (after one of my good friends birthday dinner at Circa in Dupont on Monday night) I will not be spending any money on eating out. I will not even spend a dime on coffee at my favorite coffee shop or purchase a small, cheap snack at my favorite little French cafe on the Hill. My money will be saved for the immense amount of delicious, amazing, calorie saturated, British food I'll be consuming every hour I'm in London (definitely not joking here my friends).

So in order to not slip into my unavoidable destiny of spinsterhood before it's time, I propose dinner parties. On the nights when I'm not working a show...which starts this Tuesday night. I fully expect several of you to accept my dinner invites for the cheap, but I'm sure delicious, concoctions I shall cook up in my kitchen. Come, join me for a meal. And if you care to reciprocate, I make an excellent dinner guest.

For nights that I just can't avoid going to the bar man-hunting with my favorite dynamic duo, Callie & Mills (and why on earth would I want to avoid that? Not because I'm tired and want to go to bed early....oh no...never again, I swear ladies. Girl Scouts honor), I shall be purchasing only one of the poor man's favorite brew, PBR. Mmmm, delicious. I hear if you add a lime, it tastes just like Corona.

Other Poor Me ideas for frivolity and fun, long walks with one of my favorite bloggers and her pup, beer pong tournaments at my house (you provide the beer, I've got the table and a winning attitude), movie nights (10th Kingdom anyone? It'd be an adventure that spans over several nights!), tourist walks around DC, visits to many of our free museums, and I have half a bottle of Tequila sitting in front of me...so let's plan something around that shall we? ;) (Mom, I'm kidding....kind of...)

Any other free ideas you want to throw at, feel free. I'm good, cheap fun....errr....I mean I'm up for good, cheap fun.

Best regards,


  1. So, in addition to feeling really guilty (and awkward) about dinner this weekend (I hope you had fun and enjoyed your food), I wanted to tell you that I like your idea (and also that I remembered that I owed YOU, for dropping off my painting in Rochester, not the other way around!) I like dinner parties. You can also come to my house on the weekend and we'll make lunch and walk the beast. I think this needs to happen soon. I propose weekend after next. What are the dates of your trip? Was it end of February? I forgot. Anyway. Yes. :)

  2. Since I am not currently in the DC area and unable to hangout cheaply or otherwise, I propose a BYOW (Bring your own wine) phone date. You, me, wine, and free verizon-verizon calls:)

  3. Lidiya-Why do you feel awkward? I set aside money just for it. I also had a great time this weekend and the food was fantastic. Once I get back to eating at restaurants, I propose trying food from lots of different countries ;) I still haven't had Ethiopian and I really want to try it. And yeah for lunch & a walk plans, I like it! And my trip to London-Sunday 20 February till Tuesday 1 March. SO EXCITED!

    Jen-haha, I love the BYOW. That's a definite yes!

  4. So weekend after next can be a date? Actually this Sunday if you want you can come over, and then the weekend after that we'll come walk around all the DC monuments, maybe?