30 January 2011

Grad School

Someday, someday, someday....it's the song I sing myself to sleep with when I go to bed thinking on Grad school. Someday I shall get there. Who knows when?

Until I do get there, I really need help figuring out where "there" is. I need some guidance and there doesn't seem to be any Americans that can help me. I need a UK drama school pro...maybe somebody who knows specific things like how drama school and getting a visa afterwards for an American can go hand-in-hand.

I've found some great programs that I'm really interested in. Some that are on the CDS and NCDT lists and some that aren't. What I'm concerned with is will I be able to get funding for a program that is not certified? Or will it prove to be more difficult? Also, if I get accepted to a non-certified program does that make it doubly hard to get a work visa after graduation? It's already hard enough to do that, I'm not sure I want to make it even harder on myself.

I really like this one program that is specially geared towards international students and even helps Americans/Canadians/Australians improve their accent/dialect and RP. I want to work in the UK and want to get hired despite having an American accent, so I want to be able to work in other accents/dialects. But this program is not certified. So am I just wasting my time?

Questions abound....

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